Thursday, September 29, 2011

Navajo for Fall

I remember stumbling across a Navajo design last Fall. I think it had something to do with Pendleton for Opening Ceremony but I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it. Not knowing what to do, I consulted a few fashionable friends of course, one of whom informed me that Navajo prints were going to be very big. I wasn't quite yet there though and I wasn't going to be the one at the forefront of the trend. A short year later and it's still going strong. I like the feelings of Fall that it brings with it, in the textured heathered grey, oranges and browns and that feeling of rust that is really warm. This colors highlighted below the image are quintessential Fall colors and something that I wouldn't mind cozying up next to aside a warm, blazing fire. Fall made fashionable.

Street Style Inspiration for the Weekend

While my editor friends are busy taking the world by storm at Paris Fashion Week (le sigh, bien sur), I thought this was a cute little reminder of how we do it back on our home turf. It may be quaint and simple, but we've got a few street style stars here ourselves and it gives me inspiration to try a little bit harder tomorrow morning when I get dressed. The world is your own personal sidewalk (catch that, sidewalk is more important than runway these days), and it's never too late to start looking the part.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

For Fall: The Trench Report

As soon as she saw it in the window of The Kooples in the Marais (this chic little boutique store that happened to be all over Paris), my travel copaine Nicole had to have a trench coat. She spent many a day strolling around Paris planning her perfect Parisian outfits to wear back home and at the top of that list was the ultimate trench coat. So French. Well, thank god, she found one stateside at Zara, and quite a few Euro less than that one in the window at The Kooples. Moral of the story ladies and gents is that trenches are big. Despite me being the biggest fan ever of Gryphon, I have yet to get me one of their delish trenches myself. So maybe Nicole was actually onto something. It's so prepster chic.

(photo: courtesy of Cali Vintage)

Silver Medal Winner

I have to say that for the past few years, I've been all about gold. Particularly lately, I've been dying for anything rose gold. But with the price of gold at record levels, accumulating real heirlooms seems like an impractical hobby. I want more gold bangles and I weep at the cost. So even though all of my sterling jewelry needs a hefty polishing, looking at this image of a modern display of arm candy gives me hope yet. There's definitely room right now for silver jewelry. I still like the idea of mixing and matching, but you can also just do all out silver on one wrist, pairing bracelet after bracelet with tons of different stones. I haven't seen too many girls doing it which makes me like it even more. Time to take out the polish.

(photo: courtesy of New York Magazine)

Monday, September 26, 2011

From the Front Row: Bejeweled Shoes

Judging by the behind the scenes looks from Fashion Week, my favorite are actually the photos that are shot off the runway, Spring '12 is all about jeweled shoes. these stunners are about as good as they get. They're totally done up in the sense that they literally can make an outfit. Sure, everyone is thinking that they're perfect with a simple black dress because they're so ornate that they need to shine on their own, but I'd opt to pair them with a big, bad print. Why not, right? I think the stronger the textures, the greater the shoes will look. This is honestly a foolproof DIY--if only I owned a glue gun--that you can use to update any old pair of heels or wedges. Seriously, easy. Get on it, ladies.

(photo: courtesy of The Coveteur)

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

I used to hate with a capital "H" my uniform in grade school. It was jumpers and button downs and sweater vests in a palette of grey and white and navy. But now, funny enough, when I think about what I gravitate toward, it's peter pan collars, that trusty Theory grey sweater vest, and a grey shift dress that seems pretty standard uniform when you really look at it. This pic just shows how adorable a "uniform" can actually be--and how you can dress it up in a way that makes it look anything but. The penny loafers are an ironic add-on and the belt is a nice touch too. Note the brown on top of a black dress...well played. The Peter Pan collar is a particular fave (see nearly every outfit that Alexa Chung wears) and that cardigan, well, we all love a cardigan. So excited to go all schoolgirl. It doesn't have to look lame, there's a way to make it cute--and stylish--yet.

