Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brenda + Dylan go to Baja

So right now these Baja ponchos are very "in." And all I can think of is when Dylan goes to Baja in 90210, or after his surf accident when he's recuperating at the Walsh House. This is how my mind works. These styles are a bit too out there, but there are some more femme takes out there that I am on the hunt for. Gryphon makes a cool one and Shopbop featured one on their home page recently. It's all about making the trend work for you, and oh do I intend to. Maybe I'll just start out with finding something with the same shape, and then I'll work on maybe adding a subtle pattern to the mix. Instead of being strangely bulky, I'd opt for a more feminine, and cut shape to give me "curves." See where I'm going here? You just need to keep following these steps to find one that works for you.

(photo: courtesy of Vogue)

D-D-Denim Handbags

I know, high-class problems, but I got this denim handbag and I didn't know how to wear it. I thought, denim on denim? Ew, gross. Then a friend pointed out that it could be cute with some bright colors and color-blocking (wearing bright solids deliberately against each other) and I started getting some ideas. Then she sent me this photo of model and street style photog Hanneli Mustaparta wearing the VERY bag that I couldn't work with. And obviously, she worked it well. She paired hers with some killer platform boots and an oversized but vintage-y white dress. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Tried finding the dress online but think Topshop may have me covered for recreating this exact look so I can wear my bag well.

(photo: courtesy of Hanneli)

Pretty Pant Alternatives

Engaging in the same Zara convo earlier and my friend was telling me that she's all about pants right now. Cuffed or rolled-up pants and oxfords, which I could totally get behind. Instead of jeans, she's wearing some more dressed-up slacks (think really polished khakis) with a cute cuff that makes them perfect for Spring and Summer. I saw these awesome ones from Maje on Net-a-porter and they completely satisfy the trend. Love that the color isn't too out there (aka, I would still wear it) and that they kind of get skinnier on the way down (aka, you'll look and feel cool). They're the perfect way to play out the trend and in a way that I'm pretty comfortable with. Summer uniform?

 (photos: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

Spotted: Color Blocking & More at Zara

Talking to a friend in fashion today and we both came to the same conclusion: Zara is killing it. This one pic from their latest lookbook (which they do monthly, lucky for us!) is pretty awesome. It's very Prada (major color-blocking, bring hues, great big stripes) except obvi for less than half the price. Almost every time I see a bright color on someone that I really like (usually in kind of ladylike shapes), I always ask "OMG, where is that from?" and the answer is almost always "Zara!" You know I never get there, but I've scheduled a trip to the mall (which i HATE) just to scout the racks. Looking for some colored slacks, bright shrunken blazers, and some big, bad, stripes. Fret not, I'll report back.

 (photo: courtesy of Zara)

The Perfect Pleated Skirt

You all now know I've been crushing on maxi skirts. Then I discovered that American Apparel had a really dressed-up pleated shin-length skirt and I went gaga for that. It was pretty and chiffon and just about perfect. But then I saw about a million hipsters/fashionistas at Coachella wearing that exact skirt. Obviously. So, how do I still wear the look but do it in a way that is original enough that I'm the only one wearing it? I stumbled upon this pleated leather skirt and I have to say that it fits the bill. Haven't seen a pleated version in leather yet and I like the idea of dressing this down with a white t-shirt and flats for day, maybe even some cute oxfords and pile on a denim button down. For night, just about any add-on will do, but I'm thinking some heels and a blousy Equipment shirt. Totally killer, right?

 (photo: courtesy of Shopbop)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

L.A. Shopping News

Just a little FYI to all you LA shoppers. Rebecca Minkoff is headed to LA, taking up the former womenswear space in Confederacy on the east side of L.A. Don't say I didn't warn you...

(photo: courtesy of

The New Scarf

So conventional wisdom would probably tell you to tie your hair all neat in a kerchief the way that Jackie O. did. Find a really pretty silk scarf and wrap it just so. But, how original would that be? I just stumbled upon these really cool pics of people using their old silk scarves (or maybe cool thrifted or vintage ones) in the most unique ways! The wearer of this first one just simply turned hers around so the knot was in front. Kind of like a bizarro turban (which might I say is another popular look...still). Or, I LOVE how the second pic shows how to weave a scarf through one of those oversized chainlink bracelets. I have a chainlink necklace that I could work this through and add a little color underneath a black blazer or even over a white tee. And FYI, they sell awesome silk scarves at American Apparel. Yes, you heard me right. What a great chance to incorporate this scarf look in different ways that you would think.

