Thursday, June 30, 2011

Street Style Inspiration for the Weekend

At the Gap preview that I got to attend, the menswear designer was talking about how some of their most popular cuts for men are the cropped styles. Totally strange and new and different and cool. I like that this shot from a fashion week in Europe captures a lady taking a cue from the guys. In this case it's super tailored pants on her with a cute cuff at the bottom. Now far from the cropped trousers that I used to wear (I shudder at the thought, they had a cargo pocket), these look super sleek and sexy while still showing that heel and a stretch of skin, too. I'm loving that the girls can play the same game as the big boys and this picture capture how the two complement each other. Not that I wear suits, but if i did, I'd absolutely invest in some cropped, shrunken pants for Fall. That said, I can still get separates and will most certainly have my eye out for shorter hems as Summer draws to a close. PS, it's also a fun way to transition through an Indian Summer by showing some unexpected skin with Fall's designs.

(photo: courtesy of StreetFSN)

The OutNet's Style Suggestions

Ugh, I LOVE Net-a-Porter. I think I've read every article ever published on them (btw, their founder used to live in LA and went to UCLA!). Anyway, I have had a harder time getting behind their less luxe little sister, The Outnet. Sure the prices are better but I don't know, the merch seems old and it's just not as wow-y as the original. But, now that I'm getting a closer look at the ladies behind the site, there are both beauty and brains! They're all so uber stylish and they paired with T Magazine (the stylish supplement to the New York Times) to show outfits that they'd wear on certain/pressing occasions. Their knack for styling always inspires me and I love the complements of colors and unexpected combinations of designers, fabrics, and layers that are all new to me. Such a great idea for a story and now of course am going to have to bookmark the OutNet on my list of favorites.

(photos: courtesy of T Magazine)

The Best Layering Tool

I do totally love my denim Levi's jacket but when it comes to layering for fall, it's going to get a bit bulky. How to combat it while still using it to layer? Who knows! Well, that is until I was reading Lucky Magazine over the weekend (yes, I spent a lot of time with the magazine while traveling). They did a spread with actress Rose Byrne and there was one shot where she was layered so well with a beaded jacket (lust) over a jean jacket. But reading the credits closely and it's actually a jean vest! Brilliant! Whether I'm going to cut the sleeves off my beloved jacket, I'm not quite sure, but now I'm of course on the hunt for a denim vest that I can layer away come fall. Suggestions welcome. And thank you Lucky for hitting it out of the park.

(photo: courtesy of Lucky Mag)

Shipley & Halmos: Could they be cuter?

Having met the adorable men of Shipley & Halmos a few times now, I can say with utmost certainty, I'm smitten. (Plus, they're straight, which doesn't happen too often in these parts). Anyway, Refinery29 just did this cute behind-the-scenes studio visit and maybe it's just because I love their cool, approachable hipster sensibility that I can't stop watching this video. Take a visit to their studio and see what goes on behind their adorable grins--oh yeah, and their clothes, too.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HEARD: Cool Designers to HSN

Reading Lucky Mag at the gym this AM and I was totally impressed with the fact that the magazine is doing a ton of cool collabs with HSN. Of course this seems strange at first, but they're trying to get more moolah to stay afloat, so of course any outside branding makes sense. That said, there were some cute examples of products from the likes of Belle by Sigerson Morrison and even Jay Godfrey and Dannijo in lesser-expensive versions that anyone would like. Now, I am getting word that Adam Lippes of ADAM is creating his own lower-priced offerings for HSN too. After obsessing over one of the ADAM shirts that Lauren Conrad is wearing in her own story in the mag, I figured this was just about perfect timing. Incredibly eager to see what they have in store, and kind of relieved that the prices are going to hit around the $100 mark. Yippee!

 (photo: courtesy of Lucky Magazine)

Brown Bagging It

A few months back I was totally enamored with the royal blue (they call it Yves Klein blue) small cases that all the editors were carrying around at fashion shows. It looked like a glorified pencil case, but they were really these luxe leather cases from Celine. So I found a "for less" version in the form of an oversized clutch from LA-based designer Clare Vivier. It's the same bold blue and I get compliments every time I wear it. Plus for the price, I don't mind that it's already acquired some nice lived-in scratches. I think that's why I was equally enamored of these strangely simple leather accessories. I love the one that looks like a brown bag lunch and that it's almost an ironic take on the conventional It bag. I also guarantee this would be just as versatile. This collection seems to have some nice options that I have never seen before--score--and would be uber versatile for just about everything I have to wear, and everywhere I have to go. Def a line to keep your eyes out for.