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Accessory: Collar Tips

I know this may seem like grasping at nothing but considering I wear a button down most days, I'm trying anything new to reinvent the wheel if you will, to make things still look and feel fresh for Fall. I love wearing a silk Equipment blouse out at night, but sometimes I feel like I look a bit too librarian. I never feel comfortably really unbuttoning it too much and it doesn't tuck that nicely into pants. So what to do. Well adding collar tips, like these sterling ones, would certainly accessorize without the chunky necklaces I'm apt to favor. It's something I haven't quite seen before and I am fairly certain they'd be a conversation starter, plus they'd reinvent what I already own. Precisely what I'd been looking for!

(photo: courtesy of Fashion Toast)

New Color Combo: Mustard + Hunter Green

If you're anything like me, sometimes it's hard not to step out for the day in a mixture of different shades of black. If I'm lucky, maybe a grey or two. And especially now that Fall is here, the challenge has become even greater. That's why I love seeing weather-appropriate color combos that look seasonally perfect and are two shades that I wouldn't necessarily put together but that look pretty bangin' when done well. This mustard blouse paired with the deep dark green on the bottom is flawless. I don't know that I'd reverse them (i.e. mustard on the bottom), but the way it's done here is right. Plus, they're both tailored and the separates seem to fit just right. Add in some neutral accessories (I'd ideally like a leopard) and I'm pretty sure the look would be complete!

(photo: courtesy of New York Magazine)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I NEED: Leopard shoes

I've been on a mission lately and aside from not shopping (that's literally part of the mission), it's been to find the perfect pair of leopard shoes. The best/worst part? They seem to be everywhere. I can literally find a pair for every occasion. The pair with an LBD and a leather jacket for a hypothetical night on the town? Multi-strap wedges with calf-hair detail are dreamy. Something a bit more refined with a shift dress and those Parisian cardigans I can't seem to get enough of? Point toe versions in rich hues like reds and buff. No matter where I go, I'm reminded that whether I like it or not, at some point there just going to have to become a part of my--at least weekly--routine. Plus, at the very least, I keep arguing that leopard is the latest neutral. So they go with everything. Perfectly justifiable.

(photos: courtesy of Barneys)

How to: Tie a skinny belt

After years spent amassing a collection of thicker than thick low-slung hip belts, skinny belts seem to be all the thing. The longer, the better. Instead of being the perfect length to fit perfectly through the loops, these can be loose, and kind of undone, that's part of the appeal. If you only knew how much time I've spent getting new holes punched into belts so they'd lie perfectly flat, I still find this new way of "finishing" the belt quite funny. Doesn't matter how long the end is, you simply tuck it over and around and voila. Literally, that easy. It helps that these belts are all super skinny so it doesn't create any bulk and it's super easy to maneuver. It's undone while still look chic and easy and quite possibly perfect.

(photos: courtesy of Gap)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How To: Layering Prints

Layering can be a difficult trend to pull off, and I always end up looking more hobo than glam when I try to pair prints or put stripes over tweed or polka dots. Here's a reminder that it can actually be done well. I think the key here is that both of the patterns have the same base colors. They're not exactly matchy matchy but they do go together, meaning they can be worn together without even thinking twice. If the top layer of tweed was purple and brown, forget it. The look wouldn't work. It's the simplest trick, but really it can make or break if you can keep piling on the layers for Fall. I happen to love the effect when it's done well (aka, properly), so I'm going to keep trying. Practice makes perfect.

 (photo: courtesy of New York Magazine)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

Is this just not the coolest in-action street style photo? It makes me want to get dressed up. And not like going out to dinner dressed up. It takes those 9-to-5 work dressing rules and kind of turns them on their head. First there's the skirts. Instead of the conventional pencil skirt, which frankly I find impossible to move in, one's got flounce with a ruffle hem and the other comes in an animal skin. So there. Those sensible pumps? They've got dominatrix ankle straps to get rid of any prudish notions and the handbag has cool metal hardware to make that basic black look anything but. It takes everything we think we need to wear to work and kind of tweaks it to make it interesting, new and young. This picture seems to capture it all and is a great reminder of how to keep it fresh when everything around you seems so boring and old.

