Monday, January 31, 2011

New Blog, New Shapes

If you're anything like me, every time you get dressed you look in the mirror with a little bit of sadness and think how boring you look. I wear pretty  much the same thing day in and day out. I'm always looking for new ways to spruce things up and different fabrics and silhouettes to try out. This blogger pic has a little bit of everything. The sheer shirt is something very "now" that people are interpreting in all sorts of cool ways (which one works for you?). I love that she wears it long so that it covers her white shirt (it's almost very Cher Horowitz the day of her driving test, mais non?). Anyway, paired with that sorbet colored blazer and it's the perfect antidote for winter blues. Gonna try a longer shirt like that first then work my way up to something sheer or semi-sheer. One step at a time.

(photo: courtesy of Naughty Mess)


We all love DVF. She's captured just about everyone's hearts and managed to find fans in every generation thanks to her still classic style. SO, it only makes sense that she take that branding to the next level with a home line (hey, even Teen Vogue now has their own bedding). I love her kind of quirky aesthetic so loving even more her mismatch patterns and prints. One look at my apartment and you know I've come a long way from my "masculine" first apartment (my mom's phrase, not mine), and loving shots of pink, a little paisley, and my beloved ghost chairs for "effect." The good news? DVF and I clearly have the exact same taste. Counting the minutes until the line hits stores. Stay tuned for more deets.

(photo: courtesy of Fashionologie)

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

This lovely is in Paris (obvi) and despite her being a model, I think her style is more real-way than runway. As much as I've been talking about longer skirts I have yet to actually try them but she's giving me that extra push. I love that hers is just long enough to keep her shoes the show-stopping center of attention. She's paired her black skirt with a worn-in brown belt (just right) and matched her look with an offbeat red beanie which is just unexpected enough to make you want to try it. Le sigh...and swoon!

(photo: courtesy of Elle)

Thrifting Guidelines

I wish I had the patience to scour the racks of the local Salvation Army and find those glorious gems that everyone else manages to walk away with--all for under $20. But since I can't deliver, I figured I might as well at least help you out with some know-how. The folks at StyleCaster (This awesome website), shared some tips and hence, here they are for you.

1. Make an effort to go early and go often. People are trying to get rid of their stuff everyday, not just the days you feel like going. And since the items are usually so inexpensive, people will not hesitate to buy – leaving less goodies for you!

2. Approach things with an open mind. Just because an item you're in love with is too big doesn't mean you can't get it tailored to fit your exact shape. Your tailor = your new BFF.

3. BE NICE. I'm serious – just talk to the people who work at your favorite thrift shops and you will be shocked at how far it gets you. Most thrift stores are independently owned, so you could learn about special sale days, maybe even get a little discount. As ChiChi Riviera once said, "No one was ever too rich as to throw away a friend." Don't act like you didn't see that movie.

(photo: courtesy of StyleCaster)

Banana Republic Goes Floral

I keep envisioning what I'm going to be wearing once the weather warms up a bit. I'm thinking a ton of maxi dresses and the more floral prints the better. That's why I got so excited when I saw these pics of what Banana Republic has in store. I used to be obsessed with the Republic (especially their jewelry), but it just seems like these days J. Crew seems to eclipse them (obvi). So I'm kind of excited to switch things up a bit. These long dresses look beautifully draped and show patterns that I'd wear to a weekend wedding, paired with a fitted boys blazer for a night out or jean jacket for something casual. Excited to see what else they've got in store!

(photo: courtesy of Fashionista)

J. Crew goes to Italy

So you know I'm obsessed with J. Crew and if you've ever read about their Creative Director, Jenna Lyons, you're probably obsessed with her too. This video shows Jenna in Italy, meeting with their shoe manufacturers and gives us an inside look at what really goes into those cute shoes we all end up wanting. And plus, how stylish is JENNA?!?!?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Style Crush: Andrea Linett

Loved her as the beloved editor at Lucky, and became even more obsessed when she started her "I want to be her" blog. Now that Andrea Linett has been named the Creative Director of Ebay (yes, you heard me, Ebay), guess everyone is going to figure out soon enough what incredible individual style she has. She mixes quirky western cowboy boots with long oversized draped sweaters, her plain white tees with Navajo-inspired sterling silver and turquoise jewelry, and chunky (man-repeller) boots with perfect skinny jeans. Now that's what I call singular style. 

