Friday, March 30, 2012

SPOTTED: New from Zara

And speaking of fast fashion, how crisp does this buttoned-up two-piece look from Zara. It's got everything I want for Spring. A silky button down that adds slinky ease to its preppy fit. The near-psychedelic print on the short could go with just about anything and you could dress them down for days at Summer music festivals or throw on some chic flats or sleek heels for nights out. Tucking the top into the shorts is the perfect fit and proportion for keeping the look sleek, neat and irresistible.

(Photo: courtesy of Zara)

The Topshop Mag

Did you know that Topshop had its very own magazine? I, frankly, did not. Inside-Out is actually quite awesome, has behind-the-scenes looks at its best new designs, Q&A features with style influencers and a whole lot of other info that is just up my alley. It's what the team at Topshop finds inspiring and if their flair for fashion is any indication, I'm bookmarking this blog stat.

(photo: courtesy of Inside-Out)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Show Me Your (Racing) Stripes

Feeling athletic has never looked so good. I love the idea of pairing performance flourishes into your everyday look, seen here with a racing stripe in a hot neon hue running down the length of the blogger's leg. Not only does it lengthen, it provides the perfect pop of color for the season and just the right contrast to the structured blazer. The whole look plays on proportions in just the right way and makes her look ready for a night out with a fun, quirky exception. Love the unexpected play.

(photo: courtesy of Saucy Glossie)

New Trend: Metal Handbags

Traveling over the weekend, I had a moment with airport security where they unpacked my bag and looked at my antique metal handbag with confusion. Having inherited it some years ago, I only recently started wearing it again to add a bit of edge to fancier affairs. The result is something that is completely different than everyone else--until now. Seems like the idea of metal is catching on. It has an almost ethnic feel with rich finishes and cool concepts of caging, hammered textures, etc. I love the incarnations shown here by Anndra Neen and think it's an exciting new option.

(photos: courtesy of Honestly WTF)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SPOTTED: New from Sigerson Morrison

Under the helm of Creative Consultant Taylor Tomasi Hill, Sigerson Morrison is undergoing a bit of an overhaul. It's trying to differentiate itself further from its lower-priced sister brand, Belle, and it's bringing a more luxe appeal to its shoes. Not that I would know (its stores sadly closed in L.A.), but these latest launched designs look pretty spectacular. The play on materials in this two-toned loafer is just my style and I am fairly fond of the color palette, too. Seems like a welcome rebirth for the onetime fave.

(photo: courtesy of Fashionista)

How To: Dress Up Denim

I came across this street style image and I thought, 'Wow, pieces that I would probably never wear look so chic and that denim a-line skirt looks absolutely perfect for Spring.' The conclusion? I want. Denim is increasingly hard. You find a few pairs that work and then you wear them to death. But what to do in Spring when the temperature warms? This skirt answers that question and lets you dress things up when you want to go a bit more ladylike. Add textured layers atop lighter denim blends and washes for the warmer months for the perfect, dressed-up look.

(photo: courtesy of All The Pretty Birds)

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Unbelievable Elbow Patch

I think I just stumbled upon what may be my new favorite site. Jack Foxley lets you customize elbow patches. That's right, elbow patches. I own two pieces of clothing with elbow patches and I have to tell you that no matter how often I wear them, I still to this day, get compliments. You can buy the patches in a range of colors (seasonal inspiration?) and fabrics and then update your favorite cardigans, blazers, what have you. I think the idea is genius if you're feeling preppy or just want a quick wardrobe refresh with some spunky style. Just call Jack.

(photo: courtesy of T Magazine)

One Loomstate: Three Ways

I love the versatility of a single dress. Going to many an event, I need something that works well time and time again--especially if I can change up the way I wear it. This one dress from Loomstate proves that it can actually be done. Layered with different pieces, reversible, rotatable, and worn different ways, this may be the best dress ever. See how I'll be wearing it all season long.

(video: courtesy of

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sick Shades: Illesteva

I'm in the market for a new pair of shades and I keep stumbling upon colored pairs that catch my eye. This pastel pair in a near sheer violet color seems utter perfect in a cat-eye shape that may prove perfectly flattering yet. From the brand Illesteva, they're getting a ton of buzz and yet they're not prohibitively expensive like most, which means I may have to add them into my Ray Bans and more Ray Bans rotation.