(photo: courtesy of The Sartorialist)

Jenna Lyons: Flawless, Again

Every time I see Jenna Lyons (Creative Director for J. Crew), I end of bookmarking the images or saving it to my desktop because she always has that disheveled preppy look down pat. Today was no different when I stumbled upon this perfect one where she's reimagined that print pant trend that I've been seeing everywhere. Instead of the loose unstructured version, hers is every bit tailored, paired with those stripes that have become a total signature of the store. I happen to like that instead of the conventional navy and white sailor stripes, these chunky black and cream ones are a bit more dressed up and see a bit more Fall for the occasion. The look could be daytime casual with some leopard flats or dressed up with some booties and a leather jacket. God, she gets me every time. No wonder they pay her so much money.

(photo: courtesy of A Lovely Being)

Monday, September 19, 2011

SPOTTED: Pretty Prints at Mulberry

So I kind of have a thing for Mulberry. And of course everyone dies for their bags, and yes I do love them a whole lot (as I sit here petting my latest). But I think what they really kill it with is their prints. Every season they do something that is new and different. They did an animal print in hot pinks and purples that was very fresh and a muted tortoise shell that they printed onto a handbag that was rad, too. Now they just showed their latest round of designs in London and with it comes these hazy psychedelic-ish prints that are kind of hazy 70s in their muted sherbet colors. I guarantee you'll be seeing a whole lot more of these very soon, Mulberry is beginning to be everywhere...and that's just the way I like it.

(photo: courtesy of

The Sheer Nylon Trend

So Kate Middleton came to town and sparked the whole sheer pantyhose debate. And while I kind of cringe (makes me think of those 80's versions you buy in the egg-type canister from Duane Reade), I do think she's made it so they're far more chic then they ever used to be. I think they can give the effect of being uber slimming and sometimes (dare I say it), super opaque tights, which I am completely partial too, maybe a bit too "harsh" for a more feminine look. If they don't quite work or look too "heavy," just swap them out for a different pair. Try a drugstore version first and see if you like them. It's super inexpensive and kind of looks grown-up chic. You know, in that princess kind of way.

(photo: courtesy of New York Magazine)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Short and Sweet

Now that Fall is allegedly here (you couldn't tell by L.A.'s balmy weekend weather), I've been itching to clean out my closet. I even think my sweaters may need an overhaul before I fold them ever-so-neatly for the cold weather picking. But before I get ready to purge, this pic reminds me that I can't be too picky when it comes to length. My first instinct would be to chuck anything that didn't hit at just the right point right at my hips. I find that length the most flattering. But what if I tried a sweater that's a bit shorter and paired it with a longer oxford shirt underneath, saving it from the Goodwill pile once and for all. Paired with a pair of lace-ups or loafers and some sleek pants and it's all of a sudden a prepsters paradise. The proportions are against what I've ever been willing to consider but I think that they certainly can work. The case has been made.

(photo: courtesy of New York Magazine)

SPOTTED: Alexa Chung for Madewell...Again

Last time Alexa Chung did a collection for Madewell, I wasn't able to get my hand on a single piece. And to this day, I still dream about its polka-dotted, peter pan collared goodness. So now that's she has designed a second capsule collection for the store, I'm all about it. It has the same dainty details that she's become known for but with those boyish elements that make her look that much more unique. Sweet mid-thigh shorts come in a delicate drape but a rough black leather. There's a lace cocktail dress that would actually look great for day with some brown boots and a cardigan with a contrasting trim that looks every-bit Chanel. It's a nice combination of the elements that are a signature of this it-Brit's style and can be yours--and mine--too!