(photo: courtesy of StyleLikeU)

New Website: Charm & Chain

I've been slowly and steadily building up my jewelry collection (I'm talking big and bold not dainty diamonds) and as the top of my dresser can attest, I've got some eclectic taste. Sometimes I see someone wearing something that I just have to have, or stumble upon something in a magazine or on a website that I end up researching for days. This cute new site brings it all together in one quick shop. It pairs affordable brands with some other higher-end ones and narrows it down into "Editor Picks" which is always my first stop. Love that I can go here to accessorize an outfit in a flash and it already stocks most of my fave designers (see: Dannijo, Lulu Frost, and Lizzie Fortunato Jewels).

(photo: courtesy of Charm & Chain)

How To Wear a Skinny Belt

One of the things I have been seeing nearly everywhere these days is the skinny belt. Doesn't matter if you've got large belt loops, it's a skinny belt that you're going to want to wear. But instead of seeing them belted the way that we've all been taught, people are looping them and knotting them in really different ways. So instead of sliding it straight through that second loop to hold the end in place, see if you can wrap it around the belt once and pull that other extra end through. It creates a cute knot and something a little different to draw even more attention to your waist. It makes a skinny belt anything but ordinary and you a style star.

(photo: courtesy of Karla's Closet)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SPOTTED: Matchbook Mag

These days it's all about the online magazine. I've had Lonny Magazine bookmarked for a while to satisfy my Domino withdrawal (3 years and counting!). But seeing as I have kind of maxed out my teeny apartment on design lately, I've been wanting something that had a bit more content. Enter Matchbook Magazine (as if on cue). They've got an incredible mix of design, fashion, style, lifestyle, and everything else you could want in a compact little package. The old soul in me wishes I could print this bad boy out, bind it, and stick it on my coffee table, but I'll take reading about cute shoe line Marais and cute Brooklyn apartments online any day of the week. It's already been bookmarked. Just hoping their second issue matches up to their inaugural one, because this one rocks!

(photo: courtesy of Matchbook Magazine)

Non-Repellent Fashion

This here blogger, the Man Repeller as she's known now, is pretty much my fave person alive of late. I am obsessed with her aesthetic and her "I don't care" attitude, which I wish I had but I don't. Perusing her blog I actually don't think there's anything that's all that repellent in this look. Pieced apart, I think the top and skirt could each wind up separately in some bad spring break scenario, but pieced together with a "sensible" pair of red patent flats, it gets dressed up and not that trashy looking. I would actually wear this (covered up with a shrunken boy's blazer, of course) and call it a day. I actually think it works for work and a night out. I think once you get into heels you verge on going all trashy so I think the flats are a perfect solution. Love this toned down version of something that seems to be screaming spring--and summer!

(photo: courtesy of The Man Repeller)

New Skirt Ideas for Spring

Seems like everywhere I am looking these days, people are trying to get a head start on spring. What this means is I am seeing a lot of print skirts (even if that means worn with dark tights and boots. I'm not talking colorful florals, though you know I love those too. These are super simple clean a-line skirts with a lighter background and uniform print that goes throughout the entire skirt. I like the look of these with something as basic as a white t-shirt and a pair of penny loafers. Converse could make them more "you" or if you really want to get all fancy pants you could wear them with some chunky heels for a night out. What do you think? A trend worth trying?

(photo: courtesy of The Coveted)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SPOTTED: Club Monaco for Spring

I'm still contemplating the merits of Club Monaco and seeing if I can really get behind them (they do have an exclusive deal with shopbop which means I should be obsessed, right?). This latest lookbook uses some pretty cute girls and while I'm fantasizing about what I'll be wearing come Spring (which let's be honest, don't we all?), I can see myself in at least one of these outfits. Translation: I need to make a trip to the store asap. I love the springy, breezy designs like lightweight dresses paired with preppy separates like oxfords and warm brown loafers. Seems like the perfect way to wear their trends while still staying true to what I love and makes me feel like me. Take a look, you're bound to find something you love, too.

