Thursday, March 31, 2011

Basic Black Wedge

Oh nothing, I just NEED this wedge. How cute it is. And, guess what? It's from Zara. And better yet? It's less than $100. Yes, you heard me right. I think it's totally cute, work appropriate and hopefully won't cripple me too much after a long night of standing. But how perfect would these be to wear to work, then head out to a cute dinner, a work event, or something else entirely enticing. Wedges are major for Spring and Summer except the "flatform" styles look unbearably uncomfortable. I think these are a perfect alternative that are just my speed.
(photo: courtesy of Zara)

Tibi Makes for Quirky Style

As soon as I saw this picture I saved it in my kinda lame online "Inspiration" folder. I am pretty obsessed though with just about everything.  I always say this but I never would have considered pairing all those separates together. The long flowy dress with those velvet slippers? Totally rad but would never have dawned on me. And separately, this man repeller may be working a few too many elements, but am I the only one who thinks she looks totally cute. I think it works because the dress is the one saving grace, being totally feminine and in a fun, bright marigold color. But those shoes, want them. And that jacket is pretty universal, too. Totally cute summer daytime look done perfectly.

(photo: courtesy of Tibi)

Another Boring Night in L.A.

Just another night out. But I'll tell you something. That Dame Westwood. Wow. I am keeping those recordings from my interview with her for a while. Beyond Priceless.

(photo: courtesy of

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SPOTTED: J. Crew for Fall '11

Just as I'm talking about how predictable I am in wearing J. Crew all the time, they come out with another set of designs for Fall (yes, I know, Fall already) and the interest is abuzz. It's got a great gatsy old-world feel to it which is every bit retro cool and somehow "new" again. It's all looks very designer-y to me, which is awesome for those of us on a budg, and I'm obviously loving the orange maxi skirt. And just look at those buttons on the double-breasted coat! It makes it look totally fancy and personalized all at once. I think J. Crew has gotten awesome at taking the mass out of a mass brand, and giving their clothes details that make you think that you're the only one wearing it. Another season, and another home run. 

(photos: courtesy of FabSugar)

From a Neiman Marcus Insider

Sometimes magazines are the only places you have real access to fashion "insiders" and "experts." But this go-around, one of my fave fashion sites, Fashionista, sat down with Neiman Marcus' creative director to see what he's thinking will be big for this season, next, etc. I love how they have a totally different view of what goes on the store floors and listening to them talk about the process could cue you in on what's going to be "hot" next. It can also help you stay one step ahead of the trends so you'll always be totally yourself--and totally stylish. Take a read, I love what a character he is, and I feel totally informed after hearing him explain what's up. 

(photo: courtesy of Fashionista)

New Line I Love: Jennifer Chun

Poking around twitter (I know, kinda lame but very informative) and I stumbled across this editor's Tumblr, and subsequently found a cool new line of clothes. I am always looking for new brands considering I feel like I wear the same ones (J. Crew, ahem) all the time. This one from designer Jennifer Chun includes what she calls "casually polished women's ready-to-wear" which seems perfectly suited for my days of work and nights of events. She's based out of New York, happens to be very stylish herself (I think that says a lot), and seems to have designed things I could def see myself wearing. I like that all the designs arent too flimsy but look like they're for someone who's confident and sophisticated. They look made for the streets of New york, but I'm thinking I'll test drive them in SoCal instead.

(photo: courtesy of Tumblr)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inspired by the Classics

I'm always saying that cultural exhibits, plays, museums, etc are some of the coolest and most unique places to look at for fashion inspiration. And when I saw this, well swoon. How amazingly cool. These street style photos have been paired with their historic paintings and maybe just maybe we can think that the wearers got an idea or two from some of the classics. The pairing of colors, the attempts at textures, the mixed elements, all very cool ideas that can be had just by looking at a simple painting. And it doesn't even have to be a famous one, just one that speaks to you. Take a stroll through a museum or just go online (less effective but still gets you somewhere) and you'll come across all sorts of awesomeness that you can slowly incorporate into your own unique style.

