Monday, November 15, 2010

A New Silhouette: High-waisted Jeans

I've become pretty comfortable in my standard uniform. Some brand of skinny jeans (Gap are my new fave), and some sort of button-down or billowy blouse. The looser the better. I'm comfortable, the skinny bottoms give me at least some shape, and I think it looks pretty damn cute. Plus, bottom line (and most importantly), it works for me. But I'm smart enough to know that a fitted blouse will not work with those skinny jeans. As much as I may love them, it's a bit too much tightness. So what to do with all the blouses and shirts that aren't so blousy in my closet? I'm considering a new alternative to my current safe silhouette. I'm going to try out high-waisted flare jeans instead of my skinnies, and wear those other tops tucked in to accentuate the denim's higher rise. Instead of complaining about what I don't like about my body, I am going to say that I do like how a pair of high-rise flares make me look long (especially with a pair of towering heels). They even make my waist look way smaller than it actually is by tucking a shirt in and accentuating it. It's something that I am def not used to but am going to try anyway. After all it's time for a change and I'm ready for something new to make me feel good.

(photo: courtesy of Shopbop)

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