Thursday, November 18, 2010

SEEN: New from Tumblr

Stumbling upon a cool new designer is always the best feeling. You feel like you've won the lottery since you're cool enough to find something new and stylish enough to get it before anyone else. Well now Tumblr is giving us even more chances to find those uber-talented emerging designers who have just about the coolest designs out there. Not only will you have something that very few others have but you'll be getting in at the very beginning. If these designers make it big, you'll have something that's a total collector's item. Tumblr, the site that tons of peeps use to blog, has just launched Of a Kind which has features on new and emerging designers that are worth watching. It's still in the process of getting up and runnign but I suggest continuing to check back. It's pretty rad that it finds all of these new designers for us and gives us cool images, tips, and know-how from these soon-to-be style stars!

(photo: courtesy of Of a Kind)

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