(photo: courtesy of Glamour Tumblr)

Makeup Must-Haves from Revlon

I have a major girl crush on Gucci Westman, makeup artist and Revlon Global Artistic Director. I think she's insanely beautiful in that effortless and approachable way. I can't say that I am super familiar with Revlon products, but when I saw this picture of the makeup must-haves from the mega-brand that she keeps at her side, I figured it's worth taking a second look. I see vibrant colors for Spring and products that have passed the test of this discerning beauty eye. Take a look and make a bee line for your local pharmacy--these basics are worth buying.

(photo: courtesy of Into The Gloss)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Collab: Alberta Ferretti for Macy's

Alberta Ferretti is the latest to get on the fast fashion bandwagon with a collection for Macy's. Topping out at prices of just $119, the Italian designer is sure to please with loads featuring the intricate detailing she does best. Love these perfectly Mediterranean prints in time for Spring.

(photo: courtesy of The Cut)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SPOTTED: L'Agence for Spring '12

One of my favorite words ever has always been insouciance. It always just manages to communicate exactly what I want to be. This L'Agence collection for Spring is that--and more. In effortless designs, near flawless fits and silhouettes that I could easily see myself wearing from work to weekend, I simply want every piece (which, btw, is a tall order from this picky shopper). Take a look. L.A. style redefined. 

(photos: courtesy of L'Agence)

Book Spotlight: City of Style

I'm so excited that this book is now on my pre-order list on Amazon. Melissa Magsaysay, lovely style friend of L.A. has written a new book detailing the ideation of style in Los Angeles. From bohemian to rock, there's a whole lot of crazy going on in this city of Angels and she details it in what is sure to be flawless execution. So excited to see what she has in store.

(photo: courtesy of City of Style)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Wren for Spring

I got to spend some time with Wren this past weekend and I'm enamored with the L.A.-based label. Up-and-comer Gia Coppola directed a short for the brand for Spring '12 and below is her take on teen angst, the way only an Angeleno can interpret. I love what she injects into the story and I was happy to see the project come to life.

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

Everywhere you look right, in ripe time for Spring, you'll find washed out colors, whitewashed denim and everything with a bit of a burnout effect--blame Instagram. Now, when I see a saturated color (perfectly worn in this pic), I remember why it can look so great. Contrasted with everything I am seeing now, it absolutely pops, looks brilliantly rich, and makes me want to ditch those Summer hues for something a bit more impactful.

(photo: courtesy of Frou Frou)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

SPOTTED: Thakoon for NARS

Keeping things colorful for Spring, NARS has released a chic new palette of nail colors for the season. Inspired by the prints and vivid hues of India, these are exactly the type of polishes that you'll want to wear when the weather warms up. Available May 1, the mint hue is very on-trend and I'm a fan of the pinks and almost coral-y red for endless summer options. 

(photo: courtesy of T Magazine)

New Necklace Design: Gemstone Choker

I have been a longtime fan of the gemstone necklace, a row of identical stones that lay flat on the nape of your neck, something consistent and classically beautiful. I love dressing up something as simple as a chambray shirt with a necklace like this. But I've never seen one worn so close to the neck, the way this is done--just like Ralph Lauren did it at his latest Fall '12 fashion show. It doesn't lay flat, it's wrapped tight around the neck, slightly messy, making it this different type of look--almost messy diamonds. It's so unique and "new" and this gemstone choker is a chic and different necklace option.

(photo: courtesy of From Me To You)

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I'm endlessly jealous of anyone who actually got to go to SXSW and I've been thinking about the types of people who were there--the innovators, the thinkers, and the people at the forefront of the digital age. Model, muse and now musician Karen Elson made an appearance in Austin to sing and just looking at her is an inspiration in all things ethereal. Style star plus triple threat talent--exactly what SXSW is all about.

(photo: courtesy of Fashionista)

Must Watch: How A Chanel Jacket Is Made

This video is absolutely amazing. It gives a real inside look at how one of those amazing, collectible tweed Chanel jackets are made. From the skilled craftsman to the painstaking detail, take a closer look at what goes into the design--and you'll want to reinterpret the age-old fashion for yourself.

(Video: courtesy of Fashionista)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pretty Prints: In Bloom

If there is one trend that I keep seeing over and over again for Spring, it's incredibly vivid blooms that look fragrant enough to smell. I'm completely enamored and am contemplating wearing mine in skinny jeans or a silk blouse but I love someone who's daring enough to double up and wear contrasting floral prints from head to toe. I think if you're going to do it, you might as well do it boldly, right? This look is absolutely infectious--floral blossoms at their very best.

