Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ideas from the Oscars

As of right now I'm going to go with two unconventional Oscar best dressed picks: Amy Adams in L'Wren Scott and Scarlett Johannson in Dolce & Gabbana. I think what I like most about the two of them is the story they're both telling in their high-necked designs. It's not necessarily what you would think of for red carpet sexy or a night out, but its demure in the best possible way. I think it's better than retro and could just be a really flattering new trend. Despite what you may think it's actually perfect for wearing a necklace and it really flattering on anyone. I like that it's unexpected, especially for a young woman who's prob more likely to show some skin. Lovin' the look.

(photo: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

Not-So-Basic Basics

I think it goes without saying that there are some things that every girl is going to own. I'm pretty sure that you can't get away with being the only girl at the party in black boots or a black blazer. But since so many girls have it too, don't you want to make sure that yours stands apart from the crowd? If you're wearing a black blazer too, dress it up with funky buttons, roll up the sleeves and add cool lining, or go for a double-breasted style. These shoes bring a new twist to your average black boots. Mine are biker and pretty ordinary but I think a heeled version with some sexy straps and fun details make these stand out and will have you definitely making a statement. If you have to wear the same thing as everyone else, why not keep it interesting?

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

Purple, Pink, and Camo, oh my!

I could not love this woman more. Maybe I love the purple color she's wearing only because she's paired it with an uber-wearable camo jacket, making the look so much more accessible and "real" to the rest of us. But that color just makes her look so happy, doesn't it? I feel like she was playing with the phrase "go hard or go home" when it came to her accessories. She doesn't shy away from strong colors and stacking on those bracelets even though the purple is shocking enough on its own. Plus the top and pants in the same color. It may be matchy matchy but with so much else going on it's totally broken the best possible way.

(photo: courtesy of Garance Dore)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I'm embarrassed to even admit that I still haven't seen Black Swan, but I do love anything having to do with ballet. Disclaimer: Every time I go to the MET in Manhattan, I have to stop by the Degas ballerinas. That's why I was psyched to hear that Rodarte, who are total design wizards, were going to exhibit some of their beautiful designs and the Black Swan costumes at MOCA in LA. I got a sneak peek of the exhibit, set to open early March and I tell you, RUN don't walk to check it out. Their suspended from the ceiling in this dizzying array of textures and lights and contrasting colors that is amazing. It inspires and gives you all sorts of ideas of how to twist fabrics the way the designing sisters do and how to pile on different transparencies in the most unexpected but beautiful ways. Absolutely a must-see.

(photo: courtesy of MOCA)

New from Mike & Chris

Remember when Mike & Chris was the be-all and end-all for leather jackets. Every girl I knew had one of theirs and of course I was jealous and wanted one too. But too late because now the label is no longer. The husband of the married design team has continued designing under his own name though and has some pretty cool things in store. Instead of basic leathers, he's channeling this very cool tribal influence for Spring, which is something I'm dying to try. The colors truly pop and they're mainstream enough that any girl can wear them without feeling too "risky." And for those of you who were lucky enough to score one of their now collectible little leather jackets, just wear one of these designs underneath.

(photo: Courtesy of Refinery29)

HEARD: Vena Cava to Uniqlo

Yipee! Love love love the darling duo behind Vena Cava. The LA girls are totally effortless and glamorously quirky in the best possible way. That's why after a string of other collabs (Bloomie's and Via Spiga), I was particularly excited that they're going fast fashion with Uniqlo! This place has always been a must-see every time I hit Soho and now that they're teaming up with the girls, I can't wait to see what they have in store. I'm expecting beautiful silks (they have a gorge crimson silk maxi skirt for spring), sexy cutouts, and some subtle studs that will give me the edge I crave. Stay tuned for pics!

(photo: courtesy of Fashion, Etc.)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We're all still waiting while Ebay gets a makeover from their new fashion director, but in the meantime, wandering eyes have been checking out Etsy (craft heaven) and now Of a Kind. It's actually a really sweet version of Etsy that brings not so scary artisans right to you wtih compelling stories and really unique designs. Everything from handmade swimsuits to finely crafted jewelry to emerging designers you have to get your hands on are all in one place. It's a perfect solution for me since I get hives when I go to an ovecrowded flea market, so this way I can still uncover really cool new designers in the privacy of my own home. Dreamy! Check it out for designs you know no one else will have and maybe you'll stumble upon someone who's gonna be big!

