Thursday, June 28, 2012

Must-Have: The Dream Collective

I was lucky enough to become acquainted with a great new curated boutique in Silverlake in LA, with its own namesake collection of jewelry. The ethnic bent means it fits right in with the rest of my favorite turquoise pieces and the oxidized brass is a nice alternative to all of the shiny gold and silver out there. I love mixing metals and I love the textured look of it all. Perfect for layering and everyday wear.

(photo: courtesy of Dream Collective)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The New Accessory: The Hair Comb

It's been quite a long time since I've worn a hair comb, but I've seen some beautiful girls utilize antique versions for a wedding accessory and I know a few people who collect vintage versions on their dressing tables. I love the look of pulled back hair that's been well executed and these hair combs have a brilliant pop of color that most other tortoise shell versions don't offer. With texture that brings to mind beloved 80s hair wraps, these are a fun alternative to my all-too-often used neon hair ties that are getting a bit old. The hair comb it is! 

(photo: courtesy of @satyatwena)

How To: Wear White on White

I recently convinced myself back into a pair of white jeans and am always kind of perplexed every time I put them on. I need a shirt that's long enough (I usually pair them with a chambray button-down) and feel weird wearing anything but sneakers or flats. But white on white? That seems a bit drastic. It's nearly done to perfection here with some worn-in detail at the knee, a grey t-shirt that's just slouchy enough to break up the look and those perfect skin flats that go with everything. It's great for Summer and yet it's transitional enough to look great into Fall, too. White on white doesn't look so bad--or hard to pull off--after all.

(photo: courtesy of AltamiraNYC)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cool New Collab

Jimmy Choo has enlisted some tastemakers and street style stars for their latest campaign and I love the way they've incorporated their footwear and handbags into otherwise completely accessible daytime looks. Seems they're keeping their eyes on vibrant prints and bold hues through Summer and well into Fall, which is something we can continue to work into our look in fun, singular ways.

(photos: courtesy of Mr. Newton)

One to Watch: Maison Scotch

I keep seeing this label Maison Scotch popping up and taking a look at their latest wares for Fall and I can see now why I've been so obsessed. It's kind of quirky with a Parisian tomboy kind of appeal. Their prints are muted enough that they're still wearable and I like that there is a ton of tailoring, but none of it is too overtly feminine. The detailing and seeming look just awesome and appear to be a more affordable Isabel Marant. Sold.

(photos: courtesy of Le Catch)

Monday, June 25, 2012

SPOTTED: Madewell for Fall

The latest from Madewell looks so woodsy goodness that all I want to do is bundle up in sweaters and knits for a cold, cozy Fall. The colors are sharp and saturated, which is a fresh alternative to all of Fall's usual greys and blacks. The pants remain skinny but come in vibrant colors and the tops are fun prints that keep things interesting, even if it is "back to school" time. Another fun collection to look forward to.

(photo: courtesy of Color Collective)

Must-Have: Reflective Lenses

Maybe since it's Summer, but I've been paying an exceptional amount of attention to sunglasses of late and I can't help but gravitating toward reflective mirror lenses lately. I've been seeing them more and more, I think what i love most is that I can hide behind them--and look anywhere I want. They look completely different than anything else and you can get fun, almost neon shades. A great alternative to anything else out there.

(photos: courtesy of

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

There is something very season 1 Brenda Walsh about this outfit (very early '90s at its best). I love the simplicity of the Hanes plain white t-shirt, the round sunglasses and the high-waisted light-washed denim that is cuffed at the bottom. The boots have no-frills and there's not a single piece in the entire look that is competing with anything else. It all works together because it's just that easy. A great, relaxed weekend throwback look.

