Thursday, January 31, 2013

The White Blazer

All Summer and Fall long I was on the hunt for the perfect white blazer. It topped my to-do list and yet I never found my match. This outfit is a beyond original interpretation of how I'd ever wear mine if I'd found it but that makes me love it even more. The combo of the leather pants and old-school leopard print Nikes with a heather grey tee elevates this casual look and somehow makes the white jacket wearable even during Winter (especially in California). And those sneakers would make just about any outfit.

(photo: courtesy of Sincerely Jules)

Tucker ♥ Loeffler Randall

I've always had a weakness for Tucker's intoxicating floral and graphic silk prints and Loeffler Randall continues to be a footwear staple in my closet. Now the brands have joined forces for a covetable collection of clutches and handbags. The structured shapes by LR are swathed in Tuckers gorgeous Spring prints and the result is something you'll want to clutch well beyond just this season. They're perfect with LBD, look bound for a beach or two and are screaming for their day in the sun.

(photo: courtesy of Loeffler Randall)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The LBD Refresh

I never look quite right in a moto jacket, it's always too bulky and never really seems to fit. But I love the feminine tucks and twists of this moto dress. It's got a hint of feminine edge and it just the thing to take you to a dinner with style. You could hem it short to show a little leg and keep on the whole edgy appeal or wear it a little but longer for something unexpected. It's a great unconventional LBD.

(photo: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Case for White Sneakers

If you were anything like me, when I was little the first thing I did when I got a new pair of white Jack Purcells was do everything in my power to make them look dirty. Looking back, I relish a pair of crisp white soles because they're not exactly part of my everyday routine. These hightops from Marais USA would look good with almost everything in my wardrobe and dress me down in something unexpected on days when I usually turn to flats. 

(photo: courtesy of Marais USA)

A Pop of Prep

Looking for a pinch of preppy but not quite committed enough to go all oxfords and button-downs? This sweet and simple watch may just do the trick. It's striped wrist band has a classically preppy color combo and is delicate enough that it's still subtly feminine. I like the way it would look against a white tee, my favorite army jacket(s) and just about any denim. Plus, the best part? The straps are interchangeable!

(photo: courtesy of Daniel Wellington)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

All about the textures and layers...again. These bold jeans are...a lot. But pit against the grey coat and warm silk top, they're actually subdued. The black hat tops everything off and the charm necklace is a nice topper and feminine touch to play off of the black combat boots. It's a bit of a hodgepodge looks but that's often what happens when it's snowing and cold and we're forced to get dressed. The end result is something that ultimately really works well, and that much better together.

(photo: courtesy of Glamcanyon)

How-To: Wear an Oversized Sweatshirt

I pulled out an old sweatshirt the other day and realized it's slightly slouchy fit made it difficult to wear with most things in my closet. I ended up with skinny jeans, boots and the sleeves rolled up but it still felt overwhelmingly casual. I like the option of dressing it up with a fur color, some leather leggings and maybe a few dressier layers peeking out from underneath. It elevates the last sweatshirt layer to the next level while still staying comfy and casual.

(photo: courtesy of Style is Eternal)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

How To: Warm Layers

When you're bundling up in this frigid Winter weather, I'm never quite sure how to layer best. I end up looking slightly bulky and always go for the conventional thinnest-to-thickest theory. But this blogger snap shows a thick fur vest layered underneath a trench for a cold, blistery day. it's unconventional but I like it. You can see the bits of fur peeking out from underneath the trench and it gives texture and dimension where the trench can be a bit predictable.

(photo: courtesy of The Glamourai)

SPOTTED: Heidi Merrick for Spring '13

A few months back I got to meet L.A.-based designed Heidi Merrick and she was just as lovely as her collections always manage to be. Her latest for Spring center around really bold but neutral paisleys and always-versatile stripes that make a statement but somehow still seem to be mix-and-match. The shapes are both functional and still really feminine with nipped waists and short hemlines, it's utterly perfect for my closet when the weather warms up.

(photo: courtesy of Because I'm Addicted)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Street Style Inspiration for the Weekend

AH! Print on print on leather jacket swung over the shoulders with an I-can-wear-them-anywhere black ballet flat is my kind of outfit. I still have yet to master the print pant but pairing them with an equally eye-catching print blouse seems to be the way to wear it. The black leather jacket is clearly seasonless and subtly goes with the black ballet flats in a way you wouldn't notice necessarily but ties the outfit nicely together and makes it look even more polished than you'd have anticipated.

