Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Want to be Her

I've been a longtime fan of Andrea Linett since she co-founded Lucky Mag a while ago and ever since she's done a handful of amazing things that have only upped her cred in my book. Her "I Want to be Her" blog spots incredibly chic women on the street and profiles them in a quick and accessible way to give you style inspiration on a near daily basis. Now she's compiled these wondrous women in a book that promises the same thoughtful insight that everything she does seems to have. A welcome addition to the stack.

(photo: courtesy of Fashionista)

SPOTTED: New from Uniqlo

I've always been a fan of the Trench though it's relevance of wear seems to be pretty fleeting. It's perfect for Spring and maybe a few short weeks in Fall...and that's it. I love the look here (featured in the Fall Uniqlo campaign) that shows a Trench layered over a quilted puffer vest for ultimate versatility. I would have never thought to combine the two but if done in a proportionate way, it actually works, and adds texture and color to an otherwise monochromatic look.

(photo: courtesy of Fashionista)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Perfect Hostess Gift

I just stumbled upon the perfect new coffee table book that--dare, I say--makes the perfect hostess gift. In the vein of Miss Manners and the Tiffany Guide to Table Manners, this is an updated version for the modern, digital age. Emily Post's Etiquette: Manners for a New World promises tips on how to unfriend on Facebook and all of life's new-age problems that confront us in our daily iphone slinging lives. 

(photo: courtesy of @styledotcom)

Fall From Chanel

As trivial as it may seem, one of the most exciting seasonal shifts occurs when the hot pink and coral polishes make way for their deep dark purpley counterparts come late September and October. It's always a bit jarring to see that first dark shade on your nails, but then it becomes a Fall and Winter necessity. The latest from Chanel introduces darker tones but still with a feminine feel so the transition will be that much easier. Think pink undertones and refreshing shades you'll want to have on year-round.

(photo: courtesy of Fashionista)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SPOTTED: New from Karl Lagerfeld

Last year Karl Lagerfeld stunned everyone when he launched a low-priced collection for Net-a-Porter that did a genius job of conveying his very distinct aesthetic in a competitively priced line. He's back at it with NAP and the palette is still the striking black white and grey that serves the Kaiser very well in his own look. It's full of tailored detailing with edgy, almost rock'n'roll twists that will liven up your look and inject your day-to-day with a little downtown desirability.

(photo: courtesy of Fashion Week Daily)

A New Wave Schoolgirl

There is something about this image that I keep going back to. Maybe it's the smoking slippers in a pretty ruby jewel tone, the flared skirt or the button down that make it the perfect school girl uniform meets uptown look done right, but I would absolutely wear this outfit. With a cute little jacket for night (thinking an updated tweed or even denim) and a pair of chunky, modern heels, I'd breathe new life into the look for an easy day-to-night transition.

(photo: courtesy of )

Monday, August 27, 2012

Spotted: NARS x Warhol

Add this to the list of cool makeup collectibles that I'd love to keep--and maybe never use because it's too cool and pretty. NARS just released their latest collab, this time imprinting their compact powders with cool Warhol images that make these powders somehow come to life. As if they weren't covetable enough now there's an exciting treat every time you open them up.

(photos: courtesy of

How To: Wear Mismatched Colors

I saw this picture of a Lucky Magazine staffer online and the first thing I thought was why is she wearing so many different colors. They're fairly mismatched and then as I let the image sink in all of a sudden I didn't mind. I realized that the cut of all the clothes she was wearing was pretty tailored and for some reason it helped offset the conundrum of color that's going on. I think if you're going to go for an unconventional color pairing, keep the silhouettes tailored, avoid loose shapes and baggy fabrics and keep it sleek, and well-fit. The result is you'll focus more on the way it looks on you than the way it looks together.

(photo: courtesy of Lucky Magazine)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

How To Transition to Fall: Zara Knows How

I spotted this look and I just couldn't love it more. I'd probably never wear it but I love the juxtaposition of the thick cable knit turtleneck in white and the trim little leather shorts in sleek black. The black booties are the perfect addition and each piece is a Fall to Winter staple and you'll wear them with everything you already own. It's essential pieces like these that will make the onset of Fall weather--and dressing--that much easier.