(photo: courtesy of Blushing Ambition)

What to Wear: Graphic Prints

Something about Summer screams prints and the latest versions are taking my favorite subtle prints and making this big, bold and anything but forgettable. They're oversized, with graphic designs in the season's best colors. This cheeky lobster print by Tibi is a whimsical take on the trend, with a fun nod to Summer. Whether you're looking for something torn from graphic cartoons (a huge runway trends) or just something playful to add into your wardrobe, these fun prints are a great way to liven up your look.

(photo: courtesy of @modaoperandi)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

How To: DIY Floral Handbag

I've seen a few of my favorite luxe handbag designers coming up with great Summer versions of their bestselling bags. The best part? They've got cool floral appliques to update them for the season. This lovely how-to shows you how to make your very own using something as simple as a leather saddle bag and getting your own favorite fabric from your local store. Looks somewhat easy, time will tell. The results look amazing--I'd wear them well into Fall.

(photo: courtesy of Honestly WTF)

Summer Style from MAJE

Forgive the play on words, but Maje is everything major. Their delightfully charming wares are nearly perfect season after season and I love that I can get some of their best bets now at Bloomingdales (when I can't get to their West Village outpost). For Summer, they're pairing prints, playing with proportions, and keeping things super short to keep things cool. I love the mix of leopard and modern stripes. What a dream.

(photos: courtesy of Because I'm Addicted)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Vivid Vision: Play on the Eyes

More and more I'm seeing really cool surrealist nods and tromp d'oeil prints that are a trick on the eyes. This dress shows stiching and pockets on a dress that adds textures and depth to a simple shift. It takes something as simple as a plain silk design and makes it look doubly expensive with designer details and elegant adornments. More and more designers are doing this as a festive touch and whimsical element and it's something fun to add into your look--and a fierce conversation piece.

(photo: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

How To: The Half Untuck

This is perhaps the most trivial post I have ever done, but to perfect the art of the half tuck is not an easy task. The shirt has to be just the right length (for those of you who wear Equipment, I recommend the slimmer-fit with one pocket, not two) and You have to figure how how to look like you haven't just spent the last half hour figuring it out in your mirror. The key is a shirt that is the right thickness (aka not too thick) and the right length. Keep the majority tucked in with only the front flap left out. That way it's still clean and neatly messy.

(photo: courtesy of Joanna Goddard)

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Summer Vest

When you think of a vest, you usually think of bundling up during Winter (at least I do). That's why it's so refreshing to see something like this, a shorts and vest combo that seems perfectly poised for Summer. This has a dressed-up tailored look to it that makes it almost work-appropriate with a contrast of textures to give it some nice dimension. Add heels for a nice evening out option that I guarantee no one else will be wearing.

(photo: courtesy of Late Afternoon)

A Pop of Color

Ever since Brad Goreski coined the term, I've probably been talking about a "pop of color" all too liberally, but I have to say that it looks quite nice when it's updating a great black shift or dress, as seen here. Go to your local fabric store and get a great contrasting color, or even a pretty print, textured version to pair with some of your favorite dresses. The result is a cinched waist which is immediately flattering and some pretty eye-catching color for Summer.

(photo: courtesy of Love Maegan)

One To Watch: Clare Vivier

I was lucky enough to talk to designer Clare Vivier last week about her brand-new flagship store in Silverlake and I got a taste of what she's cooking up on the eastside of L.A. The accessories designer is poised to introduce new categories to her collection and continue selling her bestselling clutches and totes in candy-colored perfection. If you're in the area, it's a must-stop, and her online shop will now feature custom monogramming--a great gift.

(photo: courtesy of See Vivier)

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

There is very Minnie Mouse about this outfit and yet the peplum and polka dots pair perfectly. The rich red color is offset by the sleek black pencil pants and simple black heels and the whole look comes together to present an office appropriate appearance. The layered jewelry and oversized shades are a fun touch to make this an edgier look for a night--or day--out.

