Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pairing Prints

Without realizing it, I've managed to acquire quite a few prints over the last year. I guess I realized that what I already owned was a bit boring (aka, all black) and so I needed something to spruce it up. I ended up buying every print blouse I could find and managed to walk away with a few print skirts and dresses along the way too. But now I feel kind of stuck because I feel like I can only wear those print shirts with black pants, and those patterned dresses with a dark blazer or cardigan. But isn't there some other way? Another way to wear what I have in an unusual way that lets me gets the best (and most) use out of what I already own. So I've taken to pairing prints. I without fail always get compliments, which is I think because it always catches people's eyes. I think it adds depth and textures and isn't what you--or other people--would expect. I highly recommend trying it if only because it lets you get a little extra mileage out of what you already own. And instead of thinking of prints as "busy" (being a negative), think of them as fun and spirited (and something positive). Everyone has room for prints (and more than just one) in their life--and all at once!

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

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