(photo: courtesy of Zara)

Textured Slippers

Everything these days is all about the flat, and the more textured and embellished the better. The latest I've found (and fell in love with) is ones that appear draped in perfect '80s fabric that is textured and stands out in the best possible way. They're ideal for daytime wear and I love the idea of dressing them up for night because they just seem so damn comfortable.

(photo: courtesy of With My Head In The Clouds)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Lipstick Red from Anthropologie

I think as you get older, you tend to find what works best for you with clothes and stick with it. With makeup, I think you start to take a few more risks, trying new blushes, shadows, primers and lipsticks. I've been spending the last few years acquainting myself with reds and though I think I've found the right shade for my skintone, I don't mind trying another shade just to make sure. This latest hue from Anthropologie is sure to feature something slightly different from texture to finish to overall effect. The hunt continues.

(photo: courtesy of Beauty Counter Blog)

New From Helmut Lang + Chic Muse

Helmut Lang has teamed with Chic Muse blogger Denni Elias to show a curated take on some of their coolest designs for Fall. In amazing graphic, near psychadelic prints and flattering wraparound fits, the collection gets a real life interpretation with the help of street style bloggers like Denni. It helps bring the clothes to life in a way that we all covet--as if I needed any more help with Helmut Lang.

(photo: courtesy of ChicMuse)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fall From Sandro

If you know me but at all right now, you know I stalk pretty much any French brand--let's face it, they all are frighteningly stylish.The latest lookbook of Fall's best from Sandro is a mix of preppy perfection and deep dark colors that mix goth references with schoolgirl details. It's got an edge but still has something sweet to it, so you can break it up to go for whatever look you're feeling that day. Plus, it's French, which makes it foolproof.

(photos: courtesy of Because I'm Addicted)

New: Tinted Moisturizer Compact

I've never been one for heavy makeup and I even like diluting my tinted moisturizer with a heavy cream for a sheer finish. But I also love the look of a compact like never before--I blame Aerin Lauder's forthcoming collection. So I'm excited that Laura Mercier's bestselling tinted moisturizer with SPF is now giving me everything I want in one. I can avoid the mess of a tube with the sleek finish of a metallic compact that looks just as pretty when I beg for a mid-evening touch-up. As a beauty editor noted, it's meant to amplify your natural beauty.

(photo: courtesy of Beauty Counter Blog)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fall's Color Transition

As August sadly winds down, we're slowly beginning to think about how we're going to transition our favorite hot pink and bright items from our Summer closet into all the dark, rich tones of Fall. I love this picture because it presents a challenge. It literally screams Summer in its brightness. But swap out the bright pink top for a heather grey crewneck or even a chambray shirt and you're taking your first steps toward Fall. Love the pink top? Pair it with flannel cropped trousers or dark skinny jeans and an oversized cardigan for day and you've got a go-to look for the Fall months. One step at a time.

(photo: courtesy of OhJoy)

New Read: The Sartorialist Goes Global

The Sartorialist's original book could well be called a classic and it's been holding steady ground on my bookshelf for quite a while now. I can still flip through on any occasion and get transported away into amazing apparel, accessory and aesthetic choices. That's why I am so excited that photog Scott Schuman is releasing his second book filled with international shots in just a week's time. Closer promises to be another great lens into the amazing street style that informs trends just as much as runways these days.

(photo: courtesy of The Stylist)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Street Style Inspiration of the Weekend

I find something about this image to be quite Lolita-esque. She's got edge to her with the motorcycle jacket and yet the soft pastel color keeps it sweet. I love the way her tee underneath isn't tough at all, but neutral enough to let the jacket be the centerpiece--yet with enough skin showing to keep it interesting. It shows just how powerful the perfect leather jacket can be, how customized you can make it, and how it can help shape your look.