 (photo: courtesy of Of A Kind)

Caped Crusaders

So it's not exactly the middle of winter here in Cali but that doesn't mean that I'm not occasionally all bundled up while we switch between cloud and sun. I've been looking at a lot of coats recently (warning: they're all going to be going on sale very soon), and I am thinking I really like this cape coat hybrid. the slits means you have easy access to your arms and it's just a little different than what everyone else is wearing. The punchy colors or red and sharp navy make it even better, non? Such a fan and it gives a bit of a polished edge to anything else I may wear. Thinking this may be a good investment piece for next fall/winter.

 (photo: courtesy of New York Magazine)

The Perfect Look

Don't you just absolutely love her. She's a hot blogger, so it's kind of not all that surprising that she's got me fixed with a case of chic envy. Love the pairing of patterns, the gentle flare of her pants and that pixie haircut that I only wish I could get away with. Love that she's taken my beloved leopard and paired it with a shirt in a pretty pastel for Spring (so I don't have to do away with my spots after all!). And do we even need to talk about those cat-eye shades and that necklace?!?!? She's positively adorable and not at all man repellent in that outfit. What's not to love?

(photo: courtesy of New York Magazine)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Florence and Fashion

So when I tell you I've been looking for fashion inspiration everywhere, I am not kidding. When not listening to Cosmic Love by Florence & the Machine on repeat (disclaimer: I have a thing for depressing music), I am thinking of ways that I can look half as cool as Florence always does. I don't have the red haired thing going for me, but I love how she wears these uber-dramatic floor length dresses. I'm not quite ready to go turtleneck maxi dress like she does, but maybe I'll just start with a long, floor-length skirt or sleeveless dress and work my way up from there. I'd make it my own with a loosely wrapped scarf, maybe a blazer if I was feeling crazy. Now back to dreaming clothes while I listen on repeat.

(photo: courtesy of Shopbop)

Inside His Closet: A Sneak Peek

Because I have an embarrassing addiction to Bravo and I'll really take any excuse to sneak a peek into someone's closet, even if it is Andy Cohen.

(video: courtesy of Bluefly)

Fred Flare Fashions

OMG, remember the days when you used to get the catalogue from Delia*s? I was kind of obsessed and would fold over the pages of all the things that I just had to have. Man I loved them. So while I no longer shop from that oldie but goodie catalogue, I will admit that I sometimes go and check out Fred Flare for inspiration. It's pretty much a modern day Delia's with a bit of a hipster spin. While I don't actually buy anything, it's fun to get a look at what kids these days are buying, if only to add a little youthful spirit to my look. Translation? Throw some color on, it's what all the kids are wearing.

(photo: courtesy of Fred Flare)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Retro Glam and Femme Silhouettes

I stumbled upon this cool new blog, part of my everyday activity really, and I was totally blown away by how glam this girl is. It's like Mad Men meets the real world, but not in that "it's also Halloween" kind of way. I think the key is the full skirts, and she really just goes for it, hair, makeup and all. I think the way she wears it is so flattering (everyone looks good with a cinched waist, I swear), and I'm kind of jealous she can pull it off so well! I'm still just getting used to wearing flared jeans (after skinnies for so long), so this may be a stretch, but certainly a look to consider.

(photo: courtesy of From Me to You)

Winter-->Spring Whites

I know it's a little late in the game for Winter whites, but I can't help but looking at this pic and getting some ideas for Spring. Yes, my Spring outfit prob won't include a cableknit sweater, hat, and Sorel snowboots, but I did reclaim my white J. Crew jeans just because of this photo. Instead of that camel crewneck, I could find myself in a beige silky button-down or long cardigan over a cami of sorts. Instead of stuffed into those boots, I'd favor a flat, whether it was a gladiator sandal (yes, I am still wearing mine) or a ballet flat in a fun color like magenta. See, you never know where a pic can take you.

