Monday, November 1, 2010

A Choice Quote

Considering I've amassed a dizzying collection of coffee table books, I've decided that I'm not allowed to buy anything new until I read through everything I already have. So, I started flipping through a streetstyle book that I picked up almost a year ago at Urban Outfitters of all places. It has images taken from the blog Facehunter, where photog Yvan Rodic travels the world photographing all the cool style he sees. It's so easy to pick up the book and in a pinch be instantly inspired. But it wasn't an image that caught my eye but the bit of narration that went along with it. He said, "British street style is without a doubt the most influential in the world. London is like a mysterious laboratory where new cultural movements are perpetually invented. You find people copying Londoners in every country..." So there's your go-ahead. Take a hint or two from that British version of InStyle or scour a street style blog that covers the UK. Whether it's England or some other far-flung locale, looking abroad (and anywhere but here) can give you some incredible ideas. And go ahead and copy. I won't tell!

(photo: courtesy of The Facehunter)

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