(photos: courtesy of Miss Moss)

New Coffee Table Book Must-Have

The stacks of coffee table books that have amassed on my bookshelf and coffee table are getting quite out of hand. I even added a new one to the collection this past weekend ('s Stylist: it's for work, I swear). So I've been trying to put some limits on ones that I claim I "have to have." But this one may just be in that category. It's a kitschy style book written by an age-old costume designer from Hollywood's hey day, responsible for dressing the likes of Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. It's a fun read to get a history of how we got to where we are, and maybe to pick up some retro styling tips along the way. Plus, if you're into Mad Men-style dressing, this pretty much has you covered.

(photo: courtesy of LA Times)

SPOTTED: In the studio with Fenton/Fallon

I've been known to love a chunky necklace or two. I have a few pieces by this designer, Dana Lorenz for Fenton/Fallon and every time I wear one the compliments come pouring in and I feel totally fashionable. It's like an insta-outfit every time you put one on. Just one glimpse into the designer's studio in Manhattan and I all of a sudden want more more more. I get pretty lax on my accessories unless I'm going out but I'm realizing how fun something like this could be to wear during the day with a plain white tank during summer or over one of my many many striped shirts now. Even paired with a grey American Apparel tee I think it'd look awesome. Just one look at this pic and it's giving me even more inspiration to get my ass in gear when it comes to day-to-day accessorizing, because it could really be THIS good!

(photo: courtesy of Teen Vogue)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Beige is the new Grey

Despite hearing "it washes you out" in the back of my head from you know who, I am really into beige these days. In fact, putting away all my winter greys, I'm gonna go as far as saying that beige is the grey of summer. (Discuss). Anyway, I've been eyeing pretty much anything that's in the earth tone family, but realizing that I need something that has a nice warm tone to it, something with some hints of gold or other rich colors. I also like the idea of sticking with this somewhat neutral spring/summer palette because then everything can pretty much all go together and be worn together in different iterations. LOVE. Here's a piece or two I've been coveting.

(photos: courtesy of Shopbop)

The Perfect Maxi from....

So I've been on a tireless search for the perfect maxi skirt. And I mean tireless. Every time I see someone in a maxi I stop them and ask them where it's from, I try on every one I find, and scour all my fave sites looking for ones that would work for me. Minding my own business on Twitter and this editor posted a pic of her in her new American Apparel maxi. Say what? American Apparel, and yes, it's true. Loving the unexpected color (perf for Spring) and digging even more that I can satiate the trend without paying the hefty price (I won't even tell you how much) of the one I've been lusting after on Net-a-Porter. I'm thinking I love the skirt, but may opt for a camel color, what do you all think?

(Photo: courtesy of Jenny Feldman)

Turning Up the Heat

I haven't done a "home" post in a while, so I figured it was due time and this candle deserved its own attention. I have a love/love relationship with candles. But since I've amassed a few too many, I made a rule for myself, I wasn't allowed to buy anymore until I burned through every one I already owned. (Though if someone wants to get me one as a gift, I certainly won't argue.) Well, I may have found a flaw in that rule, and that flaw is these gorge candles. Could you just die? I am obsessed with the prints, they'd give an awesome quirky update to any room and I'm thinking they would make a beautiful cannister/makeup brush holder once you're through. Two uses in one, simply genius.

(photo: Courtesy Beauty High)

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

Seems like every time I look at a street style snapshot, I think to myself, "Why can't I dress like that?" Well, I can, it just takes some effort. This style looks totally effortless though. It's dressed-up enough that I could wear it to events after work, but still relaxed enough to be comfortable for day (usually my issue). The shoes are sensible (aka, I won't cry if I wear them), and it's just a little bit of a stylish update of my regimen black skinny pants and white Equipment blouse look. Think I'll go for a Chanel-type tweed jacket to spruce up my look for Spring and a skinny belt to cinch things off. Loving the ideas I'm getting from this shot.