(photo: courtesy of See Jane Work Play Live)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seeing Spots

So apparently I was so busy loading up on leopard that I didn't get the memo that polkadots are back "in." Now I'm not saying this because I do whatever people tell me to do and wear, but I actually like the spots and want to incorporate them into my look. The only problem? I'm still wearing the leopard pieces and am not sure how to mix. I am dreaming of a silk or chiffon black button-down maybe with white polka-dots, now that would work. Or, I spied this cutesy clutch that would work with just about any neutral color that I have. This way I could start small, incorporate the trend into my wardrobe at my own pace and see how it works for me first. Loving the leopard but could really get behind these new spots, too.

(photos: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

A Sneak Peek Inside Fashion Week

I once overheard a friend say maybe one of the funniest things ever. She said that every time she's shopping and she finds something she likes and realizes it's Tory Burch she gets so annoyed--and frustrated. It's like one of those labels you don't really want to like but sometimes they just have cute stuff. They're actually really branching out their social media and doing a great job with their blog and recorded this cutesy video with photog/model/glamazon Hanneli. It makes me wish I went to fashion week, but even if I didn't, this gives me the sneak peek I wish I had had.

(video: courtesy of Tory Burch)

How to Wear Overalls

A few weeks back I remember a friend asking me, "are overalls really in?" Of course when we think of overalls we prob all think of those heinous Gap Kids ones we used to wear that were awkwardly tight in all the wrong places. But taking a look at my uber stylish friend Marina (who never fails to inspire), I realize they can be done right, you just have to know how! So here's where I come in (and really I'm just stealing these style secrets from her). Instead of denim, you've got to opt for a more fluid material...think trousers. On hers there is no tightening anywhere, just a really clean shape that falls perfectly on her body. They're a bit dressed up and I think they work really well because they're in a deep dark shade that makes them so much more versatile. It may be a trend, but it seems to be one that can be pulled off if you know how to do it, and have a little inspiration to try.

(photo: courtesy of New York Magazine)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feeling Feminine

As I was browsing Shopbop this AM, looking at their "What's New" section (a morning ritual) I realized that every single thing I like is something masculine. I love all the button-downs, oxfords, and all the man-repeller sweaters. So before I put anything in my virtual shopping basket, I closed out of the window and realized for everything non-feminine purchase I make, I have to pair it up with something overly feminine so it balances out into a nice unique blend. This shirt I love with white jeans for summer or my new high-waisted flares. But wait. Hold up right there. What about tucking it into a high-waisted skirt instead. And if I insist on the jeans, pulling my hair back and dressing things up with a great pair of earrings. If I insist on wearing it with a blazer, I have to wear something feminine on the bottom, and visa versa. Trying to stay true to what I like while not totally sacrificing what I love....

(photo: courtesy of Shopbop)

Spring has Sprung

This picture just makes me so happy. Maybe it's because I have that shirt and now I immediately want it in that springy lime green color. The shades and the stacked bracelets are just my style and I love the lighter bag for the coming months. I'd even try a straw tote from the likes of maybe J. Crew or something ethnic and tribal looking from Wayu Taya. Not only is she gorge, but she looks exactly how I want to...a day to night sophisticate with something unspeakably sexy.

(photo: courtesy of Hanneli)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inspired by: The Series

There's always that girl whose style you want. They can make anything work and actually make dressing up look like fun. Sometimes (well, most of the time), I wish I were that girl. That girl, is Lauren Shane. As stylist ElShane, she honed her craft at DVF (what could be more MAJOR?) and is now launching out on her own, with her eccentric style and love of anything big and beautiful in her back pocket. Read on as she shares what has shaped her look, how she chooses what to wear each morning, and her tips for nabbing that unforgettable individual style.

(photo: courtesy of El Shane)

Q) Official title?
A) Diane Von Furstenberg Stylist turned Style Blogger and Style Expert

Q) How did you start styling?
A) I worked in Public Relations at Diane von Furstenberg for years, and then I was presented with an incredible opportunity to start a brand new position at DVF where my focus was styling not only our VIP clientele, but also our day-to-day avid DVF fan. From my experience at DVF, I gained the confidence to expand my styling business outside of the office.