(photo: courtesy of Gutless Blog)

Double Duty: The Layered Bag

Now I've been layering my bags for years, but one of them usually isn't Chanel and more closely resembles a canvas tote if I'm going to be honest. The way this is done though just makes so much sense. Considering I still tote around my lofty filofax, it's no wonder I need more space but I do love how chic a small bag looks. By carrying two, you can easily accommodate the need for both and with a quick switcheroo wear whichever one works for whatever occasion you're attending.

(photo: courtesy of Monica Rose Style)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fancy Hats

I don't know what I'm more into in this picture, the amazing slightly askew beret, or the heavy eyeliner that goes all the way into the inner corner of this really pretty girl's eyes--or how she's managing to pull off a magenta pout for day. It's all quite intriguing. I've never worn a hat well so I always save pictures of ones I love, and this one is one that would fit my head but still looks Winter chic enough. Plus the full face of makeup gives it a dramatic appeal that sets it apart from beanies and overplayed fedoras.

(photo: courtesy of The Cut)

How To: Layered Jewelry

If I were wearing this much jewelry next to a thick knit sweater, one of them would not survive, but it all looks so good on jeweler Jennifer Fisher. I wish I could get away with it, but truth is most mornings this Winter I end up taking off more bracelets and necklaces that I leave on for fear of snagging. I guess if you're going to go big, you've got to really go for it and that she does with her bold, spiked, statement designs that have racked up quite the following--and look even better when layered.

(photo: courtesy of Matchbook Magazine)

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Return of the Flare

I have one pair of denim that is my go-to for dressing up. I literally wear them constantly. So much so, that I know have them in three different washes. Excessive? Yes. Smart thinking? I'd like to think so. They're slightly flared and I believe them to be flattering hence the investment. So I'm thrilled to see more non-skinny pant silhouettes getting some attention. They help to balance the proportions so nicely and give me new wear for all of my moderately shorter tops that have been stuffed at the back of my closet for years.

(photo: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

Wish List: Subtly Edgy Necklace

If I decided to organize my jewelry, which may or may not ever happen, I bet I'd come out on the other side wanting something like this to fill in the gaps. Yes, it's edgy but not too chunky. I think it'd look great with a floral dress or perfect with a crewneck sweater or simple white t-shirt any time of year. It has a bit of edge and detail that's subtle enough that you can keep wearing it time and time again.

(photo: courtesy of Fallon)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

I always look back at pictures from the '90s grunge period perplexed. Somehow it worked for a whole lot of people but it always just looks so dirty. This street style shot shows a bit of an updated version, one with more polished details that doesn't make it look quite as messy, but a bit more refined while incorporated a moto jacket and tartan plaid elements for a throwback to that era.

(photo: courtesy of Chictopia)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

If I Were a Little Bit Chicer...

If I ran around town and had the ability to wear something other than my beloved booties, I would love to look as poised and prim as this. The combo of the silk button down, sleek pants that aren't denim and a bag that makes you look like you just happen to be running around town with ease. It's a great go-to look for a cool casual dinner or more important meeting. Sophistication meets style.

(photo: courtesy of

More Sweater Dressing from Carven

In the midst of wearing sweater after sweater (and figuring out new ways to reinvent the same sweaters I'm wearing day after day), it's refreshing to see some cool new versions even if they're poised for a debut next year. These from Carven are perfectly preppy and in a muted navy palette which I can really get behind. The chunkiness is ideally paired with a stick slim denim and looks great with a hint of skin showing, and even maybe a pair of poppy red or leopard flats. Add another chunky knit to the list.

(photo: courtesy of

SPOTTED: Flower from Drew Barrymore

I've always had somewhat of a weakness for Drew Barrymore. The one time I met her she had a sweetness about her that's just as oversized as everything that's been written about her and I find her everyday appeal really quite refreshing. She's gone through many iterations of hair colors and looks but over the last decade she's looked pretty damn good. She's just launched a makeup line (for Walmart, no less) and though I can't quite say I get there that often, I'm intrigued by anything that she lends her name and endorsement. Beauty editors in New York have been abuzz about the extensive collection which has me even more intrigued. 