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)


I'm pretty much completely obsessed with anything designer. BUT not because I love labels. It's because I've gotten to appreciate the artistry behind all of it. Some of these up-and-coming designers are nothing short of genius, and even just reading stories about them takes me one step closer. That's why I LOVE this video, makes me feel like I'm besties with these awesome designers and part of their elaborate design process.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

SPOTTED: Pretty florals for Spring

Talk about pretty prints for Spring. As we're putting away the dark colors and knits and wools, this is something excellent to aspire to. Designers are doing these amazingly vivid floral prints for Spring. I saw a friend of mine in a shift dress that was covered in these incredibly graphic floral images. It's like an exaggerated version of the floral prints we're told we "should" wear come spring. But here's a bit of a modernized, hipper update. Instead of throwing on a denim jacket (which I'll prob start doing in a few weeks time), opt for something different like this. If the jacket is a bit much (I wouldn't blame you), I'm pretty sure you could find a cute, flippy skirt with a similar print at a place like Urban Outfitters, or maybe even Zara. The hunt is on...

 (photo: courtesy of Vogue)

Must-Watch Video: Anna Della Russo

So for those of you who aren't as strangely addicted to this fashion nonsense, lemme give you the down low. Anna Della Russo is pretty much the real deal. People in the fashion and style world are obsessed with her. When you see those cray cray designs coming down the runway and you think to yourself, who would buy that, she's the first one that does. She wore a hat with a watermelon on it. Nuff said. Here's just a fun little CNN video that I came across where she gives us a glimpse of her maniacal passion for fashion. It's fun to watch, know it's out there, and see how the other half live.

Street Style from SXSW

One of the coolest and probably easiest places to look for style inspiration is at music festivals. The people there do try hard, but it beyond makes for great people watching. Even Shopbop dedicated an entire feature last year to what to wear to Coachella. Anyway, pics are just trickling in from last weekend SXSW festival in Austin and it's a pretty predictable mix of the digital nerdy types mixed with the hipsters and rockers you just knew you were going to see. This New York Times article takes a great look at the trends they saw and has a nice little photo album chronicling the looks straight from the street. Not sure any of the style is really for me, but definitely always worth looking, you never know what you're going to get. 

 (photo: courtesy of New York Times)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stylish Sojourns

I recently headed south of the border to find a little inspiration to get me motivated. Any time you venture outside of your comfort zone or into a new culture you're immediately immersed in the native style in ways that can influence the way you dress and get dressed each and every morning. These cool pics taken on a vacay of designer Geren Ford are the perfect example. Even just looking at her pictures makes me think of what I would learn if I had been with her on Jamaica, checking out what she was wearing, and figuring out what I would have worn had I been there, too. It's a perfect time to think about the native culture and how I could incorporate aspects of that into my own style. Take a look and see for yourself.

(photos: courtesy of Fashionista)

What MOOD are you in?

My virtual mood board is constantly shifting. I've got pictures of pillows whose prints I love, pictures of jewelry I'm probably never going to own, and pictures of women I aspire to be. To be honest, it's getting kind of full. I love how focused this moodboard is, captured by the Coveteur photogs at jewelry designer Pamela Love's studio. She's got a whole theme going, a color scheme which is nicely streamlined and it's pretty easy to look at it and see what you might want to wear after looking at the mix of media and materials. An actual board might be a cool addition to my apartment, or I'll just start sticking pictures and swatches to the mirror above my dresser. Anything to get me inspired.

(photo: courtesy of Teen Vogue)

SPOTTED: Gryphon for Fall

I've been lucky enough to talk to the designer of Gryphon a few times now and aside from being totally adorable, I am obsessed with her stuff. She actually has made me reconsider whether every woman actually needs a trench coat (I'm inclined to say no but hers are just so damn cool). So now I spy with my own little eyes her designs for Fall and she's knocked 'em dead. She's gone ahead and done her classics but in cool new materials and shapes and peeks of some awesome metallic brocade that really is rad. I wish her stuff were more readily available in LA but maybe I'll get back on the phone with her again soon. Considering this soggy weather, a trench isn't looking half bad.