(photo: courtesy of Club Monaco)

Dressed Up...and Down

This blogger was trying to channel Carrie Bradshaw in this picture and I kind of love it. I love that she's technically dressed up but looks so comfortable in those pants (I'm assuming there's an elastic waist involved in there). The delicate blouse is beautiful but more age-appropriate with an oversized grandpa cardigan giving it an "undone" look. The heels are perfect and I love the juxtaposition of heels with really relaxed pants--it's totally not what you'd expect which makes it that much better. Well played, gonna use this for sartorial inspiration this weekend, no doubt.

(photo: courtesy of B. Jones Style)

Brights and Stripes

Stripes have been pretty major for a while. If my closet is any indication, I prefer the nautical, navy and white variety. I think they go with just about anything. But, color me wrong because apparently colorful (they call them bubblegum) stripes are huge for Spring. But I understand if you have a hard time with color (like me) and are a tad nervous. I think some tips and hints may just be in store for those of you looking to go bold but need some guidance---I'm here to hold your hand, I promise. I think if you're wearing stripes, you've got to contrast with whatever else you're wearing. You could go for basic colors like black or even denim and chambray (layer a denim top over stripes for an unfussy look), or if you're really up for a challenge mix the stripes with another pattern, something floral or even toil would work. I think the stripes can speak for themselves but there are also ways to make them your own by incorporating other elements into them. Top them off with a basic leather jacket or pair them with floral print canvas pumps. Test out your style with whatever suits your tastes.

(photo: courtesy of

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Blog, New Style

I came across this blog as the next great street style sensation (and I love the Euro aspect to it). This pic goes out to all my NYC peeps who are freezing their asses off right about now. She shows that bundling up doesn't have to sacrifice fashion. The muffler actually looks stylish and her pants look as comfortable as sweats with a certain je ne sais quoi flair to them. I don't mind the all dark look because while it's almost monochromatic, she still breaks up the black with a little navy  (which btw, is my fave color).  And that bag. Well, we all die for that bag. So stay warm and dry and try and dress the part. This girl may just be your best inspiration yet.

(photo: courtesy of The Locals)

Next Great Fashion Flick

I've already explained how much I love The Sartorialist (and you see from all my street style photos) that I love looking at these snapshots, and this here is the real maverick. Bill Cunningham was the original street style photog and from the looks of things this movie may just join The September Issue and The Last Emperor as the next great fashion film. Mark your calendars for March when this flick hits theaters. It looks amazing! 

(video: courtesy of Zeitgeist Films)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dash of Red

While I've been busy accumulating dark colors for the winter season, this pic is a fresh reminder of what a little accent can do. Those pants aren't my fave. But paired with that red belt they just could be. They're loose enough that the belt cinches them just so and catches the same color as the scarf that she's wrapped about just so. This picture is a welcome reminder to spruce things up now that Spring is around the corner and try and find at least one colorful accessory to make those winter basics last just a little bit longer.

(photo: courtesy of

Closet Confidential

I totally love The Selby, and frankly any chance to get an inside glimpse into someone else's home. Like I've said before, medicine cabinet snapshots or beauty counters are a particular fave. Now comes this amazing new website that is pics of the insides of closets. And we're not just talking about my cluttered closet, but the closets of major editors, designers, and fashionistas. Can you say swoon? Their lineup so far is uber-impressive and it's fun to see the way people mix colors, their favorite pieces, and the little blurbs that detail the history behind each item. Some day, some day, maybe someone will come photograph mine!

(photos: courtesy of

A new LBD

So I have a few upcoming weddings and I am now on the prowl for something a bit unusual that I can wear and make a statement--and still wear again. What do you think of this DVF, ladies--and gents? I think it's classic enough that I can wear it for seasons to come and I can adjust the color of my shoes (thinking jewel-toned satin heels) depending on the occasion. It's modest enough that it covers just the right amount of skin but the crochet lends it a peekaboo factor so I don't look too prude. Me thinks it's the perfect solution!

