Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Designer Denim or Gap?

I remember my first pair of "designer" jeans SO well. I came home with a new pair of Diesels in hand (everyone at school had them, so obviously I needed them, too), and my mom looked at me like I was insane. How much did you just spend on a pair of jeans? I was forced to return them and my dreams of being like everyone else were shattered. Years went by and I started collecting those Diesels eventually, followed by J Brands, and every other "designer" pair in between--always trying to find the perfect fit.  I figure they might as well fit perfectly since I wear them every day. So fast forward to just a few short months ago when my jeans-wearing self was changed forever. I discovered Gap's Skinny style. They're mid-rise (thank god) and are slim enough that they do the trick...every time. In the vein of "if it fits, buy it in every color," I just treated myself to my second pair and am giddy every time I'm reminded that I scored them for just over $50. Bottom line: denim doesn't have to break the bank. All that matters is if it fits--and makes you feel good!

(photo: courtesy of Gap)

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