Sunday, November 21, 2010

Learning to love Leggings

Ok, let's talk leggings. There was a point in college where I was so phobic of them that if I ever went to work out in them, I had to call my friend Brooke and tell her. It became a joke because I hated leggings that much. I think every girl probably doesn't feel their best in leggings. Most comfortable, of course. But most flattering, probably not. But I think we're all probably guilty of having a pair or two in our closet. (I mean they look just about perfect with boots during winter). So how can we wear them (since we already have them) in a way that makes us feel good? I think the solution is pairing them with longer tees and sweatshirts. I even have a few longer tanks that I can wear them with and then layer any length shirt over and it works every time. Whether I'm wearing them with knee-high riding boots or short booties or even some loafers, when I'm wearing the right shirt, I ALWAYS feel comfortable in the leggings. I think leggings are a hard piece of clothing to master, but the key is really finding something to wear them with that makes you feel good. From there, the rest is cake!

(photo: courtesy of American Apparel)

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