(photo: courtesy of Net-a-porter)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

High Rise Styles

For the past what seems like forever, I've been relying heavily on my uniform of oversized shirts/tunics and skinny jeans. The proportion balances itself out and I've gotten comfortable and used to how I look and love a longer, blousier top. But now that I've introduced some high-waisted flares into the mix, it kind of throws my rotation up in the air. I can't wear my blousy tops because the proportions just wont work. Those fitted tees from Petit Bateau that I thought I'd sworn off of are back. I figure I can wear some of my button downs by tucking just one half in. I'm thinking a skinny belt is going to finish off the look, but know I need to edit my closet down to what works and what doesnt. It's going to be a little trial and error but if I am flaring on the bottom, thin is in up top.

(photo: courtesy of Fashionista)

Street Style Inspiration for the Weekend

Vanessa, why oh why, do you always capture these women who I want to be--and be their best friend--all at once...and every time? This picture reminded me that I have a plaid Vince schoolboy blazer stuffed into the back of my closet that may just be worth resurrecting. After looking at this picture, I'd make sure to wear it with some amazing red accessory, or maybe even burnt orange for a pop of color. The plaid could be boring and outdated but I think this gal does a great job of jazzing it up and bit and makes me remember that I can spruce up what I already have...and now have some new ideas to get started!

(photo: courtesy of Vanessa Jackman)

H&M Hearts Hasbeen

You've heard the story already. I wanted clogs SO badly when I was younger, and my parents said no. Rightfully so, they told me I'd break an ankle (which I prob would have). I decided to try and make my own clogs out of a few pieces of plywood. You can probably guess how well that worked out. But I do love these with the ankle straps that are kind of retro cool and perfect for summer. H&M is going beyond their major designer collabs and has just announced their doing a lower-priced line of clogs with Hasbeen! Simply put? Score! I'm super psyched and already have my eyes on the pair that I want. Just have to figure out how to get my paws on them before them sell out!

(photo: courtesy of FabSugar)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Inspired by: The Series

Ever since posting my interview with rockstar Annie Ladino last week, it's been brought to my attention how many cool up-and-comers there are in the world of fashion. Not to say they're not already established in their field, but they're still not necessarily household names....yet--and not if I have anything to do with it. So in my attempt to scour the globe for the next generation of fashion faces, allow me to introduce you to Lyz Olko, designer extraordinaire of Obesity and Speed. The line, equal parts downtown cool and enviably edgy, is what we all strive for, and I guarantee incorporating a piece or two into your wardrobe will do the job. Read on to see what inspires her, where she shops for vintage, and what advice she gives for mastering fashion!

(photo: courtesy of Lyz Olko)

Q) Title and/or job?
Co-Founder/Designer of Obesity and Speed with my partner Josh Conner

Q) When did you start the line?
A) My partner Josh and I founded the line around 2003…..

Q) What was the inspiration for the line?
A) The line began accidentally and grew organically.  The main inspiration when we started, was the music that we love and the desire to create something unique that we cared about. At the time too, it was very much about forming a partnership as our friendship had really just began to bloom…

Q) How would you describe your own sense of style?
A) Grungy. 

Q) How does your own personal style affect what you design?
A) My personal style doesn’t affect what I design too much, unless it’s a simple change, like “this would be better longer”, or “that’s way too tight”.  The label is already a huge reflection of who Josh and I are, so I guess that is the influence….

Q) What are your everyday inspirations?
A) Each other probably. We are very similar. We can’t bear to be apart. What one lacks , the other has.  We work on everything together. (I am sure there's someone in your life like this!) 

Q) Who are your style icons?
 A) The sleeze sisters.

Q) Favorite designers/labels/places to shop?
A) I love Screaming Mimi’s because they have a great selection of vintage and the coolest girls that work there who really love and know what they are talking about, What Goes Around Comes around (my boyfriend got me a sick vintage leather jacket for my birthday there) they have a great selection of old tees and an awesome staff as well.  I also like this store Court in Nolita, they have their own rad denim line and carry Obesity and Speed and my fave jewelry Pamela Love (look her up, she's MAJOR!). I really like just shopping at Salvation Armies mostly …

Q) What kind of girl do you design for?
A) A girl who doesn’t care what other people thinks, she wears what she wants whenever the occasion…..whether quote unquote appropriate or not. (We can all strive for this!) 

Q) Any advice/tips for a young woman trying to develop their own sense of style?
A) You already have it!!! (In other words, trust your gut!)