(photos: courtesy of StyleCaster)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Unexpected Beachwear

Knits on the beach? Who knew. Well, I clearly didn't. Looking at these latest pics from H&M (a new fave ever since they named me one of their fave new blogs, true story), this sweater on the sand actually makes perfect sense. Think about it....first, it makes it way easier to transition all your Spring knits and still wearing them all summer long and second, it's perfect for those nights when it gets a little cooler. It's safest to stick with light colors and thinner fabrics but love the loosey, off-the-shoulder look of this one that makes it perfect for a beachside bonfire.

(photo: courtesy of H&M)

SPOTTED: Gap for Fall '11

We all know how much I love Gap. But, lately I feel like I've maxed out on their jeans and gasp, I didn't even find anything to buy during their friends and family discount this past weekend. BUT, since they gave me a little shout out on Twitter (lame but true), I figured I've give them another whirl. Their latest designs for next fall (far away, but still) have replaced their denim with la la leather. And I mean badass leather that I am super psyched about. Awesome booties that they happen to do really well pair with leather leggings and draped and oversized sweaters that are totes my jam. Loving every single look.

(photos: courtesy of

Color Inspiration for Spring

Simply put, this pic is my inspiration for Spring. I'm still holding strong to all my blacks and greys (even wore some grey wool pants today) but I think it's about time for a color intervention. This picture (aside from being beautifully organized) is just such a breath of Spring fresh air. And the best part is Spring doesn't have to mean vom florals (Laura Ashley much?). It can be about cool ikats, tie-dyes, and abstract prints. I will aspire to have a closet as colorful as this even if I just keep trying. I'll try and make sure that the next thing I buy has some color in and keep working at it toward Spring. Instead of caring if everything goes together, I'm going to go for a mismatched look. That way I can wear everything together and look completely myself.

(photo: courtesy of Teen Vogue)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Modernizing the Military Jacket

Without question, my Charley 5.0 military jacket, bought about a year ago at Intermix has been my closet MVP. I wore it through summer over tanks and white jeans on cooler nights and piled it over knits of varying lengths as I made my way through winter. But as much as I love it (and still get compliments, thank you), I am getting kind of sick of seeing myself in it. The colors are fading in all sorts of weird ways and I am just itching for something new. That was of course until I saw this cutesy DIY blog post earlier today. I can't swap out the buttons (they're actually snaps), so I like the idea of doing some glitz-ifying to the lapels or pocket flaps. I could pin on some antique broaches or pendants, or even glue gun on some colorful stones to give it just the faintest update. It'll be totally my own and will make me feel like I'm wearing something new. Crafting suggestions welcome!

(photo: courtesy of Sincerely Jules)

Ways to Save Japan

You may have already made your Red Cross donation in the wake up Japan's earthquake and tsunami but the help doesn't stop there. Designers are getting in on the cause which means there are ways to shop (and not feel guilty) and donate and look stylish all at once. Tory Burch has created these limited-edition tees where all proceeds go toward earthquake relief, and this past weekend's Phillip Lim sample sale donated all proceeds to relief efforts. Alexis Bittar, my beloved, is donating 100% of their online sales through Friday to go toward the cause. I mean what other reasons do you really need (as if you weren't compelled already). Here's a chic little designer round-up to get you started, so start shopping--and donating--now!

(photo: courtesy of W)

Steven Alan Shows His Stripes

you know how much I love stripes, and love the idea of Steven alan (though his shirts never seem to fit me quite right). That's why I am completely obsessed with his new pop-up shop! It's all about stripes with some of the hottest designers in New york coming together for the occasion. My stripes collection seems to be dwindling (I'm thing I'm down to just four, sigh), and would just jump at the chance to add some to my Spring collection (lighter fabrics, cooler colors, you know, the usual). This very New York event will hopefully make its way out west with an amazing selection. Just remember, ALWAYS wear horizontal stripes, there ain't no better kind!

