Monday, August 30, 2010

Virtual Inspiration

Ages ago, I remember reading through an issue of InStyle Home with Molly Sims on the cover. She was showing the magazine her newly renovated apartment in Manhattan and next to her desk, she found a fashionable alternative to a cluttered bulletin board. She had found an old dress form at a flea market and used it to affix all her misc. pictures, notes, etc. It became another piece of furniture in the room and over time, turned into her own inspiration board. Designers use inspiration boards too for each new collection, putting together everything from photos to fabric swatches that inspire them. Since I spend a majority of my time in front of the computer, I decided I needed a quick fix since I wanted my very own. I call it a virtual inspiration board. When I come across something I like online, anything from a street style photo to an image from a lookbook to something on Shopbop I have to have (surprise, surprise), I copy and paste it into my trusty folder. I can go back at any time and remember exactly why I saved that particular image, always feeling instantly inspired. Someday I'll find a place for that dress form, but in the meantime, this desktop folder may just have to do.

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