Q) When styling, what is your signature aesthetic?
A) Your look should tell the story of your present moment. Happiness, sadness, indulgence, assurance, love. I try to convey a mood in my looks while always pushing my clients to add a little “elshane bling”. Shouldn’t we all dress to have fun, after all? Love that her name has turned into a style state of mind!

Q) How do you try and differentiate yourself and your work from the other big name stylists?
A) Having been trained by an incredible fashion power and corporate empire from such a young age, I have garnered the techniques of editorial styling, web styling, advertisement styling, and celebrity styling. I think it’s important to understand the difference between each in order to successfully capture the intention of the moment.

Q) How would you describe your own sense of style?
A) Best described as stepping into Dylan’s Candy Bar, filling up your clear plastic baggie with everything sour, sweet, chocolate-covered, candy-coated, and caramel-drizzled. Then dumping the bag out on the floor and seeing where everything lands. That’s my look. Strategic chaos....

Q) What shapes the way you dress?
A) I dream very vividly, deeply, and intensely, causing me to wake multiple times in the middle of each night. When I finally wake in the morning, I reinterpret my dream and find beauty in all that had just frightened me. Then I get dressed. The first thing I put on is always what I step out in. I always believe your first instinct is the right choice. Confession: I have the habit of changing multiple times before I leave my apt!

Q) Best fashion advice ever received?
A) My mother told me in college that money will always come back to you. I have taken that advice and used it towards any agonizing vintage purchase I’ve ever made. And I haven’t looked back once. And the money has always come back. Never heard it but I like the sound of it!

Q) Best purchase ever made?
A) I have a clear vinyl and patent vintage Chanel jumbo handbag, an early 1980’s runway piece. I found it at a vintage show and stressed for 45 minutes over the price. Now she is priceless. And the money came back to me!

Q) Favorite designers and/or places to shop?
A) I prefer to shop vintage because I think the thrill of a unique piece far outweighs the excitement of purchasing a designer dress that can be found at any given department store. In New York, I make weekly trips to Ina and Tokio 7, and in Los Angeles, I very well may be found at Wasteland on Melrose daily. It’s a vintage addiction. I think I need help! And, if I’m not shopping vintage, I’m at Opening Ceremony swooning over anything Suno.

Q) Advice for young women trying to develop their own unique sense of style?
A) Trends scare me. Three girls walking into a bar in the Friday night uniform is never a good look. My advice is to dress around your daily energy—if you’re in a happy-go-lucky mood and you left your shades at home, you forgot to bring your A-game. Be prepared and let the goodness of your intentions mold your style. Stay you…nique.


Cute Kate Spade

Remember when Kate spade was the thing. I mean I do. I had the messenger version and thought I was the coolest girl ever--even if every single one of my friends had the exact same bag. It was totally boring but for some reason it just worked for 16 year old me. (And cut me some slack, this was a LONG time ago.) But, Kate Spade is undergoing a major revamp. Who knew? These ladylike boxed bags (that btw are all the rage) look supersweet in fun, bright, and neon colors. They add a but of punch because they're still so small they don't overwhelm the rest of the look. They're a far more affordable alternative to the other tres expensivo options out there and when you spot it on a street style star, well then you know it's as good as gold.

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

I think I've already posted a pic of her but I'm just that obsessed. Everywhere I turn are signs that I NEED a long/maxi-skirt ASAP. I love that this one is pleated that gives a little more volume and shape to the look--plus I hate anything that is clingy. The metallic is awesome, it's not too much, matted enough for a daytime look, and I love the way it would pair with something as simple as a white button down, grey sweatshirt, or plain old tee. The polka dots she's wearing rock my world and I'm pretty sure I love the way this shin-grazing version is paired with some booties and socks. Totally into the look.

(photo: courtesy of Elle)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Learning to Layer

You know that totally annoying voice in your head when you're heading out--or maybe getting ready to go skiing--that says you'll stay warm and prevent anything bad that comes along if you just layer! Layering is key. It doesn't the matter the situation, it's the only thing that works. So looking at this pic of an editor outside New York Fashion Week (I told you this was my fave part) and she's done that whole layering thing expertly (right on down to the two bags she's carrying!). Love the way she wears what looks like a chunky vest underneath what could otherwise be a Spring trench. A longer skirt is layered over some opaque tights and I would maybe throw on my trusty Levi's denim jacket underneath it all for good measure. The art of layering mastered and done to perfection...I have a lot to work on!