(photo: courtesy of Fabsugar)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

This isn't about you, this is about me. This is a reminder to myself to wear my black with my brown--together! I got a pair of brown boots this year, the first in quite a while and since I put them on the very first time, I haven't quite been able to take them off. So now I'm committed to brown boots on my feet at all times with a closet full of black. But don't fret, they can be worn together. Here they look super cute. The brown is a bit worn in, more of an antique or vintage feel about it so that it isn't too clashy, and I think the green is just another layer to the puzzle in this case. It all looks quite effortless without having the hassle of swapping out your accessories every day. The boots on my feet were made to stay.

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

How to Layer for Fall

Every weekend I kind of leave my apartment for prolonged periods of time with heaps of clothing because I never quite know what the temperature will be or how hot or cold I'll get. I always end up with these haphazard layers that look more homeless than chic. Here is a cutesy video about the art of layering which comes at just the right time seeing as Fall's made for the crucial dressing trick. Especially since it's a perfect way to get the most mileage out of what you already own--simply wear it all piled on top of eachother for a more "textured" feel. Get some ideas from adorable blogger Geri Hirsch and try the look out for yourself. Wearing two sweaters--or even blazers--together never looked so good.

(photo: courtesy of because I'm addicted)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SPOTTED: J. Crew for Spring '11

I am telling you, every day I feel differently. I go back and forth between the two: 1) I am getting older, I am should really "streamline" my look with simpler, more classic pieces that are less fussy, less prints and patterns and more flattering versus, 2) who am I kidding, I love fashion and sometimes layering textures is just so much richer and more interesting than not. So clearly I am a bit confused. Looking at what they've just debuted for J. Crew Spring 2012 in New York and their clean palette is still there but the pairing of unusual prints and fabrics seems to be what the line really does so well. These prints seem a bit more "grown" up too and in deeper shades that make them feel less dressed-down and more "corporate" if that makes sense. I love how they look when worn together because sometimes you just can't be bothered to create separate outfits. Just a little look at what to expect in the coming months...

(photo: courtesy of

Trend Alert: Pink Pants

So I guess I kind of thought the whole bright color blocked pants crazed was going to die with Summer but apparently I didn't get the memo. Seeing this pic of a lady in LA dressed up on Fashion Night Out and I realize that the richer hues are still going strong for Fall. I love that despite her wearing a lighter sweater up top, it still manages to be a very "Fall" tailored look. I think the different may lie in the type of pant it is. Instead of wearing denim (Though Rag & Bone's rich colors are still very hot right now), hers are more tailored meaning she can really dress them up a bit more and they work in a few more ways. Loving the sleek black heel on the bottom and the overall feel of this girly but classic look.

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Laces

As we start to get into the throes of Fall, one thing is certain, the sandals have been packed away (well, for most) and the boots are starting to make their way into regular rotation. I've started to be somewhat proud of the few pairs that I do own (thank you, Rag & Bone) and I do have my eye on a pair of lace-ups as well. But looking at this great shot of on-the-brink blogger Atlantic-Pacific and I've come across a great idea to reinvent all of Fall's darker boots--with a great pair of unexpected, colored laces. Even a braided alternative would work, just something that is deliberately mismatched and can spruce up even the most ordinary pair from Nine West. Try and envision what you see on the shelves as going one step further with just the easiest swap. Shown her in the cutest neon version.

(photo: courtesy of Atlantic Pacific)

Those Silk Print Pants in Action

So you know those pants I was talking about....those pants that every chic Parisian was wearing. Well here you go. Here they are executed just about perfectly. I think I love the hat because I could never pull one off and I love the way that even though she paired hers with a sweatshirt-type design, it looks like anything but pajamas. It's got a relaxed vibe while still being uber fashionable, dressed up with stylish accessories like a ladylike handbag and some well thought out heels. The sweatshirt is casually half tucked in to give it a relaxed but still not too casual look while still looking put together. I am telling you, I really do love this look and this is giving me a great idea of how to do it well.