Something Navy

Ok, I get it. I don't look like this. But, bear with me. If you haven't heard, Spring is around the corner--or at least that is what all the store windows should be telling you. Not ready to invest in the latest and greatest? That's totally fine. All it takes is one amazing pair of statement shoes to wear with what you already own. This floral print pair is kind of cheeky in a very trendy platform pump. The canvas makes it perfect for the warmer climes and I'm guessing you can score a pair like this at a Zara-type place. It looks perfect with what you already own (I'm guessing this would pop against black or any denim for that matter) and could be worn to work with some Theory basics and on the weekends with a short dress. Even dare yourself to pair floral patterns against eachother.

(photo: courtesy of Something Navy)

Time for Tibi

So a ton of editors are all excited because Tibi, the brand that we all secretly and not so secretly rely on for wedding-shower appropriate dresses, has launched a blog. It helps that they're cutesy and the designer, Amy, is totally likeable. Aside from giveaways, they zero in on their top picks of the season (lists that I always "borrow" from) and they've launched this adorable collection of sketches of some of fashion's latest and greatest editors. Some day, my friends, I too shall have an illustration. But, in the meantime, oohing and aahing at these will have to suffice. Plus, it's gotten me excited about their pretty florals and patterned designs. And isn't that the point anyway?

(photo: courtesy of

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inspiring Video: A look at H&M

I am obsessed with how artsy this looks. And wait for it, this is not some uber-expensive designer. This is a video lookbook for H&M! You can see the hyper-neon colors that are going to be huge this spring, and long flowy hemlines that I seriously can't wait to wear (they hide all manner of sins). I mean how amazing does this make H&M look? Take a peek and see if you find anything you like, or a new color of shape that'll get you rethinking the way you get dressed. 

(video: courtesy of Fashionologie)

Line to Watch: Markus Lupfer

I may be totally late to the game, but I consider myself lucky that I just discovered designer Markus Lupfer. His designs are totally quirky in that "you won't find this in the US" kind of way (he's German, after all) and apparently fashionistas have been relying on him for a while for staples and embellishments that knock it out of the park. I love the beaded and sequined detail that I'd challenge myself to wear during the day. I think it's trendy wtihout being too in your face, and I sure as hell don't know a lot of people who wear designs like this. Clearly everyone is wearing sequins these days (me, included), so why not differentiate yourself by doing a beaded fringe or something new that J. Crew hasn't gotten their hands on yet?

(photos: courtesy of Opening Ceremony)

Personal Touches

I'm starting to think that one of the coolest things you can do to make a design your own is to personalize it in some way. These days I'm liking the kind of ironic monogram. I know it may not be for everyone but I think the best engagement gift I ever gave had to have been a personalized LL Bean tote with the bride's new initials. Whether it's engraving a compact or elegant pill case, a pair of sunglasses with your initial etched into the stem (Prada makes a pair) or a Jonathan Adler initial pillow (dying for one), the options are endless. I know everyone seems to have the same old pendant initial necklace, but go for something a bit more bold. Iron an initial onto a vintage cardigan, paint one onto a handbag or tote (a la Goyard), or engrave one on an old bangle you never wear. 

(photo: courtesy of

Monday, January 17, 2011

SPOTTED: Theyskens for Theory

I may be late to the game on this one but why not get your excitement flowing for this much-anticipated collab. Major designer + brand we all rely on = I need ASAP! The palazzo-type wide pants strike me as a bit much but I know I'll be changing my tune soon. It's like all of our favorite shapes and designs from Theory have been reinterpreted in super fashionable ways. It's new and modern and a tad different, but I highly recommend it. It's another way to get closer than ever to some real cool fashions.

(photo: courtesy of

Work Appropriate

Since I rarely get dressed up for work, it makes the times when I actually do all the more challenging. I NEVER know what to wear. I always resort to some form of slacks, which is a word I hate, but kind of functional here. Cropped black pants from the Gap always serve me well, as do grey wool pants from Phillip Lim circa 2004. I never thought I'd say this but sometimes a tailored trouser actually looks great and works well. I used to think of them as so Ann Taylor (in the days before Katie Holmes starred in their ads) so adding some young "touches" is encouraged. In matted silks, wools, and the stretch variety, these could get some serious mileage.