(photo: courtesy of StreetFSN)

Closet Staple: The Fur-Collar Blazer

I have literally had my eye on this blazer for years now: the fur-collar blazer. In a thick tweed it satisfies my every preppy whim and comes in those beautifully rich browns and army colors that look great with just about everything. The fur collar provides utter warmth and the cut is short enough so that it's not as bulky as your other seasonal fits. I absolutely love this coat and love the way this photographer wears it casually with jeans and boots--East Coast dressing done right.

(photo: courtesy of

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Perfect Spring Bag

If I've been seeing one color over and over for Spring, it's got to be highlighter yellow. And I can't say that I mind it, particularly on a punchy accessory. This small, shoulder bag from Reed Krakoff is exactly the way that I'd wear the color for the season. In a sophisticated shape that goes perfectly with denim, neutrals, whites and worn cross-body for long days or over the shoulder for chic nights, it may just be the perfect bag. Plus in a hue so new, you'll be sure that no one else is wearing the same thing.

(photo: courtesy of Saks)

Public Service Announcement: New from Lonny Mag

To fill the increasingly gaping hole in my heart left by the absence of Domino Magazine, I often peruse the online pages of Lonny Mag--and let met tell you, it does the trick. Though I do miss holding (and stockpiling) the issues, Lonny Mag has the same great aesthetic as the former, with all of the delightful color, whimsy and charm. Their March/April issue is out and I'm abuzz at all the details I can't wait to incorporate into my pad. So very well done and inspired--and inspiring this young lady to do the same.

(photo: courtesy of Lonny Mag)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

One to Watch: Of Two Minds

Thank you, L.A. Times, for doing a fun round-up of LA designers that are on the up-and-up (aka, ones to watch). Some I know, some I didn't, but with a description as "L.A.'s answer to Isabel Marant," obviously my ears perked up. Designer Sunjoo Moon does great knits, textures and tribal patterns at prices that won't leave you with import sticker shock. Plus, I love the idea of supporting local talent. She's just one shaping the ever-evolving and important L.A. fashion scene that I think is getting stronger by the season.

(photo: courtesy of Los Angeles Times)

Updated Sailor Stripes

I've been wearing my J. Crew striped shirt in heavy rotation for what seems like years. But maybe--just maybe--it's time to consider wearing a newer version of my beloved sailor stripes. This near vintage, white-washed version is the perfect antidote. The mix of horizontal and vertical stripes proves super flattering and the silhouette is perfect for Spring. If you're looking for an update to your favorite "print" that's not a layering tool, something like this may be exactly what you're looking for. 

(photo: courtesy of That's Chic)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

How To: Create a Print

It's refreshing to see that those vivid and vibrant prints filling the windows at J. Crew are a function of wonderfully creative minds and a real thought process. Here's a photo of an inspiration board where the print is conceived and eventually realized from start to finish. From images of flowers and color swatches into the beautiful textiles these soon become, this gives you an idea of what really goes into what we all enjoy come Spring. Such wonderful minds working behind the scenes at J. Crew.

(photo: courtesy of 770/Behind the Line)

The Fresh Peplum

After seeing fresh new pics of Kate Middleton in a peplum coat today with the Queen, I was completely delighted when I stumbled across this photo of a Teen Vogue editor wearing the trend so well in Paris. Paired with other streamlined and tailored designs, this trend adds volume where the other parts of the outfit are cut close to the body. Plus, in a striking color, it's the perfect pop against the black blazer and white button down. Sheer Springtime perfection.

(photo: courtesy of

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

HEARD: New for A.P.C.

Show me a French brand or a new cool Parisian collaboration and I will literally hand you my money in neat stacks, no matter what it looks like. Charming French brand A.P.C. has just announced their latest, which is a collaboration with sometimes-couture designer Vanessa Seward. It updates their normally uniform-dressing mandate with rich fabrics and luxe details that scream Parisian glamour. I'm hearing the designs are timeless in that French gamine way and I can't wait to see them first hand--another notch on the Left Bank belt.

(photo: courtesy of

Winter Whites

I would keep bundling up for Winter if it meant wearing things that looked this good. Of course I gravitated toward this outfit because it turns out it's mostly Rag & Bone, but I love most that it's lighter shades than you'd expect for the season. It's layered in rich knits that look beautiful, in thick open gauges that look so beautiful and inviting. In warm, earth tones, I love the way it all works together. You can add deeper, darker hues in the form of accessories and it will still work, it just transitions that well. Plus, the best part is, you tend to go dark when it gets cold, so you wouldn't expect these light, warm colors.