(photo: courtesy of StreetSFN)

How to Wear a Trench Dress

Considering I still haven't quite had the time (or have I?) to get a proper trench coat, I figure now that Spring/Summer is offish here in LA, I might as well stick with the warm weather and be on the lookout for a trench dress instead. I conveniently came across this cool version, belted just so and worn with a delicate blouse underneath to soften up the pretty rigid cut of the dress. I love the idea of pairing this with a cool striped tee or thin knit sweater during fall and then swapping it out for something a bit more neutral and lightweight for summer. Even a pretty floral print silk tank would look great paired against the khaki. And the best part about the color is that it goes with anything. Literally. Even a skinny neon belt from J. Crew would look rad. Now if only I can find this dress for myself!

(photo: courtesy of Vogue)

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Perfect Weekend Outfit

I was uber lucky that I got to spend part of my weekend with my style guru. Yes, that's Marina from She was in town visiting and aside from enjoying some leisurely, very European lunches, we got to dish on all things style and fashion. But aside from gossip and trying to make her give me direction for some key outfit moments over the summer, I was busy obsessing with what she was wearing. Her Sunday outfit was my fave. Totally casual cool. It had an edgy take on prep that I could really get behind. Instead of the regular skinny jeans that we all wear, hers were red. And she paired it with a totally casual think merino knit crewneck sweater that was perfect for the weekend chill. But her look didn't stop there. On her feet were the chicest velvet slippers that were the ultimate flat (WAY cooler than the ones on my feet). As if I already didn't envy all of her outfits, she outdid herself again, and sent me online scouring this morning to see how I can "recreate" similar looks taking her outfits as inspiration. If only she were in LA every weekend....Le sigh!

(photos: courtesy of Shopbop)

Lessons in Coffee Table Organization

So I usually look at the decadent blog to see insider pics of fabulous people's closets. They're really that good. You stare and drool at their Chanel, etc. But, I've started to browse it simply for the coffee tables alone. I've kind of outgrown my bookshelf in my apartment so I'm looking for another way to organize all of my bigger books. This particular pic caught my eye because I helped to research the big yellow Herb Ritts book seen at top left. So at first I was just kind of excited. Then I noticed how she's organized them all in different directions and totally uses up all the space she has. The little objects interspersed between are clutch and add the perfect amount of person flair to any stack of books. Gonna start re-arranging mine tonight and try out some different formatting and organizations. Trial and error with a lot of luxe inspiration along the way.

(photo: courtesy of The Coveteur)

How to Wear Stripes (in Stripes)

My stripe frenzy seems to have died down a bit of late, but I'm still delighted any time i see one that I still like. Usually I hate anything that's too matchy-matchy or anything that's an "outfit" but this seems deliberately mismatched which is maybe why I like it. The two stripes totally don't match but that's what makes it so cool. Now I won't hesitate to pair two together, or event find to plaids or prints to purposely clash against one another. Usually I think everyone should have at least one perfect white t-shirt. But I'm kind of on board for leaving the plain white tees at home and getting a striped one instead. A lot of designers were showing horizontal striped skirts this season (Prada made the first and now everyone else is designing versions, too), so why not find one that fits your style and budget? Wear it a little differently and with something unexpected. It's sure to turn the best possible way!

(photo: courtesy of Turned Out)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Non-Buyers Remorse

I always had a total soft spot for this jacket. It came out in the fall and it was named the "Lexi," which on name principal alone should have been enough of a reason to get it. Of course now it's sold out everywhere I clearly missed the boat, especially considering I saw a girl this morning getting brunch wearing it in the most original way. I always thought it was pretty ladylike and wasn't sure I could completely pull it off (that nagging fear we all have). This girl paired hers over a pretty sheer white tee (layered over a hot pink Cosabella cami) and old-school Levi's cutoffs. It was the perfect blend of sophisticated and casual chic with her own little flair thrown in. I'm still learning how to picture outfits like that in my head when I'm contemplating an item, but looking at it styled so uniquely, I realized I really should have gotten it after all. 

