Thursday, May 31, 2012

Takin' to the Streets: London

In case you haven't been able to tell, I have an insatiable appetite for street style. I loved this video approach to street-peeping, taking to London with an entirely artistic spin. If you think about it, it really can be quite beautiful when you bring style back to where it really begins...the streets.

New Schoolgirl Style

I love this look of a modified schoolgirl outfit. It's a bit outdated to go for a plaid skirt and button-down these days, but I love the way Something Navy interpreted the age-old trend. With the addition of a sweet color, a modern pleat and an edgy motorcycle jacket, all of a sudden the look becomes new. I think the key is the mix of the pink accents and black leather accents to create an interesting juxtaposition. 

(photo: courtesy of Something Navy)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Touch of Turquoise

Somehow I seem to think that a touch of turquoise would be the ideal accessory on every look that I've been wearing these days. This picture seemed to cinch my temptation with an oversized Southwestern-style belt that looks just too good to be true. Dying for recreations out here in L.A. and thinking of starting a turquoise collection just for the hell of it. The color seems so striking against just about any shade and it never seems to go out of style--the ultimate investment.

(photos: courtesy of Atlantis Home)

The Summer Scarf

One of my most favorite accessories ever is the scarf. I love mine fluffy and I've come up with a number of ways to tie them just so--the more haphazard looking, the better. Even though it's officially Summer now, I can't quite give them up, which makes a little ode to Summer-fying your scarves that much more appropriate. Watch on...


(video: courtesy of Tory Burch)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Inside J. Crew

I was thrilled to finally catch the CNBC special, Mickey Drexler: The Man Who Dressed America special that had aired earlier in the week. The hour-long program had followed the head of J. Crew as he told his story of his life leading up to where he is now, what his day to day entails, how he prefers to micro-manage, fabric and pattern sourcing in Italy and walking the floor at some of his most trafficked stores. I loved the insider look and think you will too. Just a sneak peek here.


Summer Stamp of Approval

Summer is for me, the hardest season to dress for. I hate showing too much skin, really have a hard time getting behind shorts (at all) and prefer a bundled up look to being exposed. I'm always looking for options that make me feel good--preferably great--and leave me looking still Summery. This outfit snapped on the street does a bit of both. I like the pairing of vintage-inspired cut-offs and a tailored shirt tucked in. It's the perfect combo of business and pleasure, casual and get the picture. Instead of looking too beach-y, you're city-ready with a twist. My outfit inspiration for the season right here.

(photo: courtesy of The Cut)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

I was first drawn to this picture because the caption told me it was taken in Kuwait City. And then when I took a closer look, I realized how amazing her outfit was, and how I kind of wanted it. I seem to have collected an obscene number of oversized, flowy blouses that can be a bit unwieldy. Lately, I love the look of wearing them with a shrunken cardigan, crewneck or jacket on top. I'm thinking of updating the look for Summer with sleeveless knits and pairing them with silk silhouettes of any kind--dresses, shirts or skirts. The play on proportions and hems is especially cool, turning the look into something special.

(photos: courtesy of FaceHunter)

Inspired By: Advanced Style

I've been unusually excited about getting my hands on this new coffee table book, Advanced Style. It started as a Street Style Blog following the "Advanced" set around Manhattan. After a whopping following ensued, the site turned into a book and I must say the images are incredible. They transcend age and who hasn't picked up a few tips from a more aged friend--I've keeping learning things from my always put-together grandmother. Flip through, it's a real feast with incredible images and unconventional style choices that are intriguing.

(photo: courtesy of Fashionista)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Summer Packing List

After an all-too-brief sojourn to Mayakoba this past Spring, I've been thinking of ways to get back there--and what I'd wear if I did. This little Madewell number seems to sum up my South of the Border mentality quite perfectly. The hat would protect my alabaster skin, the dress is delightfully lightweight and there's a cute/contrasting textured shawl or throw that would warm up cool beach nights. I particularly like the woven flats that are a nice update to my regular city-fied flats. A perfect beach-ready look.

