Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Interpreting Trends the Right Way

I've always had very mixed feelings about Vogue. Sure, I flip through it while getting a pedi because the eye candy is just that good. BUT, that said, it can be oh-so-unrelatable for young women like me. I'll give them an A for effort for including H&M and picks from Topshop into the mix. But it's still chock full of things that no one could ever afford on an average day and fashions that are a bit too "Forward" to ever really pull of. So what's a girl to do? Well, Vogue.com has started a new feature that I happen to love. It acknowledges that so much of what comes down the runway is just unwearable the way it is. Their answer? You've got to tweak it to make it your own. Split up the head-to-toe looks. Pair bold tops with jeans. Wear a killer dress with converse. You get the drift. So the latest is how to transform the punk look (which can be a bit much) into something that you actually can wear. How to incorporate what you see and love in a way that still stays true to your style. I think the easy solution is that you've got to pick it apart. Take one aspect of a look you like and start off by using just that in your look. A great studded jacket with the pants you already wear daily. Or a cool tartan plaid worn with a simple white tee. Make it your own but do it gradually, that way you'll still be stylish--but true to you.

(photo: courtesy of Vogue)

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