(photo: courtesy of Absinthrill)

How to Wear It: Summer Whites

It seems like everywhere you turn today, summer's whites are coming out to play. I'm particularly fond of the vintage-y dresses that are harder to find, but more of a timeless design--and certainly more interesting--for when it gets warm. It looks completely unique on the beach with flip flops and kind of elegant when paired with some natural-toned platforms and a jean jacket for a bridal shower, or whatnot. I'm realizing though that the ones I love the most are the dresses styled with an equally vintage long necklace. This pic is a perfect example of how neither completes with the other but the metal against a delicate white is so effective. I think it's really the only way to wear it (if you want my humble opinion). So if you're looking for one of these delicate dresses (guessing Anthropologie has many on offer), make sure to pick up a long chain and pendant too. The look just wouldn't be complete without it.

(photo: courtesy of Tales of Endearment)

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

I am sorry, but I saw this photo and I couldn't help myself. She must be the tenth person I've spotted (or spied online) wearing that type of print pant. It has the faintest pajama edge to it, but done right, (aka paired with killer accessories and other neutrals) I think it can actually work. Here, she does it perfectly. The black background of the print on the pants makes it less casual and you could even wear it with a killer pair of heels for night or dressed down with cute flats and a chambray button-down for day. I'd caution against going print-crazy and keep it simple with just one taking center-stage in this look. It's a hard look to pull off, but I think it's worth a shot. The ones who do it well, look amazing.

(photo: courtesy of Swagger NY)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Borrowing from the Kids

A few years ago, Stella McCartney did a kids collection for the Gap and I remember vividly seeing one of my friends dressed in the same sweater that I could have sworn she had bought for her daughter. Turns out she liked the design so much she snatched herself up an XL at the time (and did so before they sold out!). So, now that Stella has launched her own kidswear brand, I'm thinking it may not be a bad idea to check out what she's got and maybe snatch something from the boys' section. This little bandleader jacket would be super cute, worn shrunken over something as simple as a white tee and given then it's fitted, an XL could prob fit all my petite friends out there. I'm guessing the arms would be too short on me, but if the price is right, I could always have it altered into an uber-cool vest to wear over dark grey sweaters and American Apparel sweatshirts come fall. I'm that resourceful!

(photo: courtesy of Madison Avenue Spy)

Matthew Williamson at Macy's

Not to sound like a huge snob, but I never quite make it through the doors to Macy's. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about H&M and the like, but there's just something about Macy's that I can't get behind. But this latest collab with major designer Matthew Williamson has me second guessing me avoidance schedule. The designer is known for his crazy colors and digital prints and now he's got them in a much more affordable version--but from the looks of it, the prints are just as jaw-dropping. Take a look, might make you want to reconsider the mall.

(photos: courtesy of Styleite)

The Perfect Pink Flats

So I've been oggling this girl's ballet flats in my exercise class for weeks now. They're pretty in pink and I'm willing to guess that if I saw them on the shelf, I would turn my nose up and say 'ew.' But seeing how she pairs the soft shade with a black motorcycle jacket and super skinny jeans I like how she toughens up the soft color with something a bit edgier. I wouldn't recommend wearing them with a floral print blouse but I think with the right mix pink can actually play well. Every time I see them I want them, which makes me think they're making their mark for a reason. Plus, considering the look the shoe repairman gave me when I brought in the same pair of black flats to get resoled again, it may just be time for a new pair. Ok, if I have to...

(photo: courtesy of Bluefly)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Designer Challenge: Perfect Prints

I have a friend who had the cool idea to find an old, vintage hermes scarf (a total investment piece, btw) and frame it. She's treating it like the piece of art that it actually is. It sits proudly on her wall and I always get a bit envious that my framed prints (proudly from Room & Board) don't have the same fash panache. I've been getting some tips from these at-home pics I found on Refinery 29. I love the vintage-y feel of these posters and the black and white colors let the accessories (like the ginger jars that I already have) do the talking. It's a subtle way to express your singular style at home, that I really happen to love. Don't even get me started on leaning pics against the wall versus having them perfectly hung--at least that's my excuse for the ones that I have yet to hang up. 