(photo: courtesy of JouJou)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How To Wear: Oversized Trousers

I have this exact pair of pants in my closet and time and time again they sit unworn. I can't quite seem to figure out how to wear them and look chic and girly. I end up wearing an oversized tee and looking obscenely casual. But seeing how they can be dressed up in this street style photo may give them new life. Messily cuffed with a tailored blazer, sleek heels and a complementary blazer are the perfect way to slowly transition into Fall in a casual cool way. California perfection.

(photo: courtesy of Le Catch)

The Blue Blazer

Ever since I lost my beloved Rag & Bone blazer a few years back in a tragic taxi incident, I've never quite been able to find a suitable alternative. I've looked--and bought what I thought were suitable replacements--but nothing really comes close. The wool was just right and the buttons were the shiny metal of preppy perfection. This double breasted navy version may come pretty damn close. I love that while I thought I needed black, this may change my mind and I'm into the idea of double breasted verses the single button closure I've been wearing for years. Such a fresh--yet still old-time--alternative to consider.

(photo: courtesy of Club Monaco)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Perfect Gift Idea

I'm running into quite a few occasions of late (birthdays, special somethings) that call for a sweet little gift that is unique, charming and somewhat original. A gift is that perfect chance to nail your understanding of the recipient and also display some of your own style and chic taste as well. I came across Catbird the other day and loved the simplicity of their jewelry. I love that it's stackable, which is different than all the other bold pieces I've been wearing, meaning I can wear their delicate alphabet rings or simple bracelets with everything else I already own. They're sweet, can be personalized and have an element of thoughtfulness that's essential for the perfect gift.

(photo: courtesy of Catbird NYC)

Fringe Benefits

As my stock of button-downs (chambray, silk and otherwise) grows increasingly large, I'm noticing more and more that they're really the building block of any great grown-up look, no matter the season. Take this great statement feathered coat with an army green silk button down. The button down helps offset the coat, creating the perfect wear-anywhere outfit with the simple denim and great shades. No matter Summer, Fall or Winter, an essential button-down will add polish and versatility to any look.

(photo: courtesy of Equipment Tumblr)

Monday, August 13, 2012

For Fall: Brocade

One of the things that I've been really liking lately is brocade. The thickness feels expensive and there's something about it that (appropriately) looks like it's from another era. I think it's easy to go with a brocade skirt or even maybe a top. What I haven't seen are flared brocade pants in a beautiful metallic that this street style photographer managed to capture abroad. It's definitely the unexpected choice which is why it is so amazing. They're tailored perfectly and paired with really crisp, streamlined top and blazer, which look flawless. 

(photo: courtesy of All the Pretty Birds)

The Golden Heel

This could easily be a DIY, and I've actually been seeing it more and more--the golden heel. It doesn't have to be a high heel, in fact I like a stacked flat or boot heel best. I love the way it adds a regal pop to your shoes (particularly a boring black pair) and instantly dresses them up--making them quirky for day and near perfect for night. You could spray-paint the heels of existing pairs gold or search for the style for Fall, it's coming in strong.

(photos: courtesy of Canned Fashion)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

SPOTTED: Kirna Zabete for Target

I'm very excited that the promise of a new The Shops at Target is again under way, this time featuring Kirna Zabete, a killer Soho store that is famous for featuring the best, most collectible items from the hottest designers. Their latest capsule collection for Target combines the two owners' amazingly bright and vivid aesthetic with Target's accessible prices for one of their can't-miss combos.

(photos: courtesy of Fashionista)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Perfect Crossbody Bag

This bag accomplishes a lot at once. First, it's from Ann Taylor and comes in at less than $200--I'm sold right there. Second, the crossbody style means I'm hands free and can tote whatever I need--the ideal style for my on-the-go days. Plus, the rich color is called oxblood, which is one of the hottest colors you'll be seeing all Fall long. It's a perfect pop against the season's dark colors, I especially love it with a heather grey. 

(photo: courtesy of The Cut)

How To: Wear Leopard To Work

I recently caught this picture of one of Rebecca Minkoff's faithful employees at work and I loved her take on breezy Summer wear. I think leopard can be hard to pull off while looking tasteful (I think it's definitely easier to use as a layering tool in Fall and Winter). But this high/low skirt combo, paired with a white basic top and updated gladiator heels is the perfect antidote to simple white Summer dresses and gives you a bit of an edgier look.

