Thursday, November 18, 2010

We're all Just Kids

As an homage to my fellow Book Clubbers, I thought I'd point out that Just Kids (our designated read a few months back) just won the National Book Award. So even though the book was highly divisive (some officially hated it), I think at the very least it's good for some sartorial inspiration. Patti's chic feathered do definitely launched as many haircuts as "The Rachel" but her masculine look is something that I can get some ideas from. An oversized men's blazer for fall, belted with a cute double wrapped belt? Sounds tres chic. An oversized men's button down with the sleeves rolled up paired with a big bad necklace and some skinny pants? Sounds perfect. This pic is a particular favorite because I can recreate it with everything I have in my closet (especially those new high-waisted jeans). Instead of suspsenders, I may make it more "my own" by wrapping a scarf around my neck instead. Adding a few of Patti's touches to mine to turn it into something special--and totally noteworthy.

(photo: by Robert Mapplethorpe)

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  1. Just so ya know, I loved this book! - Jacquie