(photo: courtesy of Madewell Tumblr)

How To Wear: A Modern Peplum

I had a friend ask me recently how I felt about peplums. My response? Cute, but incredibly hard to pull off. The proportions have to be just right. I hadn't seen a longer one until I found this image one a flared hem that hit about at the hips, making it seem a bit more do-able to me. The look is so ladylike to me that I love that this blogger paired hers with worn-out denim, and metallic oxfords for good measure. It's an updated take on the trend that is completely unique to her--plus, more wearable on casual days.

(photo: courtesy of Teen Vogue)

Monday, May 21, 2012

What To Wear: Summer Festivals

It's allegedly getting hotter and hotter, and when you're getting dressed for long concert-going or festival days, it can leave you a bit perplexed--I just stand, staring blankly at my closet. This girl looks the part in an easy outfit for a day out. The silk shorts provide perfect comfort and flat leather sandals are durable and chic at the same time. The sleeveless knit isn't too revealing but complements the rest of the look in a somewhat sophisticated way. It's unfussy but still put together, such perfect weekend wear.

(photo: courtesy of WWD)

Get Inspired By: The Opera

I had the privilege of spending the evening at the opera with Rodarte, to see a limited-edition performance of Don Giovanni, as performed by the LA Philharmonic. I'm always talking about getting inspiration from unconventional places and the opera would certainly qualify. The costumes were exaggerated beaded gowns with heavy embroidery and colors that started subtle (greys and whites) and ended up with strong streaks of color to show emotion. It was a fun way to think about dressing and a wonderful experience that shows the intersection of art and fashion.

(photo: courtesy of

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

I've successfully avoided the print pant craze up until now (save for a solid silk pair that I'm going to break out any day), but I can't help but think that if I wore them like they're done in this photo, I could be missing out. I like the idea of pairing something bright like hot pint with a muscle tee in a versatile, muted charcoal grey for an undone and unfussy night out look. You could go glam with metallic heels or keep it casual with ballet flats and you'd still have a foolproof combo.

(photo: courtesy of The Cut Blog)

SPOTTED: Aerin, LLC to Launch

I've long admired Aerin Lauder for her grace, business acumen and ability to infuse a heritage brand with a fresh, dynamic appeal. Her latest venture is lending her beauty know-how to a brand-new, edited selection of cosmetics under her name. She's the best there is and comes from a family that knows what works. The just revealed image shows what we can expect: convertible colors, rose fragrances and glossy gold compacts. All class. 

(photo: courtesy of WWD)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Perfect Color Pairing

This season seems to be all about color, but it's always a challenge to find the right pairing. Too much and you look like a terrible crayola accident and too little and it just looks half-assed. You need the perfect blend to look just Summer enough. This picture seems to get it just right. It has a heavy dose of shocking hues, but they all seem to work quite well together in a beautiful mix of hot-weather happiness.

(photo: courtesy of Designlovefest)

Really Loving Lulu

I go through phases with jewelry where I can't be bothered--and then I realize that I have some fun necklaces and think I should actually try wearing some of them, or one of my twenty bangles. I always go crazy for the designs from Lulu Frost and the interest has been renewed again thanks to her blog that I've been obsessing over. I'm partial to the chunky colored necklaces and the Southwestern charms which are big with me these days. Can't decide which ones I want.

(photo: courtesy of Lulu Frost)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SPOTTED: Club Monaco for Fall

I'm always looking for a way of dressing more French. The latest from Club Monaco has a wonderfully gamine quality to it that actually has me looking forward to the first signs of Fall. From short pleated skirts to an unconventional pairing of stripes, this collection seems to be a contemporary approach to designer French dressing--something I can get behind. 

(photos: courtesy of

Fashion for Food

For all you gourmands out there, I just came across this great blog post that pairs some of Bon Appetit's best eats with inspiring street style fashion. It pairs them by color, texture and idea and shows you just how inspiring creative food arrangements can really be. From artisan to artistry, a trip to the farmer's market can really in fact inspire the way you dress--and look.