(photo: courtesy of Atlantic Pacific)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Favorite from Resort: Rag & Bone

As I sit here lamenting the fact that the Rag & Bone sample sale is happening in New York and not L.A., I will make myself happy by perusing their latest designs for Resort. The boys have incorporated some florals into the mix, but gone the unconventional route by pairing them with thick, dark cable knits and boots, which I happen to love. You can make them warm weather appropriate with a white tank or chambray shirt or cool them down for a Winter's day. Utter perfection.

(photo: courtesy of

Street Style Inspiration: Blazer + Cut-offs

I saw this outfit shot and I thought the proportions were so spot on. I love the way that the denim cut-offs and the length of the blazer are nearly identical, which makes for a cool tromp l'oeil effect. The shorts scream Summer casual but the blazer gives it a more dressed-up feel meaning you get the best of both worlds in one great look. A great score for the season.

(photo: courtesy of Tuula)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Day in the Life: At Michael Kors

I stumbled upon this video and I kind of love it. It takes you into the life of a PR Coordinator at Michael Kors. What I noticed the most is how much I miss that everyone dresses up every day in New York. While I watch in Lululemon and boyfriend jeans, I miss the days of dressing up for no reason at all. Take a watch.

Day to Night: The Perfect Summer Look

If I had to be caught wearing one thing this Summer, I hope it's in this exact outfit. It's perfectly work appropriate for me, with a slouchy linen blazer that instantly adds polish to any Summer dress or easy silhouette. The perfect white Superga sneakers are a dream and I love that she's even got a bike which makes me love the combination even more. She looks easy, elegant and completely effortless--everything Summer is about.
(photo: courtesy of The Sartorialist)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Perfect Summer Romper

Have a Summer getaway on the calendar? This Mara Hoffman romper is exactly what I'd love to wear. It's warm-weather appropriate without showing too much skin (a pre-requisite) and has a sweetly feminine edge to it with the tied-up detail. The colors and print are perfect for the warm weather and I'd add ballet flats and lightweight oversized grandfather cardigan for when Summer nights turn balmy.

(photo: courtesy of Glamour Tumblr)

New Site: Just Discovered(d)

Just came across this new website, Discoveredd, that is a hybrid of Pinterest and discovery of everything cool. It basically is a place for you to find amazing things and stumble upon them in a similar way that you would on Pinterest. I think is a little less decoupage than Pinterest, with a little bit more of a fashionable edge. I particularly like the idea of establishing communities that will create even more compelling content in the future. A great new place to look for inspiration.

(photos: courtesy of Discoveredd)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Line to Love: Chance

I've recently been made aware of this great new clothing line dedicated to my favorite topic: the perfect mariner shirt. Since I am a devotee of striped shirt perfection, a label entirely devoted to the practice just makes good sense. The prices seem alarmingly affordable and the fits seem less boxy and more fitted, which would look great tucked into high waisted trousers and skirts for Summer. I'm particularly fond of the different color incarnations that make this a staple no matter what other items you're wearing.

(photo: courtesy of Chance)

A Favorite Look from Resort

I've never been entirely able to figure out "Resort" as a whole. It's placed somewhere between Fall and Summer and manages to encompass both vibrant colors for those December vacationers and heavy coats for those who like to stay put during Winter. I think this look from Proenza Schouler is a delightful, wearable blend. Breaking out their brand-new denim, which is available this Summer (yay!), it shows me what a stylish lady will be wearing no matter where she heads for Resort--functionality that matters.

(photo: courtesy of

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

Sometimes I love nothing more than the comfort--and refuge--of a cozy cardigan. But now that Summer's here, I have a much harder time pulling it off. How to wear my favorite layering tool without looking bulky and overheated as the weather warms up. This pic gives me a great idea for a novel new color and great way to mix the knit into my Summer repetoire. Over light denim that's been cuffed, mixed with dark leather accents or over a ultra-feminine dress is how I'd wear it. It's still completely wearable and yet it's just what I'm looking for to keep me happy. 