(photo: courtesy of Mr. Newton)

New Color Pairing

I think we probably all think the same way. Certain colors do go together and certain colors just don't. Pink and red, I would say yikes. But sometimes it takes seeing it up close and personal--and done well--to realize that we may have been wrong all along. This awesome pairing (on a Net-a-Porter employee, so I trust her completely) looks fresh, new, and a nice pop against all the drab colors we've been wearing all fall/winter long. I think you can start small of course if this look is WAY out there for you (it may be for me too). But it's something to aspire to, I think the pretty pink and red clashes in the best possible way...the way I want to wear!

(photo: courtesy of Canned Fashion)

COLLAB ALERT: The Row Hearts TOMS Shoes

Yes, it's true, I have this weird obsession with anything Olsen twins. I have their coffee table book, love the clothes they design for their various labels, and after all, I'm a valley girl just like them! So when I found out that they're doing a limited-time designer collaboration with my beloved TOMS shoes, I got all giddy. I wear my TOMS shoes pretty regularly and though they're not my most fashionable pair, they do good, and they feel like you're walking on clouds (I swear). So hearing that my fave comfortable shoes may just get a designer update, I couldn't be happier--or more excited. Staying tuned for release dates, et. al, but this may just be the start of something special.

(photo: courtesy of WWD)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Solving the Skinny Jean Problem

You know the problem as well as I do. You've got the perfect pair of skinny jeans. They fit perfectly but they're just a tad too long. Plus you're too lazy to take them to the tailor. Yes, you could cuff them, but you can't quite do it as well as all of those photos do, and it always ends up looking a bit awkward. Another awesome alternative presented itself right before my eyes--and just in time for Spring! You can cut them to that cute right-above-the-ankle length which is just perfect to show off your favorite shoes. Cut them in stages so you don't go too far too fast, but I think the end result will be something that'll look nice for spring/ it'll never get that awkward rolled up discoloring. Try it out and showcase those new favorite shoes of yours.

(photo: courtesy of

Double Time

It's been a long time since I've worn a watch on a daily basis, what with my ever-present blackberry and all. And instead of dreaming of Cartiers, I seem to always have my eye on Swatch watches or oversized Michael Kors numbers. I love something inexpensive and colorful these days, the bigger the better. I absolutely LOVE the look of these two watches layered one of top of the other. Yes, of course you don't need two watches, but it adds to the effect, ok? Plus, what's really cool is how the straps were swapped out for a cool scarf that can be as whimsical as you want it. You can go for something bold, old (scour a vintage shop), or swap it out to match every new outfit if you're so inclined.

(photo: courtesy of

A New Bag Idea

Generally speaking, I carry the same bag day in and day out. I like that I get compliments and I like even more that people consider it so "me." But it can get bulky, I do tend to feel like a bag lady, and I kind of no longer like that I can fit everything there--though that used to be the draw. I've started to see more and more pics of people carrying oversized clutches for day. They kind of look like iPad cases if you ask me, so I think I'm going to try and start the trend. Chic iPad case=daytime clutch. Plus with all the fun colors and patterns they come in it means you can get something uber-stylish in an awesome color or what have you that sets you apart. I'm already digging my new trend.

(photo: courtesy of Easy Fashion)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pseudo Girl Crush

Ok just because I have a pseudo girl crush on this editor is not the real reason I am showing you this pic. It's actually because it makes me think of my grade school uniform, which whether I like it or not, sometimes still influences the way I dress. The way the button-down collar peeks out from underneath a crewneck sweater brings me back to my days of plaid skirts, button-downs, and itchy navy wool sweaters. Sometimes I can't believe I actually wore them but when I look at the way this editor does the button down underneath a sweater, I realize it actually adds a smart layer to things. On one had I maybe would consider a longer necklace or some layered ones with the sweater but I think the button down (all buttoned-up) is a fresh choice that is preppy chic all at once.

