Sunday, November 21, 2010

In the Trenches

I've always wanted a trench coat. I've never had one, but I've always wanted one. They just look so sharp. I love that Gryphon has updated the regular, ordinary (and boring) design with cool detailing and embellishments to make it more modern for young women. That, I dig. And watching Emma Watson prowl the globe on her Harry Potter press tour, you're able to see the new line of made-to-order custom Burberry trenches that let you customize with studs, leather details, and other cool tricks. But since a one-of-a-kind Burberry trench probably isn't in the cards for most of us, I am thinking of another way to take the classic trench coat and make it young--you know, for us! I think most fashion "experts" would probably say a trench coat is a classic piece that all women should have in their wardrobe (I'm talking to you, Nina Garcia), but I don't think one size fits all and I think we're in need of something a bit more youthful and modern. The one I'm into lately is the sleeveless trench. I think it adds a bit of an edge (the one that Burberry's studs give) and makes it pretty modern. Of course it doesn't entirely serve the same function but I'd argue that fashion is more important. It's a cool new look that I think people are going to start getting into. At least I'd encourage you to give it another look.

(photo: courtesy of Man Repeller)

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