Thursday, February 28, 2013

Seeing See-Through

It's back and it's bigger than ever. That's right, PVC apparently is here to stay. That see-through plastic material is making its way back to accessories and creating an OCD among us for those that like to keep things neat (aka, there is nothing worse than disorderly contents on display through a PVC case). I've been trying my PVC ways through a small cosmetics case and that may be all I can handle, but see how you can wear yours, and start out one small accessory at a time.

(photo: courtesy of

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

I wish I had this look at my disposal in my closet. The black ankle pants, I've got, but the combo of those great ankle-cut out booties and a peach top plus bold print blazer and chunky necklace is something that gives you a hint of Spring while still being office appropriate while the weather drags its heels. It's got that day-to-night appeal that I've come to find very important and each piece kind of stands out on their own but is neutral enough that they play well together.

(photo: courtesy of Damsel in Dior)

SPOTTED: Derek Lam for Kohl's

Designer fast fashion collaborations are a dime a dozen these days, so it's refreshing when you see one that actually has legs. This one from Derek Lam has all the Spring and Summer color to look forward to in refreshing silhouettes that will actually stand the test of time in your closet. In loose-fitting drapes and warm colors, these fits are just what I'm looking for in the weather warm-up and aren't too precious or kitschy.

(photo: courtesy of Fashionista)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shiny New Shoes

I've been exceptionally faithful to my smoking slippers this Fall and Winter and know that the black suede won't quite survive through Spring. Thinking toward a more wearable fabric and I stumbled upon these patent oxfords that have the same wearability about them, but in a nice shine that's perfect for the weather warm-up. Plus, they've still got that preppy edge that I keep hankering for.
(photo: courtesy of @Madewell1937)

The Retro Suit

It seems like forever since I've actually donned a swimsuit, but I'm eagerly awaiting any chance I can get for some real sun. I've been thinking more and more about what swimsuits will make the cut this year and the more I think about it, the more I want to introduce the good ole fashioned one-piece into the mix. In a retro cut like this, it adds a '40s flare and a sexiness that even the raciest bikinis can't do. Plus, if you keep it young with a lively bright print, you'll look just as sweet and girly as before.

(photo: courtesy of Tory Burch Blog)

Monday, February 25, 2013

How To Anchor Prints

Prints aren't an easy business, but when you're wearing a Winter Coat day in and day out, sometimes it's the easiest way to liven up your look. I love the way it's rendered here in a light pattern, against a darker print sweater. The key is the somewhat neutral skirt that balances out the two and the anchor of the dark black boots. The glasses and hat also add an anchor up top with two more neutral accessories that don't distract from the look's main event, those two great prints that actually pair quite well together.

(photo: courtesy of On The Rack)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Loving Leopard

As of late I've turned leopard into a failsafe wardrobe staple with pieces in a range of dots and prints. It's a funkier neutral and wears well, particularly during Fall and Winter. Instead of seeing the latest darker hue, this one in a punchy red is something different to add to the mix. The color has got tremendous appeal and yet it's also got navy spots to keep it looking somewhat neutral, and ultimately really wearable.

(photos: courtesy of Le Catch)

Fit to be Draped

I came across this image and realized as haphazard as some of my layers can sometimes look, there really is a way to make them at least appear somewhat sophisticated and polished. Giving them a gradient is an easy trick, which means working with the longest hem as the base layer and then the shortest hem on top. Add a supersleek bottom, like an opaque tight or black skinny jean as a bottom balancing layer with a pop of color heel to balance attention from any bulk the layers may have caused.

(photo: courtesy of Gal Meets Glam)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bangle Bangle

I've been seeing a number of girls lately wearing these Vita Fede bangles and I love the way they look, but particularly when they're worn in many many multiples. Shiny, matte, embellished and pave, they look even better when they stand out against their partners. If you're going to go bold, you might as well go all the way, and these bracelets certainly do the trick adding a nice touch of sparkle that can be as  much of a statement or as subtle as you want them to be.

(photo: courtesy of HonestlyWTF)

Primary Colors

Taking a look at this street style shot from New York fashion week and I realize how evocative the pairing of primary colors can be when they're worn together. The striking red, blue and yellow are each really effective on their own and when they're worn together--as shown here--you see their real effect. I think they look great, are a bit of a break during the Winter doldrums and make an appealing case for compelling color combinations.

(photo: courtesy of Bittersweet Colours)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How To: Wear Black Sneakers

There have been oh so many detractors from the wedge sneaker--and admittedly I've never embraced them--but I realize now that they do look decent but only when worn in a certain way, and the black version is doubly difficult to pull of. Worn here against a bare leg, with a thigh-grazing skirt works really well. The rest of the look is really tailored and sweet and the dark sneaker somehow works against the rest. If the hem were any longer, or the colors any different, it probably wouldn't, but keep it simple and neat and those black shoes may have life yet.

