Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Best Pinks + Blues

Now that so many of my friends are starting to have babies, I am hearing a lot about choosing the right shades for nurseries, which paint swatches look best, and which shades of pink would look most soothing for the crying baby.  And honestly, when I think of pink, I naively think of one shade. So I've been trying to remind myself of all the different hues that are out there, saturated and washed out, and the ones that are appropriate for each season, which tend to be my favorite. I even like doing Summer brights in Fall just to switch things up and keep people on their toes. Vibrant colors--especially pinks--seem to never get old.

(photos: courtesy of Apartment Therapy)

Pajama Dressing

The thought of getting dressed up in your pajamas sounds pretty amazing right about now. And the fact that designers are making it ok to wear them out, we'll consider me game. After seeing women wearing them well on the street and beyond, consider me a taker. I think they look best when they're not a set and not matched. I happen to love a pajama top with tailored trousers or skinny jeans. Wear print pajama bottoms with some sort of structured top for juxtaposition. If you counter-balance their relaxed vibe, the end result can be relaxation--and addictive comfort.

(photo: courtesy of All the Pretty Birds)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to Wear It: The Little Leather Jacket

I've been having the internal leather jacket debate recently. Primarily: what constitutes the perfect leather jacket. Is it colored the way I think it should be--after all everyone has black. Or is it perfectly worn in and black the way all the ones that I think my favorites are. Now that Fall is here in a big bad way I seem to be seeing leather jackets just about everywhere so I am getting a better idea of what I like. These I definitely do. They're not too short (a big ick on my list) and not too long, hitting at just the right spot. Plus there's enough of a drape in front without giving too much fabric. I happen to think these might be my style standard.

The Perfect Pencil Skirt

So everyone talks about the perfect black pencil skirt and how it's an essential item in every woman's closet. Yada, yada yada. Frankly, I have a hard time walking in one. And if you've been reading this blog at all, you know I love the unconventional. At least I live to talk about the unconventional. I love the look of this teal tweed a-line skirt. I am sure it's from some place as generic as J. Crew but somehow it looks so fresh and new. Paired with any number of things and it looks so much more daring than something streamlined in black. Break from the mold and do what you're friends aren't. I promise a color will last you a whole lot longer than you think.

(photo: courtesy of Atlantis Home)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Girl Crush: Tres Jolie

As someone who has happened to see this girl in action, I can tell you that she's poised to take the LA style scene by storm. But in the meantime just peeping into her stunning closet and seeing her pose in her designer clothes will suffice. I happen to love her French sensibility. It's really understated and the fact that her hair is completely natural and makeup undone and unfussy adds to the allure. Every piece that's she's highlighted in her closet is equally undone. She favors structural gems that speak for themselves. I doubt she's keen on oversized accessories. She lets the clothes do all the talking. Maybe I can learn a thing or two. No wonder everyone is taking notice.

(photos: courtesy of Closetvisit)

Wearing Glitter for Day

It's been a while since I have seen someone where glitter. It went through a huge phase a while ago and I kind of hadn't thought about it in a while...until I saw this picture. But seeing it paired with faded boyfriend jeans and it looks fresh. Instead of seeming overdone and I don't mind it. I don't think she looks too fancy for lounging around in her apartment but instead I'd use the words whimsical and cute. I wish I had her spirit. I think sequins at night for a party is obvious. If you're going to wear them, do it when they're least expecting it.

(photo: courtesy of Glitter Guide)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

FIRST LOOK: Versace for H&M

Yes, you heard me right. Versace is coming to H&M. Talk about the ultimate high-low, right? Known for their opulence they didn't necessarily have to tone down for their fast-fashion collaboration but you can bet their using less expensive fabrics and lower-quality stitching and production to get each piece made. But that doesn't mean they can't be fun. Yes the pieces are kind of out there, but isn't that their whole point? I bet you could find a fun cocktail dress or two, find a great statement piece for the season and even snag a collector's item. I mean the designer herself is a total artist, so why not see if you can find something great. Click here to see the entire collection which includes home goods, shoes, etc.