 (photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

Kickin' It Old School: Adidas

So over the weekend I went into my childhood bedroom and found a big storage container filled with clothes that I've refused to part with. Aside from a pair of hideous sorority sweatpants that I wore on Sunday, the one thing that I got strangely nostalgic for was my Adidas track jacket that I somehow worked into my look Junior and Senior years of college. I swear, I wore them with my flare Diesel jeans and some brown point-toe boots (it was very "in") and I looked super cute! So I got all excited when I saw this thing that Nylon Mag is doing asking street peeps to wear their Adidas the real way and see who wore it best. Each person adds their own flare, plus it gives me ideas of how to still wear mine, all these many many years later. Maybe I won't have to get rid of mine after all.

 (photos: courtesy of Nylon Mag)

An Oversees Visit

Like I've said before, taking cues from other cultures and the ways other people dress in different countries is a great way to get sartorially inspired. Unfortunately, I have done too much overseas traveling lately, so all of my inspiration has come in the form of pics I find online (I know, tragic). And predictably, I always seem to look at Paris street style pics because I'm just so enamored with their style. But, this new set of pics from Women's Wear Daily is challenging me a bit with street style snaps straight off the streets of Berlin. Their style is a bit different than the French, which means more unique ideas for me. And I didn't even have to suffer a painfully long flight to get inspired!

 (photo: courtesy of WWD)

FIRST LOOK: Pamela Love for Topshop

Like any girl who doesn't shop exclusively at H&M but also can't shop exclusively at Net-a-Porter, I like when the "fast-fashion" retailers do something a little extra special. I raved when I found out that off-beat jewelry designer Pamela Love was bringing her designs to Topshop. I've loved her tallon cutt longtime but it's a bit expensivo. SO, was eager to see what she had in store for her capsule collection with the Brit brand. Turns out, the first pics have been leaked and they've got the same goth aesthetic that her big-ticket items have. Plus, the budget-friendly price means I can layer them like crazy (see below post about layering bracelets for example). The necklaces look a bit Limited Too for me (I wore it back when but doesn't mean I have to re-wear it now).

(photos: courtesy of Fashionologie)

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

I saw this first picture and thought, wow, she looks SO sophisticated. I wanted her hair, loved the deep v-neck of her blouse and those earrings were the perfect touch. Then I saw her bottom half and I was obsessed. The top and bottom could not be more mismatched. BUT, and this is a big but, that's what makes it so cool. She's like all business on top and all regular, ordinary school kid on the bottom. The juxtaposition makes the look entirely her own, thinking she'd be all dressed up or all dressed down, but who does half and half? More power to her, she does it quite well. Makes me feel less guilty about those days when I pull a Working Girl and I take my heels off in favor of flip flops or my Toms.

(photo: courtesy of Vanessa Jackman)

Accessory Report

Ok, so Coachella was SO 5 minutes ago, but I'll admit it, I'mm still trying to process the whole thing. Among the crazy boho looks (some of which I've documented below), I think I was just as obsessed with the jewelry, sunglasses, and handbags, as I was with the clothes. One of the major things I noticed (and maybe it was because everyone was piling no their entrance bracelets), was that the more bracelets stacked on your wrist (and the more colorful and mismatched) the better. I saw stacks so high it looked downright uncomfortable. I like the notion of not worrying about if they all match or whether or not they go together. Just go bold and keep the colors cool for Summer. Plus it's such an easy trend to recreate for yourself--and for cheap--without completely copying someone else's look. 

(photo: courtesy of Cleveland)

Monday, April 18, 2011


The cutesy Erica Domesek is at it again and making a blinged out clutch with chain shoulder strap that is just about perfect. I've been wanting something in a metallic for a while and as much as I know I should go for an investment bag, I'm not quite ready for a Judith Leiber (or anything like it). So what a fun--and inexpensive--way to try out the trend before you go and invest in something permanent. 

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

You've probably overdosed on Coachella fashion (I know I have), so I thought I'd keep it a bit interesting by adding a cool fall look into the mix. This one caught my eye because of the sheer overlay she puts over her regular fall look. I think it brightens things up, and I hate to keep going back to it, but I am sure this is something you could totally see someone wearing at Coachella. SO you could kind of kill two birds with one stone. I like that the overlay is a different length than the look because it plays with proportions in a deliberate way that I think is daring and cool. Plus, with something that generic, you could layer it over just about anything. Especially love it for fall when it's least expected, paired with dark colors and thick knits and fabrics.