(photo: courtesy of Racked)

Cable Knit: The New Basic

A simple camel colored cableknit sweaters was one of my wardrobe heavy hitters last Winter--if anyone who saw me at least once can attest. I wore it with everything, because it simply went with everything. So excited am I at the prospect of adding a few more to my rotation and I love that Glamour styled a version from LL Bean in a number of fashion-forward yet unique ways. This quote "This sweater has officially replaced the white tank as my wear-with-everything neutral," sums it all up perfectly. It is versatile and essential for layering, plus with a preppy vibe that has been a standard of mine for ages. 

(photos: courtesy of Glamour)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How To: Updated Oxfords

One of my favorite pairs of shoes from the past two years has been a pair of black studded oxfords that I've dubbed as man repellent in their shape and look. But I can't help it, I love them so. As I think ahead to Fall and Winter I realize they need a good ole sprucing and I've been thinking of different ways that that can be done without sacrificing what I love. These street style photos brought me inspiration in the form of neon and brightly colored rubber soles affixed to your average oxfords. It's an easy fix--or update at a shoe repair--and I'm thinking of which color would work best with my reliable favorites.

(photo: courtesy of StreetFSN)

The New Black

There's something about basic black that can be slimming, stunning and the ultimate in versatility. But designers are going beyond to come up with a new normal with printed versions that are subtle so that it's almost a trick on the eyes. These printed leather dresses from ASOS dress up conventional black leather with something a bit different, out of the ordinary and unexpected, which means you'll stand apart from the pack of little black dresses.

(photo: courtesy of T Magazine)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dannijo for Calypso

Everywhere I go, I hear about Dannijo these days and I love their oversized take on colorful costume jewelry. So now that they're collaborating with Calypso--my answer to resort and beach dressing--the results are guaranteed to be sun-drenched spectacular. I envision these with white denim and chambray shirts, vibrant maxi dresses and just about anything that's bound for a day lolling on the beach. Wear them with more casual items for a juxtaposition of casual and dressy, the combo is unexpected and effective.

(photos: courtesy of Refinery29)

Inside Kiernan Shipka's Closet

Needless to say, I most certainly did not have this kind of closet when I was Kiernen's Shipka's age. I hope this doesn't set her up for inevitable failure because she's so goddamn cute, but whoever is guiding her sartorial choices is straddling the line between sweet and femme in a perfectly age appropriate way. And yet, I still want to wear it all. Perfection.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

How To: Fall Colorblocking

For several seasons now everyone has been talking about colorblocking. But while others are going to be trying to wear the look to the best of their ability, I like the idea of grabbing it to go with one of these really fun bags from Rebecca Minkoff. I love that it's small enough that you can wear it anywhere and you can also easily transition it to Fall which isn't as easy with a bold, bright dress. The color combo is infectious and it's the perfect way to add a punch of color while still making the trend yours.

(photo: courtesy of Minkette Muse)

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

Sometimes simple is best. I had to part with a striped shirt this weekend and it was so sad. I love me a bateau striped shirt. So I love that this one is not only chic (and perfect when paired with camel) but in a new red color that looks so fresh for Fall--and beyond. The fit is timeless and could work with a skirt, denim or a cute camel schoolgirl skirt with penny loafers this Fall and the red is a nice alternative to all the navy striped shirts that everyone else is wearing (including me).

(photo: courtesy of Glitter Guide)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How To: An Asymmetrical Hem

I've realized that without even noticing it, most of the skirts or dresses that I've bought lately all inexplicably have uneven hemlines. Most often shorter in the front and longer in the back, adding a sweep of elegance with every step and a bit of leg with every foot forward. I'm still a proponent, but I also like the look of a drape that is angular on the side. They look great with a cropped jacket and on a longer hem (think near maxi length). It's the perfect transitional piece for Summer into Fall and layers well with booties for a day to night look.

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)