(photo: courtesy of Vogue)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vintage Goes Online

I'm pretty predictable when it comes to the list of my fave shopping sites that I visit. I've even figured out which days they get their new products on so I know how to maximize my visit (sick, I know). A new one just came onto my radar called ReFINE style. It's a cool, new one-stop-shop for vintage and I'm hoping it takes all the anxiety and guesswork I have for shopping vintage. We all have those friends who have the most amazing vintage "finds" and I have yet to add even one to my closet. Plus, Nicole Chavez who is kind of like an under-the-radar Rachel Zoe, has lent her style expertise to show you what to shop for and give you tips along the way. We all want that (we just don't all pay her styling fees). So sign on to get her advice and shop a really cool collection of collectibles that are sure to set you apart.

(photo: Courtesy of ReFINE Style)

Dirty Dancing meets Daytime Casual

You're going to laugh but the reason I was so drawn to this photo is because of how much her pleated chiffon skirt reminds of Dirty Dancing. You know, the one Baby wore during all of their rehearsals. I love the way she's paired it here with something as simple as an American Apparel v-neck (which conveniently, I already own). The belt is looped in the perfect way that a little "undone" and the outfit is a great mix of dressed-up and dressed-down. It's weekend appropriate or cute with a blazer for a night out. I think I wouldn't feel comfortable all dressed up in that skirt and a blouse, so I like that she's made it more her own with a cute cotton touch.

(photos: courtesy of Fashion Bananas)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Perfect LLJ (Little Leather Jacket)

So I still don't have a leather jacket. I know it's almost Spring so what does it matter, but I'm still thinking about it. I came a bit closer this year with my awesome Theory jacket with leather sleeves but every time I see a fashionista pairing a super femme dress with a leather jacket, I go green with envy. I'd died for this studded leather jacket nearly a year ago now, but knew that I couldn't pull off all those studs. It would be a bit too much for me. But then I got talking to the designer last week and she told me maybe just maybe there would be a dark grey, stud-less version in my future (aka the fall collection). I'm already dreaming and saving (this constitutes an investment pieces) and cannot wait to plan all my outfits accordingly. Updated in a softer color and with no studs is so much more me that I'm glad I actually waited for something that made more sense for my look and my style. With with this jacket in my closet, fall can't come soon enough!

(photo: courtesy of Simone Collection)

What to Wear: Bridal/Baby Shower

So I have a few bridal and baby showers coming up and I've been scouring my online faves looking for the perfect thing to wear. Of course I'm looking for a dress, but after stumbling upon this pic on Twitter (yes, Twitter) I realized maybe I should go for a sweater + maxi skirt combo. That way at least I can wear the pieces separately later and no one will ever notice. I think the skirt if just gorgeous, could be totally dressed up or down and the gold sheen of the cardigan is something that you'll keep coming back to all the way through next fall. I'd been avoiding nude-ish tones for so long because I was told (ahem, mom) that it washes me out. But I think with the right makeup and accessories, it can actually look uber flattering. I keep dreaming...

(photo: courtesy of Twitter)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

HEARD: Topshop + Pamela Love Jewelry

Pamela Love has become MAJOR. She's this totally indy jewelry designer who fashion is pretty much obsessed with and her talon cuff (while being kind of strange) has been a HUGE hit and now a collector's item. Her pieces are pricey but there's good news yet. For those who haven't gotten their hands on any of her pieces (like moi), Topshop has just announced that they're doing a capsule collection with her. YAY! Big props to Topshop for recognizing a younger, less mainstream talent and literally counting down until I can get one of her fast fash pieces. 

(photos: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

Seeing Colors at Zara

Today I am wearing my new camel sweater and feel like a little bit more Springy (it's not much but it is better than black). And let me tell you, color is everywhere. Rag & Bone has candy colored jeans for Spring and Zara is showing all sorts of cute color blocks for Spring, too. I am loving the combo of the chambray/denim blue with bright poppy red. I am figuring I can wear the Theory button-down that I have literally worn to death since last year's March purchase and just get a bright red skirt to perfect the look. Even a white tee and some nude ballet flats would complete the look for me. 