(photo: courtesy of Who What Wear blog)

Street Style Photo of the Weekend

Sure, I love Fashion Week. But sometimes it's hard to really wrap your head around things when what they're showing won't be hitting your closet for close to a year. My fave part? Looking at all of the cool things that peeps are wearing on the street--and copying them, obvi. I think I was drawn to this pic because of the way she layers her clothes. I think if I picked up that jacket off the rack I would put it right down because of how short it is. But it works perfectly when layered with a longer blouse. And of course the skirt is short, but not inappropriate with that same longer blouse. The proportions are unusual and just cool enough to make her look a standout success. Cannot wait to see more from NYFW!

(photo: courtesy of New York Magazine)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

SPOTTED: The Latest from Steven Alan

The Steven Alan store has some unspoken grip on me. Even though I only have two of their shirts in my closet, I always go in and find at least one thing that I absolutely love...every single time. This latest look at what they've just presented for fashion week and I'm already gearing up for next Fall (how depressing is that?!). But the lush velvets, perfectly fitted button downs (with quirky reverse seam) and that kind of subdued preppy meets cute schoolgirl kind of does it for me.

(photos: courtesy of Refinery29)

Crafty for Carven

Even though I like to pretend I'm crafty and domestic (like gloat when I make a simple fruit salad), I think the only real arts & crafts experience I have is making landyards when I was younger--and they were awesome. But that hasn't stopped me from dreaming of ways I could DIY my fave runway items with some easy tricks that I could do at home. Taking a look at the latest from Carven (this new and WAY on my radar French brand), and what really catches my eye are the shoes. Instead of the bow on the front (like last year's to-die-for Isabel Marants), these oversized bows are on the heel. The rest of the pump looks pretty simple, black suede or velvet, slightly pointed pump. So who's breaking out the glue gun and heading to the fabric shop to DIY some big bows this weekend?

(photo: courtesy of Fashion Rules)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Leopard for Spring

I know, it's like enough already. But here's the thing....I got this amazing leopard bag for my birthday. It's grey and black with some studs and I wear it constantly. But wearing it constantly means that it's getting kind of worn and looking a bit dark for the summer months. BUT, and this is a big but, I am not quite ready to part with my leopard ways. This equally perfectly sized bag from Rebecca Minkoff seems to solve the conundrum. It's got nice lighter shades that would work with black, denim, white--you name it--and let me indulge all my animal skin fantasies for that many more months. Plus, I love the oversized buckles that give me a bit of a bad ass feeling (despite being anything but). Crisis averted?

(photo: courtesy of Shopbop)

A New Blazer, A New Staple

I have become one with my blazers. I had this insane Rag & Bone one, complete with a pocket square (made for great convo), that was left in a NYC cabbie one fateful winter night. Left to replace it, I settled on another Rag & Bone number that consistently comes out to play. The fit is perfect and let's face it, a black shrunken blazer goes with just about everything. But with the weather warming (in LA at least), I'm already kinda stressing about what's going to replace it for spring/summer. And voila, my Parisian crush Vanessa Bruno saves the day. This coral confection is parfait as they say with a shrunken fit that would add some much-needed color and sweet style to my look. There's really nothing not to love.

(photo: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

FIRST LOOK: Derek Lam to Ebay

Derek Lam is one of those designers that you always read about, but sadly he never quite makes it onto my clothing rack (he's on the 2nd floor at Barneys, not in my beloved Co-op). But he's gone the way of H&M and Target and teamed up with Ebay to do a capsule collection. And judging by their new hire of Andrea Linett (formerly of Lucky Mag), I am guessing Ebay is up to something major. Just take a look at this dress! It's casual enough for a beach stroll but could also def make a cameo at an outdoor wedding. The prices promise to be way affordable and we'll get access to his amazing designs in a new, cool way. Expect some more cool designer collabs and collections coming from Ebay soon!

(photo: courtesy of Elle)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Jewelry Find: DanniJo

When I'm not obsessing ridiculously over all things J. Crew jewelry and Fenton Fallon, I try and open up my eyes to some of the other great designers. Since my bangle bowl is full (literally, a pretty ikat bowl from Anthropologie has no more room), I figure rings and necklaces are my next focus. Dannijo has an insane collection of these tribal-inspired necklaces that instantly make my boring old James Perse tee work appropriate. The colors look insane when your hair is pulled back and the necklace can do the talking. Plus, they're collaborating with Vena Cava for NYFW which means I know I'm gonna love--and want. My faves below...

