Monday, November 8, 2010

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

Another day, another young women who makes me green with envy. This chic nails boho glam with the subtlety of showing hardly any skin (which I LOVE). Pairing the thick knit with the metallic skirt makes this an everyday look, and makes the glam material accessible to everyone. If I passed that skirt on a sales rack, I would pass it right by. But seeing it worn this way, I realize there are so many different ways to wear even the most dressed-up designs to make them right for you. The chunky black boots may seem clunky but I think they add a bit of edge to an otherwise delicate look. The belt is looped and wrapped in a fresh way and all of the elements together work to create a great look. A fresh look from a fresh new blog on my blogroll that I can't get enough of. You better believe it's going into my makeshift inspiration board for holiday inspiration!

(photo: courtesy of Late Afternoon)

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