(photos: courtesy of Honestly WTF)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Latest from Ray Ban

Every time I try and buy another pair of sunglasses, I somehow always come back to the same pair of RayBans. There's just something about the way they flatter my face that no other pair can compare. For their 75th birthday, they've relaunched their aviators in new bright yellow lenses that actually transition in the sun, which somehow become kind of cool when they're Ray Bans. This heritage campaign reminds me while the line has been so cool all along with a classic style that remains endlessly cool.

(photo: courtesy of Lucky Magazine)

The Tough Mix

This look is the perfect combination of naughty and nice. The delicate pleats of the chiffon skirt are all sweet school girl and the motorcycle jacket adds a bit of welcome edge. How do you make your look your own? Balance out different elements with soft and hard details, it makes for a well-executed look.

(photo: courtesy of Neiman Marcus)

Monday, May 14, 2012

How To: Pair Prints

As Summer comes along, pairing prints in cool color ways becomes a delicate balance. This cool instagram is the epitome of perfection with sweet patterns that play off eachother perfectly. The key is that there's the perfect amount of leg showing in between. If you're working with prints, consider sailor stripes and polka dots as your neutrals, they'll work with everything. Pair them with your best for Summer for a striking, eye-catching look.

(photo: courtesy of @EvaChen)

A Dream: The Ultimate Workspace

If I had a work-space at home, this is how I'd love for it to look. Granted it wouldn't really "go" with anything else in my home, but I have to say, this is just so chic. It's like a more elegant, refined riff on the Shabby Chic trend with a bit of classic sophistication. I love the soft colors and the fact that I'm convinced there is nothing there to get sick of. Painfully chic.

(photo: courtesy of Dallas Shaw)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

I've been noticing more and more that designers are trying to make their wares interesting by introducing uneven hems and hemlines into the mix. The standard: shorter in front and longer in the back, a concept that can be applied to a chic sweater (just tried on a cute one from Patterson Kincaid), a skirt or a dress (Rag & Bone is throwing them into the mix). Whether it's subtle or exaggerated, it's exceedingly flattering, but I think you've got to keep the shoes streamlined--think simple shapes, pointy toes and subtle, classic colors. Take a look below to see it worn well.

(photo: courtesy of The Cut)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

SPOTTED: H&M for Fall

Just got a few sneak peek images from H&M for Fall and it looks like we're all bound to bundle up. In rich, luxe knits and blends there's a combination of what looks like country motifs and sleek, city looks that will keep you looking the part no matter where you go. The clothes look pretty flawless in these images, excited to see how their play on proportions (peplums and cocoon coats) translate on the racks.

(photos: courtesy of

How To: Organize a Bookshelf

For some sick reason, one of my favorite things to do is organize--and then reorganize my bookshelf at home. I've gone through "by color" phases, then "by size" and right now it's somewhere in between. I love taking inspiration from how some others arrange theirs, particularly when there are objets placed strategically in the midst. This one, captures clean lines just so. Too many books, too little time. What's a girl to do?

(photo: courtesy of Eva Chen Tumblr)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Treasures from the Met

Speaking of the Met Ball, I'm not sure if I am going to make it to see the latest exhibit, Schiaparelli & Prada: Impossible Conversations, but I do know that it's the perfect excuse to shop the Met store, which is one of my favorite places to unearth some truly spectacular treasures. They've got a great collection of surrealist treasures to collect as mementos and odes to art that are truly intriguing. Get people talking, these collectibles are incredible.

(photo: courtesy of The Met Store)

Re-Emergence: The Jean Jacket

I had numerous conversations this past weekend about the relevance of the jean jacket. My take? It's as "in" as ever. Case in point. The arbiter of cool herself, Jenna Lyons of J.Crew wore it to the "Oscars of the East Coast," Monday's Met Ball. It seems to be making a resurgence in a retro way. If you're jonesing for one, go for a lighter wash, I'm even coveting a denim vest if you can find one. Looking better than ever.