(photos: Courtesy of Zara)

The Headband/Turban Hybrid

I've gotten increasingly lazy about getting my hair cut, which means (obviously) it keeps getting longer and longer. I'm always bobby-pinning it one way or another and this seems like an uber-cool alternative to always carrying (and then just as quickly losing) my pins and barettes. This is very boho and hipster at the same time but I could probably tie a scarf around my head just the same and try the look out for summer's beachier days. I'm not going to recommend this for work (and it could look beyond ridiculous on me), but I've seen it a few times and it always looks SO chic. So why not try again, right? 

(photo: Courtesy of StyleCaster)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Heels + Socks: How it's done

So many blogs and magazines are taking the road that Lucky took many years ago (god am I old), where they started using their editors as the models in their pages. Vogue has even started (seriously makes the mag WAY more accessible) and documents their editors outfits. Sigh, I'm totally sold. This was taken during Fashion Week in Paris and aside from the fact that I am totally clueless as to how to walk in shoes that high on any occasion (let alone during work), I love how she's paired her high heels with contrasting grey wool socks. Winter may be coming to a close but its a great trick to keep up my sleeve. Worn with the poufy skirt (or even ankle trousers) and I think it looks totally chic and perfectly young.

(photo: courtesy of Vogue)

Dressed Up/Dressed Down

I'll admit it, this wasn't my idea. But, I loved it so much I decided to "share" it with you. Lucky Magazine perfectly summed up one of my favorite trends of late: that half-dressed-up, half-dressed-down thing. I love it only because I get to be at least partially comfortable. This J. Crew sweater dresses up you average sweatshirt in a dreamy cashmere material and I think would look equally chic paired with some boyfriend jeans and flats for the weekend as a sparkly skirt and heels for a night out. The slouchy fit is my dream and I love that this actually could pass as dressed up. Just don't wear sweatpants on the bottom, then you could kind of get in trouble.

(photo: courtesy of J. Crew)

An Insider Look at Fashion

I have a Peter Pan complex in some regards. Not that I don't want to grow up, but I tend to think of myself as much younger than I actually am. so when I saw this cutesy interview with a fashion assistant, I was immediately drawn to it. She's cute, charming, poised, and I died for her Rag & Bone sweater :). She documents how she's made it to where she is, what her normal day entails (a lot), and it's part of what's going to be an ongoing series with Daily Front Row (one of my go-to sources for news about the "Biz"). I loved the read and I am sure you will too, can't wait to see who they choose next, the journeys are totally inspiring.

(photo: courtesy of Daily Front Row)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Seeing Stripes

So there was one skirt that walked down the runway last season at Prada that was pink and black horizontal stripes (yes, I told you, people do horizontal stripes). People were obsessed. We're talking I saw a stylist the other day wearing the head to toe look straight off the runway. So while everyone seems to be gaga over the skirt (if these below pics are any indication), there are a few alternatives if you care to get your stripe on. Topshop allegedly has an uber-cute version (go find it, please), plus Pleasure Doing Business has adorable bandage minis in all sorts of stripes and fun colors. Runway style just got a little bit closer after all.

(photos: courtesy of Shut up, I love that)

Runway to Realway @ Marie Claire

More and more mags and websites these days are featuring posts about what they're editors are wearing. Most of the times these are the most stylish of them all, so I literally devour any pictures I can get my eyes on. Marie Claire just started and I'm digging the way this editor took a Chanel-ish jacket and made it totally young. Instead of black trousers, she's wearing bad-ass leather leggings. Instead of all buttoned up and classic jewelry like pearls, she's wearing black pumps and a loose tee underneath the jacket. I love how she makes what could be old totally young with just a few small tweaks which make the outfit completely her. Inspiration abounds for repurposing old finds with fun and edgy new staples. 

 (photo: courtesy of Marie Claire)