Tuesday, November 23, 2010

LOOK I LOVE: House Slippers

For some reason I have always loved Stubbs & Wootton. They're this insanely old New York brand and they make these cool velvet house slipper type things that old ladies wear around the Upper East Side just like they're loafers. (And annoying men wear them without socks all over the Hamptons.) A few years back some people started wearing some with cool new graphics (think skulls and cross bones) and even though they were so out there, I kind of loved them. Fast forward to this week when Marc Jacobs announced that he's doing a collab with the storied shoe designer. Score! Now MJ is doing styles for men, but if I were prancing around Park Avenue I would prob be tempted to splurge on the real thing. I'm daydreaming about some with my initials maybe, or something a bit edgier if I feel like going out on a limb. If you know me but at all you know that this is just a daydream but I am definitely feeling those preppy loafer hybrids as something that will one day make their way into my closet. Only time will tell, my friends!

(photo: Courtesy of T Magazine)

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