(photo: courtesy of La Garconne)

New Proportions

You may think I'm nuts, but I am really getting behind ankle socks. I think paired with the right length cropped pants or skirt/dress and my snazzy new oxfords, they'd look just about adorable. I was thinking skirts and dresses above the knee though. This pic shows me that I can wear something longer and still sport the ankle socks I'm craving. This skirt has a length that I haven't seen in a while which means it's fresh and new. It'd be hard to pull of knee-high boots with this because the proportion would be off, but paring it down with ankle socks would be fresh and new. New pics bring new looks and new ideas.

(photo: courtesy of The Sartorialist)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter to Spring

If you're anything like me you're starting to get a little frustrated right about now. Winter is still very much here but once you wade past the sales, it's Spring clothes that are on the rack. I know when I buy something I like to wear it pretty much immediately, so how do I wear what I buy while still being seasonably appropriate. These open-toe oxfords are a nice look for Spring, but wading through NYC with bare toes may be a bit much. Chunky wool tights will do the trick every time. Cute paisley shorts I saw in  window just today would work with the same tights. Cute warm weather-ready dresses would look adorable as the bottom layer of an otherwise bundled-up look. See where I'm going here? Just because people say it's for spring doesn't mean you can't figure out ways to wear it now.

(photo: courtesy of Madewell)

Elegantly Exotic

I've been crushing this picture and I think the reason why is because I don't think I'd ever have the guts to actually wear it. I love the almost ethnic feel of the print skirt paired with the rough black leather boots and leather jacket. Of course this skirt would also feel right at home on a beach somewhere but I think wearing it out and making a bit more city-friendly is a great lesson that you can really do that with just about anything you have in your closet.

(photo: courtesy of Altamira)

The Globes

Ok, just because everyone else is watching, and who am I kidding, so am I, here's a rundown of what I like at the Globes. Lea Michele, still undecided about but I like the retro feel of Dianna Agron's pale gown. Leighton Meester I like because it's different and long-sleeved, and Anne Hathaway I love, totally flawless. Also, my mistake, there was no costume switch. I just caught a glimpse of the mega-shoulders from up close. The key is to just see what you like, not what everyone else likes (aka, the reason I refuse to watch the pre-show with anyone else). Even see if you can look through the pics and not notice designers, just see what you like and why.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Spring on the Horizon

Mark my words, once it warms up, this is what I am going to look like. I am all about layering these days and even if it's just the peak of a springy floral, that's enough to get me excited for warmer days ahead. The scarf and cardigan are loosely hanging (instead of wrapped for dear life) and there's a spirit in the colors that is just infectious. If I can just transition what I'm already wearing like so, it'll make the rest of January, February (and hopefully just a wee bit of March) all the more bearable. Once you get tired of your boring winter gear, start sneaking in some prints or lively florals. One at a time to get you pumped for Spring.

(photo: courtesy of The Coveted)

Brilliant Bookends

Rachel Zoe has become quite a character. I admit it, I watch her show because it's addictive and I find myself being sucked into every bit of news about her baby and new collection and clients. Basically every bit of useless information that doesn't relate to me in the slightest. What does relate to me? These stylist bookends she drew my attention to that would add a little bit of fashion panache to my apt. I can't relate to her style, but these seem right up my alley and quirky enough that they'll fit in perfectly with the rest of my eclectic collection.

(photo: courtesy of Rachel Zoe)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

All that Glitters

I know, I wish my jewelry drawer looked like that too. I just wish I had a jewelry drawer. Ok, so I know this is beyond any reach that any of us may have--or have soon. But, despite being total eye candy, I just love looking at it for ideas. Love that she has duplicates of a lot of things. Means she either likes stacking them high or wearing duplicates on each wrist. Could be cool.  I see equal amounts of silver and gold coloring which I think means mixing different metals together is the way to go. As much as I'd like this collection, I don't need it to get inspired. 

(photo: courtesy of

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just Cos

I've been hearing about this store Cos for a while. Apparently it's H&M's sister store (think Madewell to J. Crew). Anyway, they've got some pretty great stuff. Very refined and Euro and just different enough to set you apart from the crowd. I've been talking a lot about adding some feminine details to my everyday look and this particular skirt caught my eye. I don't know if ruffles are really my thing and this single ruffle (called a peplum) is like a refined version. It's subtle enough that it's not frilly but it still is delightfully girly in the perfect, not so obvious way. For what it's worth, I like it. And even if they are still Europe-based, doesn't mean I can't get my own stateside ideas.

