Monday, November 22, 2010

SPOTTED: New Ray Bans at last!

Sitting down for an afternoon of tea on Sunday (I know, but it's not as snooty as it sounds, I swear), and I spied a girl who was so cute. Maybe it was because I love her outfit of skinny jeans, an oversized draped cardigan, a leather jacket and flats, but it was something that wasn't clothing that actually made her stick out to me the most. She was wearing a pair of Ray Bans but in a new style I'd never seen and they had a retro vibe to them that was totally spot on. Now aside from my affinity for Freeway Eyewear, I've been pretty loyal to my Wayfarers for some time. Even after a sneaky employee from Rosti stole my one pair, I caved and bought the identical pair again. They just suit my face so well, I think the tortoise shell is uber-flattering against my brown hair and fair skin, and they're reasonable (enough) for when I absent-mindedly leave them on random take out counters. But, I am also pretty sure I can name at least 10 people I know who have the exact same pair. Literally. So how do I stand apart when I really love them but want to be a tad more original? These rounded wayfarers are new to the game and I think they have a vintage feel to them. They're just as flattering as the pair I already own and come with an equally enticing price tag. A wonderfully unexpected new take on my old classic fave.

(photo: courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue)

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