Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cold Weather Cozy

A few years ago, those long, belted sweaters from Autumn Cashmere were all the rage. Actually maybe it was in high school where everyone had one in black (and I'm pretty sure I had different versions in red and cream, too). So since the temperature is dropping (only kind of in L.A.), I'm thinking of resurrecting mine as a modern day housecoat. Presuming I can find it, with a new "belt" (which I am sure I can craft from some new fabric), the sweater coat will get a second life and act almost like a new robe instead of buying some souped up (and expensive) version. I'm a huge home body and an even bigger fan of lounging around, so instead of my overused Free City sweatshirts, this may be a perfect alternative. Warm, cozy, and long enough to linger in. Sounds like the perfect cold weather accessory to me.

(photo: courtesy of Autumn Cashmere)

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