Thursday, November 18, 2010

Street Style Inspiration for the Weekend

I HATE matching outfits. Whenever I go shopping with my mom she always insists on getting a whole "outfit" so that I have something that matches. And my answer is always no. I've been pretty into the whole "mismatched" look that J. Crew has been perfecting for some time now. But looking at this pic and I realize that maybe I've been wrong about matching all along. The best part about breaking up those two dark olive brown colors is that they actually work when worn together. The black skinnies elongate her and the the worn-in brown leather belt isn't what I'd choose but she makes it work. Mixing black and brown is unconventional, but I've realized more and more lately that it looks so so good. I love that the blazer is belted because it turns a jacket into a whole other piece when you belt it. It's as if you're working with two different looks altogether. And those wedges look just about identical to the ones I haven't been able to tear off my feet lately, so obviously they make me smile. This is accessible style at its best, with real-world options just about any of us could incorporate into our own everyday looks! Challenge yourself and see what you can do over the weekend!

(photo: coutesy of Vanessa Jackman)

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