(photos: courtesy of Fashionista)

SPOTTED: Navajo Prints

So last year when I was busy contemplating whether or not to get a scarf (yes, I know, sometimes I can literally be that indecisive), my stylish friend informed me that Navajo prints were going to be all the rage. And over a year later, she was right and the trend is going strong. From printed bags to scarves to sweaters with the print, you can find subtle or colorful versions and odes to the Southwest that can be done in a way while still staying true to yourself. I like this little collage that was put together by Barneys that shows a few choice pieces that play on the trend. I think the bags are great talking points around which you can build an entire outfit. It's like, yes, please. I think if you're going to start playing with a trend like this, go for add-ons like a scarf, a sweater or even a bag. That way in a season you can swap it out and have enjoyed it without having committed too much to it. But for now, just enjoy.

(photo: courtesy of Barneys)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ideas for Small Spaces

I've said this time and time again. My current close space and situation pretty much sucks. I wish it were different but in the mean time, it's not. So in making due, I'm constantly searching for stealthy tips for ways to make the best out of what I've got (without using the trunk of my car as a coat closet). Thank you Refinery29 for today posting a lovely little piece on clever ways of transforming otherwise useless spaces, and oh what'd I'd do with a walk-in closet. Seriously, it would be dangerous. The repurposed bookshelf as shoe display is pretty interesting and unconventional and the rolling rack shows me yet again that I think I'm long overdue. Always another way to get some space-saving ideas and be reminded of how to do it well. If only for a little stylized inspiration.

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

The Cameo makes a Comeback

I absolutely love what I've just read. The cameo is making a comeback. I've long lusted after these delicate pieces of jewelry if only because they always seem to have such history. I love that you wear them as a necklace and I even more love the idea of using them as a pin and wearing them well into your later years in different incarnations and with different outfits. This image is just the beginning of where the cameo can go. And while the "trend" may be coming back, remember that a cameo is a beautiful investment piece, an heirloom really that tells a story, can pass along heritage and can stay in families for generations. Even if you don't have one in your family, it can be fun to find one at a flea market or antiques fair and come up with a storied past to make your own.

(photo: courtesy of

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Suiting up in Sweatpants

I've gotten to the point where sometimes after a long day of discomfort in jeans I'll literally look longingly at my sweatpants when I get home. It's become that pathetic. I never used to realize just how comfortable they are but for some reason as I've gotten older I've become less comfortable in my "grown-up" attire. That's why I will take any chance I can to jazz up a pair of sweats, which I must say J. Crew does an amazing job of doing. When they made merino wool like harem pants last year I went insane for them. So uber comfortable and they give comfort while still feigning the illusion of not sitting in your apartment on the couch, which might I add is genius. This look just simply pairs a longer blazer and some dressed up flats with the look and all of a sudden it looks intentional. How deceiving is that!

(photo: courtesy of FabSugar)

How To: Add a pop of color

I'm just as guilty as most. When I look at my closet, the majority is black or white--some cream, but let's be honest, I feel safest in these bland colors. I have one red shirt that I got in Paris and let me tell you, it sticks out like a sore thumb against the rest. So even though I've been craving color, I'm not just going to ignore all of the pieces I've already got in my closet already. I've got to add some colorful add-ons to the already neutral, somewhat deco palette. These two street style pics are two perfect examples of how it's done so well. You almost become like a great pop art picture when you add neon and bright hues to black and white. I love the near optical illusion it plays, keeping things looking fresh. Plus, makes things that much less drab for Fall/Winter. Love!

(photos: courtesy of All the Pretty Birds)

Monday, October 17, 2011

DIY: Studded Collar

Because if you've been reading this blog at all you will have noticed by now that the studded collar is a HUGE thing right now. Everyone is getting in on the action. I happen to own my share of collared shirts so this DIY is the perfect use for an old one that's been lying around unworn at the back of my closet. It's super easy with only a quick trip to the hardware store and some tools. It's an edgy version that's not too hard-core. Love it, especially with a pastel shirt so that the juxtaposition is that much stronger. See where I'm going here? Fun project!

