Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Loaf(er)ing around with Rachel Antonoff + Bass

As much as I may try and hide it, I am a total prepster at heart. I love a navy blazer and button down just as much as the next guy. So when I found out that beloved penny loafer purveyor Bass was teaming up with an amazing under the radar designer, I figured it had to be good. The best part of Bass + Rachel Antonoff is that the collection turns the boring old brand on its head with girlish updates and fresh new details. Rachel Antonoff is one of those designers who you might have missed but should educate yourself on stat. I'm excited because the collection means she's popping up on more people's radars and those saddle shoes are just adorable. An excellent alternative to those overpriced Alexander Wang and Miu Miu loafers out there, these may do the trick with money in your pocket and a sweet new design on your feet.

(photo: courtesy of Fashionista)

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