Sunday, November 28, 2010

Line EVERYONE is talking about: ISSA

So ever since a one Prince William of Wales proposed to the commoner Kate Middleton everyone has been aflutter with what miss Kate may wear on her royal day. The Today show has literally dedicated a segment each day since the announcement to the royal engagement. But while the attention is focusing on what she may wear on April 29th (the day of the wedding if you haven't been paying attention), I'm more concerned with that knockout navy dress she wore to the press bonanza right after it was announced. The dress is just my type. It has long sleeves which I've come to love and a deep neckline that makes it anything but conservative. My favorite part is the flattering ruching that gives her such a slim figure and that royal blue color is just about my favorite shade (just consult my closet for proof). I'm totally impressed by what she's already chosen to wear and apparently ever since Issa (the line that made the dress) has been literally flying off shelves. I think I managed to find the exact one she wore, so here's to hoping I'll snag me another royal now that Wills is officially off the market

(photo: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

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