(photo: courtesy of The Cut Blog)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Stylish Towel Update

I spend a lot of time thinking about how nice it would be if I had a large house filled with plush white towels that were fluffy and expensive and never showed wear and tear. But recently I've come to discover the merit of a more authentic looking towelette that can be incorporated into the mix to keep things interesting--and make me forget about that dream for a bit. Whether they're bringing color to your kitchen, acting as a runner on your table, or perfect for outdoor entertaining wherever it may be, these are the perfect addition to the home.

(photo: courtesy of ABC Home)

Inspired: A Quirky Cool Collectible

I am without question the opposite of a packrat. If it doesn't fit, I throw it out. But lately, I've been understanding the merits of saving--even collecting--things. I liked this photo of a quirky collectible spotted in a fashionable teen's room. Sure they're not worth a thing, but they have sentimental value and they'd make for a great display somehow (backed and framed in a vintage frame, perhaps). It's a different way to think outside the decor box and a reminder to collect cool and unconventional things to set yourself apart.

(photo: courtesy of Teen Vogue)

SPOTTED: A Hybrid from Loeffler Randall

It's always difficult for me to choose shoes. As Cher Horowitz once said: "You know how picky I am about my shoes, and they only go on my feet." I just can't commit. I want dainty and feminine but that doesn't seem "me" and I opt for tough, but that doesn't seem to mesh with the rest of what I own. These hybrid booties from Loeffler Randall seem to be the perfect blend of both. They have a bit of edge but in a soft neutral luggage color they're not too tough. I like that they have a peep toe for some sweetness and other details that bring the sweetness that LR is known for to the brand. Perhaps the perfect shoe.

(photo: courtesy of

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Call Me Maybe with Rebecca Minkoff

Because I seriously can't get this damn song out of my head, because I adore the lovely Rebecca Minkoff, and because I kind of wish i had been hanging out with them when they were filming this video. It's not Harvard Baseball team, but it's pretty fun--and it's got a baby!


Monday, June 4, 2012

A Lovely New Lace

Maybe it's all the weddings that I'm set to attend but I've been around quite a bit of lace lately and I've been thinking about modern ways to wear it. But what I've been considering more is wearing something even daintier: handkerchief blends in the soften cottons and vintage blends. These expressions here show just how elegant these antique visions can be, paired with updated neon belts, leopard print heels or gladiator flats and the look becomes a very "now" expression of your style.

(photo: courtesy of From Me To You)

HEARD: Sophie Theallet to The Limited

It seems like there's been a stretch since we've gotten some exciting designer collaboration news and the latest one came as a bit of surprise. The Limited is getting into the mix and working with an amazing designer, Sophie Theallet, to start. Her refined elegance is a bit more buttoned-up than I'm used to wearing, but I'm eager to see what she does for the mall-brand that I haven't been into lately (though it did serve me well during my stirrup phase in the 80s). The designer promises to bring "the luxurious nonchalance of my aesthetic to an affordable price point."

(photo: courtesy of

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A New Pair of Kicks

For a while now, everyone has been on the Chuck Taylor bandwagon. But Supergas are having a moment and I think they're worth another look. I got my first pair when I was 13 and they're a delightfully chic alternative to what everyone is wearing. They just opened their new flagship in New York and everyone seems to be loving the candy colored options. I love them with cropped pants or a dress, when they're even more unexpected--the more colorful, the better.

(photo: courtesy of Superga)

New Knits; Floral Detail

The more places I am looking, the more I am seeing some form of knits for Summer. They're all made of cotton and come in lighter colors to make them more seasonal, but I like the idea of pairing them with shorts, skirts or maxis for a perfect warmer-weather look. Everyone seems to be showing white and ivory versions, but I like that this one has a fresh floral print on it. It incorporates the colors you want to be wearing while still being sweet, making it just a little bit different than what everyone else is wearing.

(photo: courtesy of Cheyenne Meets Chanel)