(photos: courtesy of Cheetah is the New Black)

An Easier Transition into Fall

Fall is starting to rear it's ugly head and I feel myself running my fingers across knits when I'm browsing the store shelves. But I have to admit, I'm not entirely there yet. I haven't been able to put away all of my tanks and even if I am wearing something wool, you better be believing that I'm wearing a cotton tank underneath it. Maybe it's that I'm in LA and the weather here is fickle (and hovering around 80 degrees almost daily), but I'm dragging my feet into the transition. This image sums up how I'm feeling and reminds me that I can get away with wearing white--and cream--and shades of beige with just a few jet black add ons so I'm not overtly Summer. This off-white outfit incorporates a delicate lace but instead of flip-flops and a straw bag for a day at the beach it's suede black heels and a waxed leather bag for a Fall look at Fashion Week. Now this is something I can get behind and I'd love even a navy blue blazer if things got chilly at night. See where I'm going here. This look lets me take the baby steps I've been craving.

(photo: courtesy of Glamour)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sweater Dressing

Whether you like it or not, sweater weather is officially here. But I think it's so easy to "let yourself go" with bulky, shapeless sweaters. They're thick, tend to be shapeless and can just completely overwhelm you and be completely unflattering. I've figured out a way to keep things looking attractive though while we're still bundled up though. I love the look of a sheer sweater. The pic below shows a perfect example. If you wear a pretty colored bra underneath you still keep things flattering and sexy while still staying warm and covered. So instead of going for only opaque knits for Fall and Winter, see if you can find one that's sheer too. It'll mix things up and lend a flattering silhouette. Completely unexpected.

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

SPOTTED: Aviator Chic

This look, straight off the runway at Bill Blass, is so chic. I love how I've been doing a single breasted look for so long and this isn't just double-breasted but it goes for broke with these amazing gold buttons. To dress things up, it pairs a striped turtleneck underneath and some aviators to complete the look. I think I probably would have worn a lot of these separately if left to my own devices. But, I think if you're going to do it well, why not wear it all together. I love how this outfit looks. It's totally nautical but it takes it to the streets and gives it street cred. I absolutely love it and it's a look that's been popular for decades. What does that mean? It's set to be timeless. A wise investment.

(photo: courtesy of From Me to You)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Fitted Black Tee + Black Jeans + Brown Boots

Remember when we had to have like everything Petite Bateau? I mean they were like so cheap when you bought them in France? I fell victim, too. But then a few years back I went through another phase where I went through my closet and threw away all of my beloved bateaus because I realized how gross and clingy they were and I never wanted to be caught dead in them ever again. See I favor a looser top these days. But then I just saw this picture today and I'm thinking that maybe it doesn't have to be entirely awful. I think the pants can't be outright skinny jeans. There's got to be some give. I think if you wear all black, you're always working with a slim silhouette, so you're pretty much golden anyway. Plus, I love what she did here with the brown shoes. Such a great way to play with shapes. Plus, loving this new blog!

(photo: courtesy of Trop Rouge)

That East Coast Style

This was so me in college. Well, except for the crop top. But this is literally the reason I decided to go back east to school...kind of. Everyone on campus looked like they'd stepped out of a Ralph Lauren ad. And it didn't much change once I actually got to school there. The equestrian motif was strong, though my years were kind of more Polo than actual Ralph Lauren (more popped collars than riding boots). It was all corduroy and tortoise shell and button downs and great scarves. It was so collegiate chic. The New York Times had a great piece about college fashion today--which as I've said is a great place to look for outfit inspiration--and I got all nostalgic for my favorite outfits of my better years. Let's just pretend this is exactly what I wrote--and looked like--back then.

