Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This Encylcopedia is Exquisite

I'm always coming across things that make me take notice. Whether it's a new blog that I add to my blogroll, a book that I want jotted down in my filofax, or a screenshot of a new dress that sits saved on my desktop, I'm constantly pulling loose images and scraps together, and apparently I'm not the only one. This pretty major editor (who left it all behind to move to Maine) decided to start a blog by pulling all of those ideas and images together in one place. She's even gotten so far as to put it all together in a book (SUCH a great idea!). Obviously I want it for my coffee table (are you that shocked?), and I've added it to my blogroll to see what this stylish lady has on her mind and agenda that I've managed to miss. It's a cute and great read, and something that's stylized enough to teach me something new with every page turn. It's a must-read with inspiration on every page.

(photo: courtesy of Encyclopedia of the Exquisite)

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  1. I'm completely DYING over's like DUH! I started the blog to put that stuff all in one place but I was thinking WAY too hard! I want that book. NOW