Sunday, November 28, 2010

HEARD: Alexa Chung coming to PBS

So, I usually place celebs on a whole different level. They have stylists who dress them in all these pretty clothes and they fill their closets with things that are totally out of our price range. But reading about Alexa Chung in the NYTimes' Style section and I kind of dig that she doesn't use a stylist. She dresses how she feels, not how someone else thinks she should dress. That, I can relate to. And now she's going to be even more relatable since she's going to be starring in a new show that is set to air on PBS this summer. I'll admit the only thing I've watched on PBS with any regularity was the Gwyneth Paltrow eating in Spain show so maybe just maybe I can actually find the channel again. She's teamed up with a editor to crisscross the country looking for hidden treasures at estate sales, consignment shops, and other second-hand stores. Considering we all know how patience and thrifting are not exactly two of my stronger virtues, I may learn a thing or two from Alexa. And considering her style is so original, cool, and accessible, she may just be worth listening to. Let's keep our ears peeled for when the show debuts. I know my DVR is waiting with baited breath!

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