(photo: courtesy of Fashion Toast)

The Anti-Intimate

I've grown strangely averse to Victoria's Secret and how mass and somewhat gross they've become. There's something almost sweet about the smaller lingerie stores that have less mass-produced lines that always have something that's faintly sweeter. This line of lingerie from newcomer The Lake & Stars and Kate Spade is kind of the anti-lingerie in that it keeps you covered but it has the girlish charm that Kate Spade is so good at capturing. The pop of pink is sheer perfection and I think the top could be worn under a blazer or sweater for double duty.

(photo: courtesy of Kate Spade)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

SPOTTED: The Best of #NYFW

As you go through hundreds of tweets and posts and Instagrams, all capturing the best of Fashion Week, there are a few images that just stick out as simply gorgeous. This one nailed in because of the way the light catches the satin on the dress--and makes me rethink whether wearing satin may not be the worst thing in the world. Because of the way it's nipped and tucked and ruched, it looks so flattering and elegant and like an almost new fabric altogether. Simply stunning.

(photo: courtesy of Ann Street Studio)

Made For Layering

I've been a fan of Equipment's silk blouses for some time and I've always gravitated toward their simplest versions in solid colors. I definitely know that their prints work, I just don't know how to make them work for me. Fast forward to this picture and it's all become clear. For me, they'd work best as a layering piece. Paired underneath a simple crewneck sweater (even elaborated on by a chunky bib necklace), a leopard or even python print adds a bit of texture, but for me looks best when poking out from beneath something else. How do you wear yours?

(photo: courtesy of @Equipment_fr)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Leather + Lace Make Nice

As predictable as it may seem, spotted at the Elizabeth and James Fall '13 presentation, a combo of leather and lace in a striking bordeaux hue really does look lovely together. Both are nicely textured so they play the sweet vs. spicy game against eachother well and create an exacting look that could be easily dressed down with flats, made edgy with booties or a bit sweet with simple pointy toe pumps. Pick your pleasure.

(photo: courtesy of

How To: The Hair Tuck

I can't even tell you how many times in my young life someone has yanked my hair out from under my jacket collar or my scarf because I've inadvertently tucked it under. I always grimace and then let my not-so-thick pour over. But ah-ha! If you wait long enough, it becomes a trend. Here some ladies at fashion week do it well, tucking their hair in for perhaps warmth purposes, but it looks better than staticky hair flying about. You make the call...

(photo: courtesy of The Sartorialist)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Color Combo: Hot Pink + Army Green

I've somehow managed to amass an embarrassing number of army green jackets, I am pretty sure there are about 6 in total. And I usually opt for something pretty neutral underneath when I'm wearing one (either chambray, stripes or an ivory color). But what about something striking to peak out from underneath the green. This unexpected hot pink is something I'd clearly never consider but with the great bib necklace looks fresh and subtle enough that you'd actually want to wear it everyday. Something to consider next time you're set to layer.

(photo: courtesy of Peony Lim)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

Yesterday I wore a pair of flare jeans and every time I looked in the mirror I shuddered. Upon careful inspection when I got home I realized the hem was all off and relegated them to the back of my closet. With a flare the hem is so crucial, as exemplified here and the expert way this editor pulls hers off during Fashion Week. They completely cover her shoe which not only elongates her leg but creates a beautiful proportion with the almost A-hem of the peacoat she's wearing. A trusty tip for the next time you wear yours.

(photo: courtesy of Harper's Bazaar)

SPOTTED: J. Crew for Fall '13

One of the most anticipated runway shows for New York Fashion Week has now become J. Crew, if only because Jenna Lyons has become such a celebrity in her own right. This season certainly didn't disappoint with a departure from the normal combo of glitter, sequins and neon for a decidedly more grown up approach that I love. The mix of really sophisticated prints and really rich navies and saturated hues are so amazing. I cannot wait to see how this gets interpreted in stores.

(photo: courtesy of

Monday, February 11, 2013

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

How to wear white during winter--enough said. Yes, it's a bit cheeky and the hat is a touch that only a certain select few can dare, but the combo of the skinny white jeans, the navy wool coat, the LL Bean rain/snow boots and those thick wool socks poking out from underneath are an homage to preppy New England dressing with a not so subtle shrug of the shoulders. 