(photo: courtesy of Cos)

Trench Temptations

Ok, now I remember why I want a trench coat. If I could look this cute, it'd all be worth it. But seriously, look how adorable she looks. Paired with my fave military cargos, layering a denim button down over an old, beaten up grey tee? Plus those wedges look amazing! I think left open like that I would love throwing it on any weekday. If I needed a more refined look? I'd swap out the belt for maybe a chunky leather one or one of those that wrap around twice for a more buttoned-up look. No matter day or night, I think it goes with everything and can be made young and hip just as quickly as it can be made work appropriate and still great.

(photo: courtesy of Sincerely Jules)

Label to Watch: Keep Me (Close)

So I just stumbled upon this new line (ok, @DVF told me about it) and I am definitely getting behind the casual looks. Considering my loungewear apparel consists of Free City sweats and the occasional tank, thinking of something a little more presentable doesn't seem half bad. Everything is perfectly slinky (and not in a bad way) giving you shape and pretty curves without being too clingy. I am pretty sure lounging around in Keep Me would make my Saturday afternoon casual all of a sudden appropriate.

(photo: courtesy of Keep Me)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prints Charming

So basically, right now, prints are MAJOR. Proenza Schouler, a totally swoonworthy brand, just showed this awesome blend of ikats and layered textures that may seem a bit funky, yes. But when you really look at it, the art of pairing all those colors and prints together, it really does look beautiful. I for one am getting a ton of ideas even if that PS dress may not end up in my closet. Looking for some big prints? Keep the fit close to the body so that it doesn't overwhelm you. Trying to mix a few together? Go for different colors to make the contrast really stick out. Figure out a way to add some tailoring to your favorite crazy prints to make them work appropriate--and work for you.

(photo: courtesy of

Head Case

If you're obsessed with looking at runway shots like I am, you know that right now designers are presenting their pre-fall collections. I know, it's a lot to keep track of. One of the things that a lot of designers are showing are scarves worn as wraps, turbans, etc. I am little scared of the idea and feel like I might not be able to pull it off, but that doesn't mean I can't try in the privacy of my own home, right? This cute DIY was performed by a total fashionista (she works for Bergdorfs, no less) and shows how you can take one that's lying around or a new silky number and fix it just so. No matter how you tie it on, it's sure to be something you'll be seeing more of. Are you up for it? 

(photo: courtesy of Bergdorfs)

Balancing Act

So I've started to notice something. Yes, I've totally managed to nail my daily uniform. Go me! But, I think the combination of the button downs and oxfords is a bit masculine, no? I'm thinking that I need to introduce at least one piece that is uber feminine into the mix, just to make sure we look well balanced. I'm thinking this floral dress would do the trick. I could wear it underneath all of my beloved blazers and with tights and my oxfords, it would look equally cheeky. Figured it could work with almost everything I already have, which means it's golden. A sweet little feminine twist to offset my masculine basics.

(photo: courtesy of Revolve Clothing)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Inspired By: The Series

Back when I worked in New York, I remember hearing about an uber-talented assistant who was slowly rising through the ranks. Years later I found out she was assisting mega fashion personality Joe Zee at Elle. Then I saw her name at the bottom of Goop, styling none other than Gwyneth Paltrow in spring's must-haves. I figured she'd made it and then I saw that she'd helped style Elle's new book, The ELLEments of Personal Style. I mean do I really have to go on about how huge Annie Ladino is going to be? Read on as she details her journey and lets us in on what she's learned along the way.

(photo: courtesy of Annie Ladino)

Q) Official title
A) Fashion Stylist/Astrologer

Q) How did you start styling? (Get ready, this is amazing)
A) I would say this is a fairy tale story.  
Here I go:  January of 2001, a week before I moved to NY to study at F.I.T., my house burned down in a fire that started in my room.  I arrived in NY with a big red puffer coat a friend had given me, a couple pairs of jeans, and a few tshirts.  Since I'd put myself on the worst dressed list at school (and smelled of smoke), I called Nylon Magazine up within a few weeks of moving here and asked if they needed interns.  At Nylon, a production person called one day looking for a freelance stylist assistant and I took the job.  It turned out I was assisting Hedi Slimane on a Dior Homme campaign.  MAJOR!