(photo: courtesy of All the Pretty Birds)

HEARD: Coach + Net-a-Porter

The news that Coach is collaborating with Net-a-Porter actually comes at a funny time. In my weird obsessions with following all major editors on Twitter, Tumblr, etc., almost all of them talk about scouring Ebay at all times of the day for vintage Coach bags. And yes, you heard me right. Coach. I didn't quite understand it, but apparently their older styles have reached cult and collector status. So, not all that surprising to hear that they're rereleasing some of their best ones for a limited-time collab with Net-a-Porter. I am sure all those editors are totally giddy, and like the vintage yet totally classic feel these shapes and styles have. Plus I like the notion that they'll only get better with age, and the leather will get all worn in and cool. What's old is new again!

(photo: courtesy of Stylist)

Mulberry Hits Coachella

And only just minorly obsessed with the Mulberry crew. Had the BEST time at Coachella with the It Brit gang, and loved every second. I'm all for a British Invasion....just sayin'.

(photo: courtesy of

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

So I think this girl is in my Physique57 classes, but that's prob besides the point. I am really into her Coachella look. While I was busy piling on bracelets and attempting to look cool, she seems to do it with total ease. I love the crochet. And paired with a navajo necklace, it's all the better. I wore a navajo print dress over the weekend and according to my style guru (aka, the senior fashion editor at, navajo prints are VERY big. So you heard it here first. But why not pass on the bigger "trend" and go for navajo-inspired accessories instead. Like this MAJOR necklace. Love the combo and how easy it looks. Would look amazing with some high-rise flare jeans for night, too!

(photo: courtesy of Because I'm Addicted)

COACHELLA: What I Learned

Well, I came, I saw, and I conquered. I have to admit as a Coachella newbie that it was quite an adventure. Totally overstimulating, and a total shit show (excuse my language). My sartorial takeaways? Aside from the weird fur spottings and near nakeds, if you're going to go, either go super long (aka maxi) or super short (up to there). There was really no in between. I stuck to a maxi because it was so hot, and others took is super short to stay cool. So if you're thinking of a hemline, go to the extreme. It's always statement making.

(photos: courtesy of Refinery29)

Friday, April 15, 2011

One to Watch: Thread Social

I have a coworker who always swoons every time she sees Thread Social for sale. I always roll my eyes and think to myself that it's such a "grown-up" brand. But who am I kidding--I'm not getting any younger. Taking a closer look I kind of like the neckties, pretty fabrics and feminine cuts that would nicely offset all of the menswear-inspired looks I've seemed to collect over the past few years. The colors aren't too bright and the and I'm really liking how flattering the designs look. Ok, I was wrong...must take a closer look!

(photo: courtesy of Harpers Bazaar)

Kelly Wearstler's Style Notes

I was lucky enough to talk to interior design god, Kelly Wearstler the other day. And in prepping for the interview, I thought I'd peruse some of the projects that's worked on. (And FYI, she's got an e-commerce site launching in August to sell her her clothing and jewelry lines...YAY!) Anyhow, I termed her style "eclectic, antique-chic" and I love how she mixes antiquities with modern designs. It's like mixing vintage with new, or even wearing a cameo necklace with a modern look, or pairing a retro fit with a new asymmetrical design. I like the idea of pairing these two crazy things together, just like Wearstler does. Love her.

(photos: courtesy of Habitually Chic)

Big Red

I know this may be a bit extreme, but considering I'm getting prepped for my next hair appointment, I like the vibe of matching your hair to what you're wearing. I'm not going to go red but I like how the different tones of the same color really compliment eachother in this outfit. It's not like you can easily switch up your hair color but I like that you can really compliment your coloring with what you wear--and it's going to be unique to you since we're all just a bit different.