(photos: courtesy of dannijo)

New Closet MVP?

I think if I were to play closet MVP (which is only my new favorite game) this cute little romper number from Twelfth Street would be the frontrunner for Spring/Summer. I've been thinking if I were the Coachella type what I would wear to look cute and stay cool in the desert temps and this onesie would look adorbs with some short booties or flat sandals. Come summer, I'd throw it on over a swimsuit if I were lucky enough to make it to the beach. For a night out? Dare I say heels and a cute little blazer or dress it down with my favorite Levi's jean jacket. It's got a great "it" print that has just the right colors and pretty sure I could figure out a way to wear it just about everywhere.

(photo: courtesy of Intermix Online)

Kelly Wearstler does Clothes

Today the blogs were in a frenzy because designer darling Kelly Wearstler just announced that she's now doing a line of clothing. If you don't know her she's been on a few Bravo shows and is known for her modern meets eclectic taste that I happen to love. It got me thinking of some of her favorite work (she does the strategically cluttered Viceroy hotels) and I went and browsed her wares in Bergdorfs online shop (her actual boutique in the store is heaven (an expensive heaven, but heaven nonetheless). I rediscovered this beautiful agate display case that any dresser would be naked without and love the idea of a simple backdrop (maybe a nude shift dress) with a big, bad, beautiful stone set against it (maybe in a cuff or big pendant necklace). So interesting the way ideas can take shape...

(photo: Courtesy of Town and Country Travel)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Revisiting Rebecca Taylor

The past few seasons I've been pleasantly surprised by Rebecca Taylor. Seems like they fell of my radar for a while but then I rediscovered them and wanted just about everything. The designs were girly enough with patterns and prints that I'd actually wear. And I just took a sneak peek at their site and am equally charmed by what they're showing for Spring. (I particularly like that these floral dresses will look great against my pale pale skintone and work well with my wear-everyday army jacket.) Loving what I'm seeing and can't wait to start rocking all that the spring sunshine deserves.

(photo: Courtesy of

What to Wear in NYC

For some reason I always get the same question: Would you move back to NYC? And my answer usually is, if I got an amazing amazing job at Teen Vogue, then yes. Looking at this pic of their fashion news director Jane Keltner De Valle and I know why I'm a total teen at heart. She's all decked out for Fashion Week (which starts in just 1 day!!!) and she's wearing winter white at its best. Some major booties with socks worn with a shin-grazing skirt and a belted trench are all prep and perfection. It has just the right amount of edge (those socks!) and pieces that you could wear just about anywhere. Not to mention that she blends high and low perfectly (that skirt is from the Madewell Alexa Chung collection). Making Teen Vogue even dreamier than ever!

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

Barneys' New Blog

Barneys is a tough bird. We love it so much but a lot of times everything we love is a total splurge and delegated for special occasions (and birthdays). But, every chance I get I take a stroll inside because I love the look, the feel, and just getting some random inspiration by just walking through their shoe department. Now they've reshuffled some of their staff, infused some fresh blood into their creative, and come out with a blog that puts their inspiration all in one place...C'est parfait! Since I love Net-a-Porter's editorials, I am sure I will just be smitten with these, and maybe get some lower-end, lower-priced ideas from this megastore.

(photo: courtesy of Barneys)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

FIRST LOOK: Zara for Spring

Doesn't it seem like just about everything lately is about H&M. That's why I got so excited when I spied these new pics of Zara's latest designs for Spring. They look anything but budget and the high-fashion spread makes me think that these lower-priced clothes are more high-end than we may expect. They're full of the simple shapes and versatile colors that have been popular lately, which means we may have to add some fun pattern accents here and there, but what I'm seeing looks like it can be nice bones for a spring/summer wardrobe. Plus, the bonus with Zara is most of it is super work-appropriate. Looks like Spring cleaning couldn't come soon enough for some much-needed merch.

(photo: courtesy of My Face Hunter)