Monday, November 29, 2010

Look I Love: Fair Isle Sweaters

The temperature has officially dropped in LA (FINALLY!) and my "look" has taken a beating. I've forgotten how to layer appropriately and I always look slightly windswept with a scarf haphazardly wrapped around me in no official way. But since I know the cool climes are here to stay, I've got to get my act together and I'm wondering how to master the art of layering. I've been wearing thin cardigans under my new Theory jacket, but what about those days when I need something a bit warmer--and then cooler when I walk into my melting pot of an office? I decided I want something authentic and what could be better and more offish than something from L.L. Bean. This lambswool sweater may seem a bit Christmas-y but I think with some cute cuffed jeans and chunky boots, it could look plenty cute for the holidays. I know tons of designers are doing the same kind of print in their own collections and what's better than getting the real thing. Honestly, what could be better snuggled up to that warm, crackling fire?

(photo: courtesy of L.L. Bean)

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