Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SPOTTED: Valentino for Gap

So just as an FYI, one of my favorite movies of the past few years is without a doubt "The Last Emporer" about Valentino. I've seen it about five times now and every time I walk away appreciating something new.  I originally went to see the movie because it seemed fashion-y and that's what I'm into, but I didn't know too much about Valentino other than the fact that he designs some rad clothes that mainly celebs wear on the red carpet. Bottom line? Fun to look out but out of my reach. So seeing as the Valentino brand is doing a collab with the Gap, I may not have to read the pages of Us Weekly to get my Valentino fix. I dig that this collection seems to be using the designer's signature embellishments (think ruffles, bows, and more) on things that Gap is well-known for. The result? A decadent take on my already favorite designs. It seems just about perfect. Keep your ears and eyes peeled, more info is still pouring in, but something fun to look forward to--and an amazing opportunity to get a designer fix...for less!

(photo: courtesy of Style Bistro)

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