(photo: courtesy of Fashion Toast)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Must-Have Dress

This is literally my favorite time of year. I love looking at all of the pictures of fashion shows and hitting refresh on Twitter seeing what my favorite editors are saying about the latest collections. This picture is courtesy of hometown fave Jenni Kayne's latest show. Simply put, I need this dress. Paired with a pair of periwinkle suede heels for a night out. Done. Black or metallic slides for a bridal shower, simply perfect. I can literally think of twenty different places and occasions that this dress would be utterly ideal at and it's on my wish list. I just have to wait for it's Spring delivery.

(photo: courtesy of

Colors to Have

Every season, Pantone (aka the arbiter of all things color) comes out with a guide of what's going to be the next best set of "it" colors. They just released their latest bunch for Spring 2012 and while it may seem like ages away, it's good to get a feel of what we've got in store. Colorblocking is still big so you can even consider wearing some of these together. The blue is nearly navy, though not quite deep enough which gives all of the deep navy in my closet a run for its money. The orange up top, not nearly rust either. It's all of Fall's rich colors in one shade brighter, so it makes just a smidge more sense for Spring. Start thinking--and planning--ahead. These are going to be the colors you're going to be seeing--and wanting--soon.

(photo: courtesy of Glamour)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fall Looks: What to Wear

I can't even tell you how many times I've tried on some version of a fur or faux-fur vest. I always get so excited, wide-eyed, try it on, and then take it off, realizing it just doesn't look right on me. But I'm thinking while looking at this picture that maybe I've been getting the proportion wrong this whole time. Look at the way this vest hits just below the hips. That way it elongates you, while so many that I've tried have been too short and boxy. The best way to offset the vest? Wear it with a long, flared pant so that nothing gets cut off, but instead everything is long and lean. If you're creating bulk with a big vest, it makes sense to create a fluid line with the rest of what you're wearing and this shows just how to do it--and do it well.

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

Trend Alert: Silk Print Pants

Pardon the delay my sweets. I've been deep in the trenches in Paris and doing a bit of trendspotting in my downtime. One of the many many things I noticed (which I will certainly get to on the blog) was that all the chicest girls were wearing these kind of draped silk print pants. Not quite those pajama pants types, but a bit of a tailored top with an elegant tapered fit. They honestly look so incredible when worn with a basic top (think plain grey tee or crewneck sweater) and come in the most brilliant prints. We saw them everywhere--and my travel copaine even tried on her very own pair. I can't wait to see when this trend finally makes its way across the Atlantic, it's going to be major.

(photo: courtesy of FabSugar)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Street Style Inspiration for the Weekend

I've been talking a lot lately about long dresses. The hem is long, the sleeves are long, and I'm super happy. I guess after a Summer of exposed skin, I can't help but get excited at the notion of covering up a bit. But I think if you're not careful, you can easily come across as dowdy. How to make it work (aka cover up without looking too covered up?). Well, I think this street style photo gives a perfect example of how it's done--and done well. I think the key is having hints of transparency. See if you can find a more sheer dress and wear a slip underneath so it's not totally see-through but you can still see glimmers of skin. This way you still get the coverage you want with a few peaks instead of peeps. I think chiffons and laces work best for this, lace preferred because the intricacy and patterns can hide a whole host of things. It's a beautiful ode to Fall, just starting to cover up after Summer, but not entirely Winter-bound...yet.

(photo: courtesy of Vanessa Jackman)

How To: The Perfect Red Pout

The always adorable blogger Geri Hirsch is at it again. This time, instead of wow'ing with her insanely addictive blog (appropriately named "because I'm addicted"), she's developed an entire channel of videos that show us to how-to emulate her style tips and tricks. This one about perfecting the bold lip caught my attention. I wore a great red lipstick once (Ruby Woo by MAC), and as uncomfortable as I felt being outside my beauty comfort zone, the compliments just didn't quit. I realized that taking the risk might just have been worth it--I mean who doesn't like getting compliments! So maybe it's time I break out the red lips again (Paris seems like the perfect testing ground), and get my dramatic red lip look down once and for all. Geri shows me how and it just looks SO good!

(photo: courtesy of Because I'm Addicted)