(photo: courtesy of Into The Gloss)

The Latest from Nili Lotan

If only I could slink into something that looked this good when I was going out at night. Usually my road to going out starts with me staring at my closet for a good solid 10 minutes before grabbing what I wore the night before, but this I could get behind. The deep bordeaux color is dark enough to be on-trend for the season but still soft enough that it's warm against my pale skin and brown hair. The moto jacket comes in an unexpected suede while everyone else is rocking leather and the pairing with a simple a-line maxi softens the silhouette into something subtly feminine. It's a perfect pairing with flat boots for day and a classic black heel for night.

(photo: courtesy of

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pre-Fall: Rebecca Minkoff

As she continues to grow and grow (she just launched a line of glittery jewelry), Rebecca Minkoff is still doing a helluva job in refining her designs and taking her reputation well beyond just handbags. These latest are so grown-up and work appropriate and every great adjective I could think of. I'd wear them dressed down, take them apart as separates and then dress them up because they've got a dose of downtown edge to them. 

(photo: courtesy of WWD)

SPOTTED: Prabal Gurung for Target

Dear Target, you done good. Despite critics lamenting that the age of the designer collaboration was dead, the latest to turn up from Prabal Gurung for Target defies skeptics and delivers designs that even I'd wear. They're full of punchy color that have me excited for the warmer months and great fits that the designer has become famous for. It's a perfect combo of just about everything great. Countdown to February 10. 

(photo: courtesy of Fashionista)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Street Style Inspiration for the Weekend

How '80s Ralph Lauren ad is this picture? I absolutely love it. It's straight off of an ivy league campus or Connecticut or something and the multiple shades of the same rich cognac color in different rich textures makes the outfit seem flawless. And that suede bomber? What could be better? Bring back heritage pieces like these--if at least one at a time to create a killer new look.

(photo: courtesy of Pop, Bop and Snap)

New Shoe How-To

I happen to be in the market for a new pair of heels and all I'm really interested in is something simple and sleek. Yet, I know in a season or two I'm going to want something else, something fussier and something with a bit more glitz or glamour. These simple add-ons demonstrate that a little something goes a long way. J. Crew demonstrates how to jazz up a pair of shoes with a simple clip that can keep things chic even when they're not so new.

(photo: courtesy of 770)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

COACH + Saint James for Fall

I've sung the praises of Saint James bateau neck, authentic French striped tees over the years for their versatility and love the way they look on everyone but me. Even J. Crew got in the game and offers them during the warmer months (super cute with a pair of skinny army green pants and ballet flats, I think). But now the heritage brand has gone a step further, pairing up with a real American classic, Coach for Pre-Fall with a capsule collection. From this snapshot, it looks like we're promised a bevy of stripes and some adorable accessories that look poised for a day at the beach.

(photo: courtesy of Glamour)

Stop It Right Now: New Style Blog

I love nothing more than discovering a new street style blog because sometimes you just get fatigued of your daily bookmarks. This one that Lucky Magazine put on my radar is full of what I'd like to call Opening Ceremony-esque style, real avant-garde shapes and colors that are hard to pull off, and yet she seems to do so quite well. I love her look: she's gorgeous so she makes androgyny work well. I'll take the inspiration where I can find it.

(photo: courtesy of Stop It Right Now)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Not So Mellow Yellow

Sometimes in the dead of Winter, we could all use a little bit of sun. This picture spoke to me right away because my skin couldn't be paler and the brightness of the yellow would be perfect with all of the grey I've been wearing. It's a color that you could easily transition from season to season and I think if I spotted this in my closet right now it'd bring a smile to my face. Something about a bright hue--even a neon--when Winter gets tough--that makes the things look up.

(photo: courtesy of Altamira)

Monday, January 7, 2013

A Maxi Moment for Winter

I always get slightly perplexed on how to dress up during Winter weather. I always want to wear a skirt or dress but end up freezing so resort to the same black pants alternative that I embarrassingly end up wearing year round. But then I took one look at this street style shot and realized that a maxi skirt may be a perfect alternative. In a beautiful, ethereal fabric like a chiffon, paired with a black pea coat (I haven't seen mine in years!) would make for a structured meets flowy combination that strikes just the right balance.