(photo: courtesy The New York Times)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Coveting a Cool Collar

I could not covet this editor's style more. She always looks endlessly chic. But I think what I love here is that she so flawlessly executes the cool collar trend that I seem to be seeing everywhere. Instead of the whole unbuttoned look, everyone is wearing their collars all buttoned up and with some cool embellishments instead. I love when the collar is a different color than the actual shirt, whether it's in the soft, rounded Peter Pan shape or pointed and exaggerated like it is here. You can take an old mens shirt and embellish it with studs or even gluegun up a storm with ribbon, trim, or metal details. It's a super easy DIY that could help you Do the trend pretty easily. Plus, it kind of negates the need for jewelry which makes getting dressed that much easier. That is something I can certainly get behind.

(photo: courtesy of Citizen Couture)

Soft Skirts + Tough Shoes

Literally just last night I was thinking about how I have no shoes. You see, girls have these irrational thoughts every now and then because I literally have a ton of shoes. So I decided to go through all of my shoes because the problem is my closet is so mishapen that I can't see the shoes that I actually have. I came across a pair of black worn-in combatty leather boots and was contemplating whether or not I want to wear them this year for a good ten minutes. Ten minutes I'll never get back. But just when I was thinking about how harsh they look and how they don't go with anything I own, I see a pair of how they can be worn oh-so-perfectly. The key? You've got to mix them with something entirely delicate on top. It won't work with a biker jacket and cargos. The fact that this dress is demure and floral and wispy means that the Doc Martens are unexpected and roughen up the light material. They seem to work together in the strangest way. So maybe I can wear those black leather boots after all. Maybe not in the way that I had envisioned but with some lighter dresses and softer skirts. 

(photo: courtesy of Vanessa Jackman)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Makin' it in Menswear

As much as I want to be the girl who looks adorable in dresses, day in and day out, I think I may be more comfortable in menswear. I feel very certain about that statement especially when I see a look like this. The silk blouse in a great color is a perfect compliment to that pair of jeans that look like a second skin. And those penny loafers, well I just love them. Having just talked about how I'd wear mine (socks, please), these are the perfect way to update my boyfriend jeans, new favorite skinnies, and just about any Summer to Fall outfit in between. Taking one look at this look and I'm reminded why androgyny can be so downright sexy. It's kind of Charlotte Gainsbourge Americana and I like.

(photo: courtesy of MyStylePill)

The Return of the Sock

I finally--finally--just put away the last of my sandals in my effort to go more Fall. Even though it's still scorching in LA, I think it's time to swap out my t-straps for oxfords once and for all. But considering the temps, shorts, skirts and dresses seem to still be on the agenda. So I could go bare legged, yes. After all, not quite ready for textured tights. I have though been seeing a lot of pictures of dames wearing ankle socks in Fall and Winter colors and I think I like the idea. They've got to be worn pretty low, hit close to where the shoe actually hits, and have something delicate about them. I prefer the thin knits to the chunky wools. Scalloped edges are my favorite right now in muted neutrals or greys paired with mahogany penny loafers or cream colored socks with my brown ankle boots. It's a way of introducing Fall into your look with one easy--and inexpensive--add-on without going completely off the deep-end. Plus, if it's not for you, it's simple to swap-out. It may take a sec to get used to, but be warned, it's alarmingly comfortable.

(photo: courtesy of Altamira NYC)

Monday, October 10, 2011

The New Must-Have Boot?

Remember back in high school when those Steve Madden pointy toe boots with the platform were all the rage? Well I graduated from those (thank god) and moved onto a more graduated round toe version. I wore several incarnations of flat boots throughout the past ten or so years, all in various shades, most of them flats, and all of them with some form of round toe. And frankly, they were all addictively comfortable. But now after all these years, some designers are adding a bit of a stacked heel, which I admit I don't mind. A little height gives me a bit of a nice feeling (makes me feel slimmer somehow) and I love that now some pointy heels are back. I don't know if I'm game after this long but I like that there are now more options. Even velvet is being thrown back in. Instead of the basic black leather boot we've got midnight blue velvet boots with a pointy heel. Now, talk about going against the grain...