Flash forward 4 years later after several internships and working as a freelance assistant (while I was in college and had a part time retail job), my very first friend I made in NY, Micah Johnson, called me to do market work for a Vanity Fair Cover shoot with Joe Zee.  I took the job and in between classes I was calling clothes in from the FIT computer lab. After that I continued working freelance for Joe. Six months after college, I went with him to Elle and worked as his assistant for 4 years.  People kept telling me to quit and go on my own but I knew in my heart that assisting Joe for a long time would be the best thing I could do.  He also felt like family to me so I really didn't want to leave. I'm not going to lie, it isn't easy working for a genius, but Joe's a great person and pushed me hard every day to be the best I could be.  I would say the biggest break in my career was having Joe take me under his wing.  And I have to say that what I've taken from working with him was not styling advice but invaluable life wisdom.  
But back to styling:  One day Becki Newton, formerly of Ugly Betty, was going to the Marc Jacobs show and Joe thought it would be cute if I would go meet her and help her get dressed for the event.  (sidenote: Joe used to call me Betty because he said I was a Hispanic fashion assistant with a heart of gold, but I secretly know it was because I went through a little plump phase. hehe)

We hit it off and had a really fun fashion week, and at the end of the week she asked me if she could be my first client.  
And voila! Here I am.  

Special shout outs and thanks to Micah Johnson, Sarah Schussheim, Stephanie Jones, Carter Smith, Marcy Engelman, Julia Roberts, Gwyneth and Eliza at Goop,  Harry Josh, Lydia Jakubowski, Thomas Whiteside, Sandy Kang,  Caitlin Weiskopf,  Carol Smith,  Mom,  Dad,  Karen and Louie and Joleen. 

Q) When styling, what is your signature aesthetic?
A) Well it depends. When styling a celeb, there is nothing more important than making someone feel good in what they're wearing.  Because if you feel good, you look good.  :)   Obvi!
When doing editorial, I want to evoke a feeling of passion and suggestion without giving it all away.  (Also, leopard is my favorite color and I try to use it wherever I can.)  
When doing advertising:  Make the client happy and give them whatever they want.  Just Kidding!!! (not really)

Q) How do you try and differentiate yourself and your work from other big name stylists? 
A) It's in development right now but I'm hoping to infuse every project I do going forward with a strong charitable aspect and ultimately be the foundation.  
For the record I think it's so cool to see young strong women like this on the rise, doing what they love and setting themselves apart from the old guard.

Q) How would you describe your own sense of style?
A) I like to call my style French Bohemian.  But since style, like information is always evolving, you might want to ask me again next season.  lol.  Translation? It's ok for it to be a work in progress!

Q) What shapes the way you dress?
A) Well I'm south american. Short, tight and sexy.  ;)

Q) Best fashion advice you ever received?
A) It's just fashion, you're not doing brain surgery!    All the more reason to take risks!

Q) Best fashion purchase ever made?
A) It's between my wrap around Hermes medor watch and my bmx.  
But if my house burned down again, I think I would grab my baby pictures that I've saved and restored from the last fire and my astrology books.

Q) Favorite designers and/or places to shop?
A) Favorite Designers:  Azzedine Alaia, Stella McCartney, DVF, Phoebe Philo, Stefano Pilati, Dolce & Gabbana. Favorite Brands: Zara, J.Crew, H&M, Isabel Marant, Helmut Lang -- Love the mix of high and low!  
Favorite vintage/resale: Tokyo 7 and NY Vintage.
Are you really trying to make me pick one?  That's like asking a mom to pick her favorite kid. :(

Q) Advice for young women trying to develop their own sense of style?
A) Will it sound cliche if I say HAVE FUN!?  Take risks, make mistakes, learn from your mistakes, trust your heart, go with your gut, push yourself, challenge yourself, don't take yourself so seriously and finally the most important of all: STYLE your thoughts and live by the Golden Rule.  

Never heard it before but love it. Words to live by--and dress by. Stay tuned for even more fresh fashion faces.