(photo: courtesy of I Love Your Style)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Must-Have: The Vintage Tee

I very nearly clicked right on past this photo until I realized it's most important part: the 90210 vintage t-shirt. Slightly hidden under an oversized coral-y red blazer and light jeans, this shirt adds an ironic flair to the outfit that only a true believer can appreciate. Jazz up your favorite looks (especially more serious ones that entail blazers and tailored pants) with vintage and kitchy tees for a fun, light-hearted effect.

(photo: courtesy of

Street Style Inspiration: On Campus

This photo reminds me of my glory days. Back in college, getting dressed--and dressed up--was fun. On campus our only real options were Urban Outfitters and a few cute boutiques downtown which meant we had to get creative with what we had. I love the edgy preppy vibe of this look. It makes me think of coffee house study sessions which is perfect since it was lensed on a SoCal college campus. Longing for the good ole days.

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

SPOTTED: Accessories Launch from H&M

For the latest round of intriguing collaborations, street style star (and Vogue Japan Editor at Large) Anna Della Russo has created a collection of covetable accessories for H&M with a regal palette of lustrous golds and turquoise shades. Complete with what looks like gilded minaudieres, heels, her famous cat-eye frames and stackable bracelets, there's something for every fashionista looking to turn heads. An exciting new launch from the retailer that seems to be putting on the glitz after a flashy turn with Versace last fall. The collection hits stores in October.

(photo: courtesy of WWD)

The Latest in Beauty: BB Cream

Not sure if you've heard, but the latest makeup craze is BB Cream. I'm not a huge makeup person, but I am a huge follower apparently and so I had to know what the rage was about. BB Creams are Blemish Balms that got their start in Asia and are starting to make a huge wave in American markets (I've heard good things about Garnier and Boscia versions, for the record). It's known to sooth, hydrate and basically offer everything at once--moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock. Seriously, what's not to love?

(photo: courtesy of Sephora)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SPOTTED: Trina Turk for Banana Republic

It seems like everywhere I go lately I seem to see Trina Turk. She's perfectly seasonally appropriate (especially now that the sun is technically supposed to be shining) and resort-ready in that Mad Men-era kitschy Palm Springs way. She's teamed up with Banana Republic for a well-priced capsule collection to bring her brand of retro cool to the masses and here's a taste of what's in store. Love that Banana's getting into the game and stepping up their game.

Decor: A Hat Trick

I love looking at pictures of other people's things, it's endlessly entertaining to me. The latest comes from Teen Vogue that went into Late Afternoon blogger Liz Cherkasova's L.A. apartment. I think this image fascinated me the most with the way she chose to display her hats. Instead of hanging them all on a bed post (my obvious choice) or finding a hat box big enough (chic, but still hidden) this display doubles as decor in the most flawless way.

(photo: courtesy of Teen Vogue)

The Look: Preppy Chic

So many times when I think of how to create a preppy chic look, it entails button down shirts, something perhaps chambray and maybe even boat shoes. I love how this look is subversively preppy with subtle details that give it a bit of East Coast edge without being too over the top. The skinny cuffed jeans are perfectly offset by the chunky yet lightweight knit (perfect for Spring/Summer) and the olive suede heels elevate the look from weekend casual to dressed-up detail. The stacked bracelets? The perfect finishing touch.

(photo: courtesy of Could I Have That)

An Eco Collection for the Home

From model Liya Kebede, lemlem is a collection of handwoven products from Ethiopia that you've probably seen in your local J. Crew. They have addictive colors and textures that seem to scream Summer months. Now the do-good company has expanded to include home goods, including equally eye-catching blankets and pillows that would be the perfect warm-weather swap out. They'll make your home look good while you can feel and do good--the perfect combination.

(photo: courtesy of lemlem)