Sunday, March 31, 2013

How To: Find Slimming Print Pants

Print pants appear pretty ubiquitous these days and the more and more I see them, the more and more I'm terrified. Do I have to be stick thin to pull them off? I finally see a pair here that's got a look I can get behind. The solid border on the sides create a super slimming effect, whereas an allover print can be widening. Instead the border draws the eyes in and so everything appears narrower. 

(photo: courtesy of The Facehunter)

Supes Cute Storage Solution

There's something about this that reminds me of my childhood. And maybe because I can't seem to find anything in my apartment, the idea of transparency is calling out my name. This three-tiered container idea, with its pastel detailing, looks poised for some sweet treats, but works just as well for miscellaneous hair ties, pencils, bangles and whatever else you can't seem to keep track of.

(photo: courtesy of The Coveteur)

Friday, March 29, 2013

A Flat that Screams Summer

Every single day, no matter how hard I try, I always somehow slip into another pair of flats. Whether they're ballet or my current favorite smoking slippers, I can't deny their comfort. That's why I was so excited to see a Summery take on my favorite trend of late, interpreting the shoe for the warmer months. I'll be able to swap out my suede version for a woven leather pair that's lighter and brighter and can be worn with cute short dresses, white jeans and anything else the sun calls for.

(photo: courtesy of Coach)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Made for Everyday

It may already be spring, but I'm having a hard time embracing color and prints--which is probably why I gravitated toward this picture. I love the combo of the dark skinny jeans with edgy zipper detailing, the breton striped shirt and that multi-functional wool jacket. The hat gives it a bit of a daytime look but I think if you kept your hair down, threw on a pair of colored flats and lost the jacket you could still easily wear this look for months to come.

(photo: courtesy of Mode Junkie)

In The Clutch

More and more, as you get ready for a formal affair, a metallic clutch is what you reach for. Whether it's gunmetal or gold, these seem to be the most versatile and formal colors you can choose. But sometimes a soft metal can look cheap. I love the look of something hard, like these actual metal framed clutches. They're bold, an absolute conversation and keep their structure and shape over time--whereas a softer fabric can fade and show wear.

(photo: courtesy of Ann Street Studio)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Fancy Tee

This image is fascinating for many reasons (of which I'll leave to let you ponder), but the one I love most is their riff on the dressed-up tee. The more I collect basic cotton tees, the more I'm forced to discard of them after just a few wears because of casual wear and tear. The silk and formal variety force a more stringent care process that leads to longevity and allows for an easier transition from work to dinner and day to night as my days typically go. 

(photo: courtesy of Shopbop Blog)

Giving You the Evil Eye

As this photo can attest, the evil eye is back and big and somehow better than ever. I went through a phase in college where I wore a black evil eye bracelet religiously and then somehow retired it after not completely supporting its results. But if today's designs look as good as these--albeit bold and unusually beautiful--I'll happily get back on the bandwagon. My favorites are eyes that are turquoise or almost cerulean in color, an eye color I wished I had but these will suffice.

(photo: courtesy of @_rwang)

Tailoring is Trending

If you want an exaggerated tailoring look, look no further than classic menswear seen with a feminine twist. Seen here, the full suit gets a power play with a matching vest that helms slims the silhouette and some velvet smoking slippers that add a bit of irony to the outfit. Instead of a tie, opt for a colorful silk scarf tied in a different way, or here, a necklace with an overtly feminine heart pendant that sits just so.

(photo: courtesy of Peony Lim)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Great Gifts

Great gifts are always challenging to come by and I'm always up for a new suggestion. These adorable and cheeky lingerie and assorted cotton pouches help keep things neat when you're packing--or otherwise--and are Lanvin, no less. I always use a simpler version that I've been collecting from France for years and these are a swankier set would love.

(photo: courtesy of

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day to Night Outfit Idea

As I've gotten older, I've become grouchy about being unable to go home in between appointments and events to freshen up and change, swapping out shoes in my car and throwing blazers in the back seat for when the occasion calls. That's why I love something that I can wear seamlessly through the day and rock to a nighttime event. This look has a bit of downtown edge because of the sneakers but the structured jacket keeps it buttoned up. It's a stretch from my usual ballet flats and button down combo, but I like this as a reliable alternative.