(photo: courtesy of Atlantic Pacific)

Spotted: The Latest from Lizzie Fortunato

I'm about to go tribal. I spotted these beautifully intricate clutches from sister duo design team Lizzie Fortunato in a unique color way recently in a beloved boutique and I haven't been able to stop thinking of them ever since. They're punchy in just the right ways and aren't overloaded with hardware so they're still faintly delicate. Paired with the right statement jewelry and this type of bag is all you need to update your look for a new season ahead.

(photo: courtesy of Lizzie Fortunato Jewels)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Casual Summer, I'm Ready

There's something so perfectly casual about this look that makes me long for perfectly lax Summer days. Between the lived-in feel of the heather gray nearly vintage tee to the weathered denim that fits just so, paired with a polished sandal that lends a tailored look to the whole outfit that nicely pulls it altogether, the outfit is perfection. Only makes me wish that Summer were a bit closer on the calendar. Textile by Elizabeth and James cuts quite the nice look.

The Ultimate Desktop Design

Some days--well most days--I wonder what it would be like if I worked from home. I wonder what my day would look like and most importantly, what my workspace would look like. Taking one look at this desk solved any questions I could have had. It's simply gorgeous.  It's equal parts craftsman and feminine and topped with a vase full of flowers it satisfies every need. Would make days at home feel quite chic.

(photo: courtesy of Apartment Therapy)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Natural French Pharmacy Find

I'm a complete sucker for Parisian drugstore buys, the more French on the packaging, the more into it I am. I scour Amazon to find my favorites and am a devout fan of a few sacred brands. For them, I'd consider myself a drugstore brand kind of girl. This latest pick is from none other than Carine Roitfeld, the former editrix of Vogue Paris who's now helming her own CR Fashion Book. Full of nourishing Vitamin A it promises to hydrate Winter's chapped skin and keep you dewy until Spring finally, well, springs. Let the internet hunt commence.

(photo: courtesy of CR Fashion Book)

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

How much does this picture make you want to traipse around from vintage store to flea market in search of the perfect half suede, half shearling, perfectly-lived in coat? The color combinations are perfection and would be dreamy with a pair of skinny jeans are season long. Forgo the boring puffy jacket of which we're all guilty and try and find yourself a statement piece like this one. My eyes are peeled.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Modern Mani for Winter

After weeks and weeks of sporting Vampy nail colors and wicked wicked nails, I decided to lighten things up with ballet slippers and remembered just how boring pale pink nails can be. I took one look at these tan hands with a gorgeous tangerine meets geranium shade and I wanted to stack my rings to perfection just like this. Wearing the rings on adjacent fingers like that is something different and I think a trend that is gaining traction and I like the way the styles are different (antique and modern) so they contrast eachother nicely. Against the pop of nail color, it's the ideal combination.

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

The Antidote to the Wedge Sneaker

I know a number of people whose New Year's resolutions entail not wearing wedge sneakers--particularly the brand that everyone seems to be sporting around town. But I have to admit, the allure of comfort alone, always makes me take a second glance. These Nike Dunks look legit with a grown-up, fashion-informed print to take them from the basketball courts to brunch downtown. I like that you could wear them with skinny black jeans, a cute black skirt and even your favorite Lululemon for casual weekend days.

(photo: courtesy of

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Keeping Warm: The Hat

Bundling up can be a burden--and a great way to look ghastly come Winter. I've never quite perfected the art of hat wearing, which is why I'm always looking for a great new version especially now that the weather has taken a chilly turn. This adorable design piqued my interest. I don't know if I'd be able to pull it off but I envy anyone who could. Paired with a perfectly warm coat and a thick knit scarf, this hat may be just the Winter refresh the season needs.

(photo: courtesy of Eugenia Kim)

The T-Shirt + Skirt Combo

After a season of holiday gatherings, it's hard to be inspired on how to dress up and right for the occasion. Black always seems right and yet a closet full of clothes amounts to nothing to wear. I love the idea of this updated take on dressed-up casual. A more formal satin skirt gets a bit of downtown edge with an everyday t-shirt that takes it from formal to fun in one easy switch. Add a pair of statement heels or even booties and I think this is a foolproof look each time--plus you can swap the tee inexpensively whenever you like.

(photos: courtesy of Refinery29)