(photo: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

Spring in Bloom

Yes it's actually Fall (though they're forecasting an Indian Summer heatwave here in L.A. this week), but the Spring '12 runways were all about the big blooms in Europe. Look at this dress, it looks just gorge. But, as the temperatures finally start to drop am I really going to want to wear florals when it's maybe raining and cloudy and achingly cold? Well, if I wear some ribbed tights, a fur snood (yes, snood, it's a round scarf that you throw around your neck), and wonderfully warm boots, then the answer is yes. I think if you Fall-ify these looks then they're really destined to last for seasons on end, doesn't matter if they're technically "Spring." Add in some darker, and more importantly textured pieces (think flannels, knits, and yes, cashmere) and these blooms may just blossom during Winter.

(photo: courtesy of Mr. Newton)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kelly Wearstler's World

Everyone seems to be talking about Kelly Wearstler these days. Maybe it's because she hosted what allegedly was an uber-chic dinner for bloggers in LA last week, or because her store seems poised to open on Melrose just about any day. But I've been thinking a lot about what makes her aesthetic so unusual--and popular. She really goes for broke with whatever she does. Her colors are vivid and the stones she uses in her new jewelry line are all rough cut and with strong colors. Let's just put it this way, none of it is subtle. And yet she's this lovely, sweet almost petite woman and so the contrast is amazing. I've been pouring over her blog that I once wrote about and getting more and more ideas daily. Just fun to revisit every now and then and remember why everyone loves her so.

(photos: courtesy of Kelly Wearstler)

Must Buy: Cute Wristlet

Now I'm not getting that much older, but for some reason I seem to be incapable of not losing things these days. I'd actually prefer to just call it misplacing. So as much as I love using a clutch as a day bag and just grabbing things on the go, I realize that it's a hell of a lot more practical to actually have some way to hold onto them. I read about this adorable new line of camera straps that was created by this former editor and I like the idea of using these for a whole host of things. Toting around a camera for street style projects? Check. Creating a clutch out of a cosmetics case? Somehow I think it's do-able. Plus the interwoven ribbon makes it less functional and more fashionable. Super chic.

(photo: courtesy of Sarah Francis Kuhn)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Falling into Home Decor

Looking at my apartment and there's nothing really "Fall" about it. I've got coral colored pillows, a turquoise paisley print chair and ghost chairs that might as well scream Summer. I live for bright accents these days but while I've been busy amassing bold pieces that pop, I've realized I may be out of season. This home decor image while maybe a bit un-fashiony gives me a good reminder of the Fall color palette. Instead of of those cool colors, I'm option for something more crisp. No more pale yellows and neon pinks, I want more muted tones, mustards and blushes, maybe even a rusty rose. I love the notion of fur or swapping out a light linen throw for a more substantial "fur" one come Winter. That may have to be TBD, but you catch my drift. Great way to think about your wardrobe too, the home is just the beginning.

(photos: courtesy of honestlywtf)

The New Coach Classic

So I've been hearing a lot of chatter ("buzz" if you will) about the new, relaunched Coach Classic bags. There was a lot of press back when it happened but it wasn't until I saw some of today's most "it" bloggers and young ladies around town wearing them that I started to really take notice. They're big oversized bucket bags which means I am automatically drawn to them (you know me, the bigger the better) and they have this great classic shape that truly is a classic given that they've been around forever. The leather literally gets better with age and the colors are these rich deep colors that aren't trendy at all, but somehow sophisticated. Of course it took seeing it on someone else to get me interested but now that I have, color me excited.

(photo: Courtesy of The Glamourai)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The New Heel: Thick & Sturdy

And here's another. It's been years of super skinny heels that you kind of wobble on, made of slivers of metal or what have you, hoping you don't fall, the skinnier and more stilt-like, the better. But now, there's a wave of chunky heels making a comeback. And they're not just chunky. They're curved to make them that more comfortable and walkable. For me, this is tres important and their wearability on long days of walking and standing on my feet is crucial. I happen to love that these look beyond different than what we've seen for years. At first I was turned off. They seemed dowdy, but now I'm kind of intrigued by their grandma-chic element. The thick-heel is back and I guarantee your balance--and back--is giving thanks. Would love to ride this trend for a few least.