(photo: courtesy of The Coveteur)

How To Pair Geometric Prints

When you're pairing two compelling and contrasting geometric prints, it makes sense to keep the colors in the same family (black and white, here) and to keep the lighter version of the top and the darker on the bottom (easily a more flattering combo). Always infuse a bit of color where you can with a pop of an accessory, here with matching bag and shoes that don't feel too matchy-matchy, but a nice touch. The effect is crisp without looking too rigid.

(photo: courtesy of Late Afternoon)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Inside Jenna's Shoe Closet

As if you didn't know, Jenna Lyons is everything. Here, she takes you into the shoe design and try-on process at J. Crew and you get an inside glimpse at all the color, glitter and texture that makes that brand tick. It's a reminder to try something colorful every day--she does and she does it quite well.

Hair How To: The Fishtail Braid

I've lopped my hair into a sassier short 'do, but for someone with long lustrous locks, this fishtail braid is where it's at. It's got that exotic appeal, seems to keep hair in place much better than a regular braid and just looks so cool! Here's a step-by-step guide to get the look, too:

1. Pull hair to the side and split into two even sections.
2. Take a small strand of hair (about 1/2 to 3/4 cm) from the outside of the left section and pass over to the right section, so it finishes under the right section.
3. Repeat step 2 on the other side — pull from the outside of the right section and pass over to the left section, so it finishes under the left section.
4. Keep repeating — from the left, then from the right, then the left…. Follow that pattern.
Insider tip: It’s the passing of small strands of hair back and forth that creates the fishtail. Just remember to use the same thickness for each strand to create an even look.
(photos: courtesy of Tory Burch)

Candy Colored Denim

I've become a huge fan--nay, collector--of MiH denim. They fit me so well that I've become that girl that has the same fit and style in 3 different color ways. It's absurd, but practical. Now I'm starting to take a look at a few more colors and styles and their latest lookbook makes me wonder what's taken so long. In candy colored denim in the sweetest sorbet hues, perfect for spring, I'm longing for a nice peach or coral wash paired with a thicker knit while I transition to warmer temperatures. Swap in a chambray, or even a oversized tank come summer, and you're all set.

(photo: courtesy of MiH)

SPOTTED: Kate Young for Target

I love most everything that stylist Kate Young touches. She's got a knack for translating femininity without being too precious and delivering an edge without being too tough. Plus, she's pretty rad, herself. Her latest collaboration with Target embodies everything she is: sweet without being too sophisticated, chic without being too fussy, and cool without trying too hard. Plus the palette is spot on.

(photos: courtesy of Fashionista)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Acid Washed Denim Reborn

A friend just sent me a pick of this 3.1 Phillip Lim dress and said "it's so YOU," and naturally now I want it. But looking closely I couldn't even tell that the main material is actually a neon, almost acid washed denim. How cool and contrary is that? It's got this rocker sensibility about it without being too unapproachable and there's almost something ladylike about the hemline, collar and silhouette. I think this would be perfect for bridal showers with the right shoes, or black boots and a leather jacket for something a bit rougher into Fall.

(photo: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

New York Casual

For some reason I think my best casual days existed when I lived in New York. My Lululemon was replaced with a leather jacket and my TOMS were cute ballet flats. Here, I'm always in the "maybe I'll exercise today" phase and it leads to me not getting as dressed as I probably should. This dressed-up casual look has a little bit of edge, a lot of downtown appeal and pretty much everything I want to wear on a regular basis. Plus, it looks so comfortable--my selling point.

(photo: courtesy of This Time Tomorrow)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Little Drum Majorette

There is something so girlish about this look and something so androgynous at the same time. Opting for a leather jacket in a red is fresh, makes a statement and is unexpected in a cut and fit that is better than your basic moto fit. Add in the leather leggings and sleek oxfords, plus the relaxed refinement of the silk grey t-shirt and you've got something that's at once polished and unfussy. It's perfect for day dressing for city living.

(photo: courtesy of Altamira NYC)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Bookshelf Meets Bar

I don't exactly have a lot of extra space lying around, but if I did, an empty bookshelf would be immediately converted into an updated bar area. With the backsplash lined in a funky, retro wallpaper and the addition of vintage-type cans and bottles (see the Seagrams and Coke cans in this photo), this could be just as striking as a color coordinated book shelf. I'd balance mine out with some nice vases or coffee table books for juxtaposition, while the ginger jars and symmetrical lamps are a nice, finishing touch, too.

