Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SPOTTED: NEW I Heart Ronson

Over the years I've developed a soft spot for Charlotte Ronson. First it was her delightfully feminine store in Soho (girly in the best possible way) and then it was her lower-priced line with JCPenney that made me love her even more. Her rocker chic meets spunky teenager look has never been more accessible (or affordable) thanks to her lower priced line. Taking a look at the latest offerings (due out in Feb) and I'm positively stoked at what's in store. Yes, she does the whole grunge thing, but she does it in a way that I could still actually wear. With CR, it may actually look good on me! And maybe even cute! People collect her leather jackets and I heart her printed skirts and to-die-for booties. This plaid shirt is very "me" and I love the unexpected way they pair it layered over a lace shirt. And don't get me started on the higher rise of the jeans. That red belt looks just about perfect and despite the nose ring (which I'm fairly certain you'll never see on me) I can see myself pulling this look off. I just have to wait until Feb! 

(photo: courtesy of Nylon)

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