(photo: courtesy of Vanessa Jackman)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How-To: Wear a Uniform

This look reminds me of a totally funked up version of my grade school uniform. Loafers? Check. But this time, they're in a cool, orange metallic. Sweater over a button down, of course. But the sweater has a cool applique on it with layers upon layers of stacked bracelets and necklaces to punk things up. And that skirt. Instead of my pleated, plaid version, this pencil skirt comes in a textured, near-ribbon fabric that is so flattering and intriguing. It is matchy-matchy in a way that still makes me want to wear it all together--and steal the look right from her! It's uniform dressing done right and I love the way it looks.

(photo: courtesy of New York)

New from Equipment: Knitwear

I have (count them) three Equipment blouses and I have to say that they've all had their fair share of wear and tear. They have that classic silk look so that no one can really tell you're wearing them ALL the time (at least that is what I tell myself) and they look super sophisticated in a way that I never thought I'd really be dressing. I love mine tucked into high-waisted pants and heels--and if I'm feeling really editorial, I'll button mine all the way up and wear a bib-collar necklace for effect. NOW, the label is doing knitwear. Color me excited. They're going to come in three classic fits and in the same addictive colors that have instantly sent shock waves through my closet. Thanks for making me dress like a grown up, Equipment. I'll wear your sweaters, too, and I won't disappoint. 

(photo: courtesy of Elle)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Ann Taylor goes High-End

Perusing Twitter and I came across a snapshot taken by a Glamour fashion editor of these beauties at the Ann Taylor showroom--a sneak peek of what's in store for Spring/Summer. Looks like Ann Taylor is going high-end with printed python-esque textures in heels, bags and more to give you the look of luxury for much less than actual skins. I've actually seen a lot of this green hue from a number of designers for the season (Mulberry makes a great pair of embossed green wedges), and I'm intrigued by what Ann Taylor is doing. I may just have to track them down!

(photo: courtesy of @MDuenasJacobs)

A Pop of Color

I can't tell whether it's actually an overused phrase or whether I've just been using it incessantly, but I've got to say Spring really is all about the pop of color. This color illustrates the trend perfectly, with some neutral Spring-ready shades and a punched-up color that she's toting to give the look that much more oomph. The best part is that even though the colors scream Spring, they really work season-in and season-out, and may be even more fun with whites for Summer, earth tones for Fall and dark hues for Winter.

(photo: courtesy of New York Magazine)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

How To: Give Good Sock

I had a thing when I was younger where I couldn't have my socks showing out of my Jack Purcell's. I got so crazed, I wore peds with nearly every pair of shoes I owned. Now, I kind of like the look of a little bit of sock popping out--the more colorful and printed, the better. I've been wearing some ankle-type boots as we make our way into Spring and I've settled on these fun colorful ankle socks from Muji that I buy every time I'm in the JetBlue terminal at JFK (true story). Now I love when my socks stick out and look how chic Late Afternoon looks with her polka dots peeking out. No need to hide them anymore.

(photos: courtesy of Late Afternoon)

NEW BOOK: American Beauty

I am all about a new coffee table book and I love ones that are image-heavy so that I can constantly reference them for inspiration. The latest is from an up-and-coming photographer Clairborne Swanson Frank and it shows photos of over 100 women who are beautiful in their own careers and fields of work. The photos are shot through a true lens of Americana--think Ralph Lauren--and introduce us to new grew of equally up-and-coming beauties. Can't wait until this book comes out, and for those who live in NYC, there's going to be an accompanying photography exhibit to showcase the portraits.

(photo: courtesy of Huffington Post)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

At Home: Layered Detail

One of the things that struck me most about this photo of a chic Chelsea apartment was the way there were so many heights and layers incorporated into the space. Instead of just ground, waist-level, eye-level and ceiling (which is what I would end up with), this apartment plays on varying heights to kind of trick the eye into looking up and down and leaving you thinking that the space is probably much bigger than it actually is. I love how inventive this decorating technique is and it's something to consider if you're re-planning--or reorganizing your space for maximum storage and texture.

(photo: courtesy of

SPOTTED: Carven for Fall '12

I love anything schoolgirl French and Carven satisfies all of my fashionable fantasies. Their latest collection (just debuted in Paris) has tons of their signature girly fits and forms, but what I love best is this near metallic rendering of paisley. I have bits of paisley running through my fabric and despite my minimalist tendencies, I always tend to gravitate toward the print. I love what designer Guillaume Henry has done to make the longstanding print new again--and keep it so utterly French.

(photo: courtesy of