(photo: courtesy of Brit + Co)

The Quintessential Collar

I've been really into collared shirts lately and the dressed-up, polished effect they seem to have on what I'm wearing. I particularly like the look of layering a collared shirt beneath a crewneck sweater, but come spring and summer I'm going to need to think of an alternative. I love the options that a collar like this will give me. I can layer it under lightweight knits, t-shirts, even dresses for a more textured and alternative look, and this color pairing is bold and unique for the season.

(photo: courtesy of Lucky Magazine)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Floral Print Leather

Another great way to transition your favorite pieces--particularly leather--into spring is to invest in a few iterations that have a warmer floral print motif. Seen here, they instantly light the mood of the leather and bring in that warm spring feel that every floral print has. If you're quite crafty, you could come up with a way to print your own florals on leather, perhaps using stencils on the sleeves of a leather jacket or a vintage leather skirt to make something old anew.

(photo: courtesy of @rachelstrugatz)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Summer Style Done Right

If there was one image to get me excited for summer style, this one would have to be it right now. I've always had a soft spot for this stylist who's more like a style icon in my book. The high-waisted jeans in a crisp white are just perfect with that brown belt and sailor stripe shirt that should be a staple in any woman's wardrobe. She's got an ease about her that's exactly what you want come summer and I think my favorite part is the cropped hemline of the pants and the shoes. Boyish. Charming. Perfection. 

(photo: courtesy of Tory Burch)

Trend to Try?

It's been a while since I've seen this trend alive and well, but it's alive and well across the pond in this just-snapped Instragram picture. Instead of hating it, I'm actually kind of liking the way it looks and I think the socks-and-sandal scenario works because of the color play. I think dark black opaque tights can work any time but with a lighter heel like these a charcoal grey ankle sock does just the trick, can't be too tall and just slouchy enough. Not too bad for alternative with a bit of dressed-up appeal.

(photo: courtesy of @clarevivier)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Allure of Red

Sometimes red, in its most pure form, is the most alluring. Seen here, in both a coat and matching lipstick, is really compelling because it pairs against alabaster skin and soft blonde hair and pairs nicely against the other black details in the look. Because it's offset by a fur stole and some other "neutrals" the red isn't overpowering, but instead, empowering. I think it's strongest in winter but could be convinced into year-round wear.

(photo: courtesy of Garance Dore)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Behind the Scenes at Coach

Selby, a go-to for personalized behind-the-scenes images, has gone into the rarely-seen archives at Coach for a look at designs that you'd never believe. They're a reminder of why this brand is considered "heritage," and artistry and manufacturing are still done with love and care.

(video: courtesy of The Selby)

Estee Lauder for Mad Men

You admire their retro style and Estee Lauder continues to take a page out of the Mad Men playbook with a new collection of makeup that's a bit more Betty than Joan. It's softer colors would work well with a fair-skinned blonde, nicely bronzed brunette, or just merely someone looking to add some touches to their personal collection. I like that they're focused on rich petal pinks that are fewer and further between in beauty these days.

(photo: courtesy of Estee Lauder)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Sequin Sneaker

The wedge sneaker continues to rear its ugly head and more and more, I see people replacing the beloved ballet flat with sneakers for a bit of an edgier casual look. These particularly get the point across with a pop of neon color and near sequin detailing. I have to say though, after seeing them in person worn with an all dark outfit (dark skinny jeans and a black cashmere crewneck), these were the only shoes I wanted to wear. The fit has a bit of a skater appeal and they're just worn enough to make them look lived in.

(photo: courtesy of Polyvore)

SPOTTED: New from Scotch & Soda

I've always loved Scotch & Soda for their ability to place a Parisian whimsy into even the most casual of clothes. I consider them to be similar to the likes of Isabel Marant with a more palatable price tag. Their latest collection does not disappoint with a range that is equal parts textural, sophisticate and boho. I love everything about it and love how it gives a bit of an alternative to regular dressed-up options.

(photo: courtesy of Because I'm Addicted)