(photo: courtesy of New York Magazine)

It's all about the Duffel

So for quite a while now everyone has been about the clutch. After years of shlepping around quite possibly the biggest bag EVER, I've embraced the idea of a smaller satchel that I can swing under my arm and carry between my fingers in a pinch. I can consolidate what I carry with me (which means it's that much less devastating when I lose it) and just look a little more chic when I stand up straighter. Now instead of clutches, apparently the editors in Paris have reverted themselves back to the utilitarian duffel. I'll admit it, it's totally chic. And it's designed by Sofia Coppola no less. But, it's still a leather duffel. It's got a top handle so you don't have to look like you're lugging, and it does fit everything you need, but it's that weekender vibe that apparently everyone is quite into. Can you get behind what's bound to be the next trend in handbags?

(photo: courtesy of

Monday, October 3, 2011

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

It's impossible to read a magazine these days with at least one mention of uniform dressing. I think this is what they're talking about. And this is what it looks like when it's done right. Somehow this isn't exactly what it looks like though, when I embark on my own version of uniform dressing. The leather mini is a perfect rendering of something simple and sleek. instead of wool and schoolgirl plaid, go for broke with a camel-colored lambskin. The collar lays just perfectly against the crewneck sweater and somehow it all has elements of a schoolgirl uniform while still being modern enough to be worn by an adult--and a fashion loving adult at that. I love the way this looks. And the repettos, well after getting a fresh pair in Paris, well I'm reminded anew while those will forever be in my arsenal. Simply put, it's tres chic.

(photo: courtesy of Caroline's Mode)

HEARD: Jason Wu to Target

Ladies and gents, we've got some good news. Now you'd be hard pressed to find someone who was truly pleased with their Missoni for Target experience. More friends than not had their orders delayed or backordered or altogether cancelled. Everything that I ordered kind of wasn't nearly as sparkly and dazzling as it was online, save for the beautiful two vases that are now safely resting on my coffee table. But they may just redeem themselves yet with another high-fashion collab. This time they're teaming up with Jason Wu, set to land in stores on February 5, 2012 (to be exact). He's known for his ladylike take on high fashion so I'm excited to see what's in store. I'm betting there will be some tea dresses, some peter pan collars, and hopefully some fitted cardigans that will make all the madness worth it. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My New Ladylike Jacket

So when I was in Paris I really didn't buy much. Most of the brands are available here and the dollar is terrible (pronounced with a French accent, bien sur). But I did get talked into a very ladylike jacket that is equal parts Chanel and equal parts French Vogue. But I wanted to figure out a way to modernize it a bit to make it young. The solution, skinny jeans a draped tee and flats for the day and trouser jeans and heels for a night out. But I've really been seeing them everywhere and I am so glad I got talked into it. The jackets are tailored enough that I'll be wearing it for years to come--with suits, too--but I can make it hip and trendy and my own. Totally love. 

(photo: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

Filling Your Fall Shoe Closet

I've realized in the past few weeks, while trying to update my closet with more wearable Fall pieces and less crummy Summer ones, that I'm very much lacking in the shoe category. I go back and forth between wanting to invest in some killer pairs that will last me a long time (then getting price tag shock when I actually go to pay) and wanting to just treat myself to a couple of pairs at more reasonable prices so that I have more than just one option. These metallic strappy things fall into the latter category, since their made by the company that licenses a ton of the shoes that are in your closet without you even knowing it. Plus, they've teamed with "it" label Preen to add a nice twist (in the form of acid metallics) that would make these a total statement with any of Fall's army greens and rich, thick greys. Too early to tell what my decision will be but while I'm left contemplating I may just buy these to tide myself over.

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)