(photo: courtesy of Glamour Tumblr)

Plaid on Plaid on Plaid

If you're afraid to mix prints (or plaids, for that matter), you should avert your eyes. This street style star doesn't stop at two and goes for three with a generic Burberry looking plaid on the bottom, hunter-type plaid on top that pulls in some of the same reds and a subtle wool plaid in a hooded jacket that is delicate enough that you almost can't even tell that it's playing off the other two perfectly. Yes, it's a lot but as I always say, somehow it works and makes you envious she did it first--and did it so well.

(photo: courtesy of

Sunday, February 10, 2013

SPOTTED: 10 Crosby Derek Lam for Fall '13

Now this is a cold weather look I can get behind. Sometimes plaid is too hard to pull off. It can look grungy and un-tailored if it's not done in the right shades and fits. This one is just so in a great piece of outerwear that I'd want to wear all Fall long. Paired with an undone pencil skirt and neutral booties this is the kind of dressed-up look that would work uptown or downtown, no matter your pleasure.

(photo: courtesy of

Street Style Inspiration: Straight from #NYFW

New York Fashion Week, aside from being a bit snowy this go around, is prime season for street style snaps. I loved this one and I can't tell which element struck me most. Is it the red lips? They're a pop of perfection? The layered prints work really well together because they're rooted in the simple black accessories--plus many would even consider leopard a neutral these days. The whole thing is striking and Winter enough while striking a cheery balance.

(photo: courtesy of WWD)

Friday, February 8, 2013

New Site to Shop

Just uncovered a really cool new website that's chock full of indie designers. Sometimes you know what you love and search right for that but sometimes the discovery is just as intriguing. This site has sourced all those fantastic places that you may never have heard of to turn up the collectibles that you may want to get in on early. The result is a collection that's covetable and designers you'll want on your list.
(photo: courtesy of Lust, Covet, Desire)

Outfit Inspiration

As unbearable as Winter may still be in many parts of the country (cough, Nemo), I'm still already thinking of ways to make adjustments to my look to usher in the onset of Spring. This look is doing just right by me with plenty of black and leather to keep it on the dark side but a bright pop of lemon yellow to remind you that the sun will be shining soon. With the show of a little bit of leg, courtesy of those cutesy smoking slippers, and the great cuts of both top and skirt, the look reaches perfection.

(photo: courtesy of Could I Have That)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Exposed Brick: The Base Layer

Looking at these photos of this charming Tribeca loft and I realize how striking exposed brick can be as a base layer. It adds texture and can be a building block around which you create an identifiable look. Similar to this exposed brick is a man's undershirt, a camisole or a base layer than a woman may wear. I know some girls who swear by a certain tank or two and it makes everything look a bit better--not to mention adds to confidence. Find your base, signature layer against which everything else can pair against.

(photo: courtesy of Desire to Inspire)

SPOTTED: M. Patmos for Fall

Back in the day, there was a designer named Marcia Patmos who was part of a designer dream team who did knitwear called Lutz & Patmos. Now Marcia has struck out on her own and the knit-rich line is spectacular. She just showed at New York Fashion Week and it almost makes you wish the weather wasn't going to warm up sooner rather than later. The colors are really saturated and the layers are strategic but effortless. Winter dressing done well.

(photo: courtesy of

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The New Skirt Length

Lengths of skirts can be so tough that I get frustrated most of the time and wind up in pants. The knee length is particularly hard because it has to hit in just the right place. I say try and hem your skirt so that it hits right at the tip of the kneecap and has some motion to it. The lower you go, the harder it can be to walk and the less flattering it can be because you're covering more leg. Keep it neat and slightly flirty if you can as the skirt gets longer (i.e. ruffle at the hem, or slimming pencil fit).

(photo: courtesy of W Magazine)

Monday, February 4, 2013

I Want: The Bow Blouse

I absolutely love this look. I think I love how polished and preppy it feels and paired against the low-slung trousers it feels just a little bit subversive and edgy all at once. The bow doesn't appear too precious and in the black and white (as opposed to a pink or some other delicate color) it seems to work just perfectly. Wear yours with a structured blazer and trousers or even skinny jeans to offset the blouse perfectly.

(photo: courtesy of StreetFSN)

The Print Blazer

Out of all of my jackets and blazers, I think my plain black one (the one that I was so adamant about having) is the one that I wear the least. The ones I'm really into these days are a funky tie-dye version that I'm still trying to work up the courage to wear and a newer blue tweedy one that's got great versatility. This jacket made me think of that and reminded me of the best way to wear a busy blazer. Simplicity is key. Wear yours with a simple white tee, or crewneck sweatshirt which is my favorite layering piece these days. A pretty silhouette of a silk blouse like those from Equipment would do the trick here too for a dressier look.

(photo: courtesy of @TibiPR)