Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Website: If Pockets Talked

You've heard me gripe before about the challenges of vintage shopping. If we're talking online shopping, I'd consider myself a pro. But vintage shopping? Forget it. Every store I manage to walk into smells all creepily musty and the stuff looks so gross. I can't quite wrap my head around how some dumpy dress could be fabulous if I tweaked it just so, wore just the right belt, and paired it with the perfect blazer. I'm still trying to get my imagination to be inventive like that. So here comes this amazing new site, If Pockets Talked, that I'm hoping takes all that dirty work out of the equation. It's basically liked a souped up version of ebay without all of the time consuming bidding. It brings together the best vintage finds from shoes to handbags and jackets and lets you sort by size, color, and price. It sifts through that old dusty pile for you and finds that hidden treasure--you know, the one I'm always jealous I couldn't manage to find. It's definitely a cool new resource to have when you're looking for something new (well kind of new), with a great story. Find a piece that sets your style apart from the rest.

(photo: courtesy of If Pockets Talked)

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