(photo: courtesy of Sea of Shoes)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Prep-Master Lex

I was so happy in my preppy ways in college (aka, I didnt know any better) Before making the trek back east I had never shopped for anything Polo, had no idea who Vera Bradley or Lulu Guiness were, and thought people who popped their collars looked like idiots. But then I got sucked into that East Coast sensibility and I was rockin' polos like the best of them. That's I think why I think I love the latest from Banana. Despite the fact that I rarely go in the store these days (I know, I need to expand my horizons), these preppy fixtures look like they're made for a walk through campus come October/November. I love the rich, rusty hues, and wish that LA actually had fall so that I won't look ridiculous wearing these corduroys and knits. Totally delish.

(photos: courtesy of Fashionologie)

Must-Haves for Spring Cleaning

I've gotten it into my pretty lil' head that my closet needs a makeover. Now, I am unable to think about pretty much anything else. I have bookmarked the hangar section page on the Bed Bath and Beyond site, and have decided that it's slimline or bust. Every luxe closet that I drool over has them and frankly, why do I not? Plus, I've decided I wear the same pair of shoes day in and day out (these days it's my new Madewell booties). I need to know what shoes I have and am researching better ways to display my collection (aka, stalking pics of closets online for inspiration).  Seems like the perfect spring cleaning weekend activity, accompanied by a soundtrack of Adele.

(photos: courtesy of Closet Visit)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I have a "note" on my phone that lists all of the books that are on my wish list. And of course that doesn't include the book that I failed to read for last night's bookclub. But, it seems like the list just keeps getting longer because I'm doing "research" for the job--or that's what I like to think. When you look back at fashion and style icons, I guarantee you most in the "industry" would name editor Diana Vreeland. She was the world's first Anna Wintour, for lack of better comparison. Her autobiography is coming out in paperback and it's the chance to learn about a true style icon, and of course hopefully pick up some hints and tips along the way.

 (photo: courtesy of @evachen212)

The Shrinking Handbag

For years now I've been toting around oversized bags that let me carry two pairs of shoes at once--and everything else I need to go straight from work to events or dinner at night. They may get heavy, but I NEED everything inside (or at least that's what I tell myself). But after looking at all the street style photographs of editors taken during this past Fashion Week, I noticed more than one carrying around small pouches that looked like pencil cases to me. Instead of carrying around the kitchen sink (which I'm inclined to do), these easy-to-carry bags were small, chic, and came in some enviably bright colors. I've found my very own version in an unstructured clutch from Clare Vivier in cobalt blue, but I highly recommend the exercise of downsizing. I guarantee you won't even miss that big ole bag once it's gone.

 (photos: courtesy of Chictopia)

ONE TO WATCH: Emily Jerome

Getting press releases is a double edged sword. The Cons: My email inbox gets annoyingly cluttered. The Pros: Sometimes I stumble upon a tiny little gem. Such is the case with Emily Jerome, a cool new designer based out of New York, who is suddenly totally on my radar. Her clothes look like they're meant for the racks of Intermix, which works out nicely for me, because I enjoy scanning the racks at Intermix. She uses fun punches of color and cool chain details to make her designs every bit downtown cool--you know, the type of cool that I try hard to be. Anyway, she should be on your radar, and her latest lookbook is bomb.

 (photos: courtesy of Emily Jerome)

Monday, April 11, 2011

What (Not) To Wear

I've been seeing more and more of these types of looks lately. They always catch my eye and I think to myself, wow, how cool is this. But then I realize that there ain't an ounce of femininty in the look and I go about my business. I did this this past weekend when I saw a top I loved. It was last season Steven Alan (aka, WAY on sale) and it would look cute with white jeans, but in that preppy kind of way. There wasn't anything femme about it and the navy was kind of blah. So in an effort to look a little more feminine these days, I am going to pick apart the outfit to find the things that I do actually like.

(photo: courtesy of La Garconne)


This is nothing more than a Save the Date, asking that you mark your calendars (iphones or filofaxes for the cool kids). Fashion's Night Out is coming back--and allegedly it's going to be bigger and better this year. Thursday night, September 8th...see you there!

Kickin' It Old School

I get it, at this point these are so retro. I have a real fondness for the original New Balances that I rocked all through college (and that I thought were the absolute coolest thing ever). Now I kind of like these customizable versions that I think I could get behind. There a bit of a throwback, but I like that they're gender neutral. I may not be ready for all the crazy colors (shocker), but I like the idea of at least getting some initials on there. Baby Steps.

(photo: Courtesy of K Streetwear)