 (photo: courtesy of Racked)

Street Style Inspiration for the Day

Maybe I'm partial because she's kind of my boss, but I like to think that if I loved in NYC, I'd dress like this. Considering my office is over air conditioned, it's hard to get behind the dress and skirt mentality of Summer. But this look makes me want to reconsider. The asymmetry of the dress makes it stand apart from all the other boring ones you've been seeing in your favorite stores and I love the wood platform of her sandals that is chunky and deliberate and not at all dainty. And don't even get me started on the nameplate on her bag. I think everyone went through a crazy personalization phase, but I love that this luggage tag type thing can be looped around just about any handbag you have. It adds a super nice element to it, plus you're bound to stand apart with an element like that. It's a great inspiration for those warm-weather days when you can't quite figure out what to wear. Looking tres chic.

 (photos: courtesy of Refinery29)

Monday, June 27, 2011

FIRST LOOK: Club Monaco to Tumblr

It seems like no day goes by without me adding at least one more website or blog to my blogroll. My list of "favorites" is almost embarrassing, actually. But I love now that so many stores and brands are getting into the Tumblr game. It helps them build a brand while creating a lifestyle around their clothes. Rad. This one from Club Monaco takes a look at everything they find cool, which is like me peaking into their apartment on a Sunday afternoon and seeing what they're watching, reading, listening to, etc. It's my own little window into these cool, cool people, and a chance for me to get some cool new ideas for myself. They've compiled some plain ole beautiful images that don't necessarily say a ton except for that they're inspired. These book covers are just that but somehow their colors and prints have me dreaming of a tropical vacation. Dream on...

(photo: courtesy of Club Monaco)

New Delicate Textures

There's something about Summer that always makes me want to put on something light and breezy. The more delicate, the better. I think that's why I was drawn to this picture right away. The combination of the crochet and the handkerchief-like pattern of the blouse screams "it's hot outside" in the most beautiful, uber-femme way. What I love even more is that by pairing one of these gorge blouses and soft textures with leather and tougher materials in the fall means that you'll have the coolest juxtaposition ever. I'm loving the look of this and trying to figure out ways to make it transition with me into Fall. Start with some heavier accessories now and then work your way into it for Fall. Delicate works, but it works even better when it's delicate meets dark.

(photo: courtesy of Fashionologie)

SPOTTED: New nail polish from Chanel

I am generally very late to the nail party. I literally just tried gels for the first time and am just seeing my first glimpses of OPI's new shatter polish (why OMG is hella cool). And for good reason, every season when new Chanel nailpolishes comes out, the entire world (beauty editors, fashion editors, etc) all breathe a collective sigh of envy. I mean don't you remember Vamp--the polish that launched Berry Hard, Lincoln Park After Dark, etc? This new range of metallics are so cool. They have some sort of shimmery technology that makes them look like holograms and I have a feeling the different colors will look slightly different on everyone, which makes them so special. Compared with the boring pale pink I'm sportin' now, they'll be a welcome diversion. Maybe I can even get my hands on them over the Summer and take them out for a test drive!

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Street Style Inspiration for the Weekend

I know....Zara, again. But they're really that cool! They have a great new feature on their site that kind of makes up for the fact that you can't buy their stuff online...yet. They've started a street style snapshot section that they aptly call "People" that has captured some totally lovely ladies. Love the leather sleeves and half turban headband. Love the kimono top that happens to be the same length as the beauty's scallop shorts. Plus her red raybans match her red lips. Flawless. Love the double breasted blazer in a deep sand color when everyone else is wearing black and navy. Plus I think I am smitten with her top not. Could it get any cuter? Plus it showcases her kickass necklace. Amazing examples of street style. Me loves that they're from Europe too. Makes me feel so much cooler knowing they're that much more special than boring ole L.A.

(photos: courtesy of Zara)

New Blog: New Closet Envy

Came across this adorable new blog called Song of Style, and of course the outfit pics were great, but once I found this "closet" pic, I became offish obsessed. I mean look at the way she displays her shoes on shelves in the living room. Sure, it may be for lack of space, but I also think they help communicate her style just as much as any art of picture frames would. Maybe I just like imagining my life if I had those shoes in it, but whatever the case, this picture makes me happy. Does my overstuffed closet have a reprieve in its future? Perhaps...Plus with shoes that are in and of themselves works of art (just look at those wood heels), I'm gonna argue that they deserve just as much apartment attention as the rest. Diggin' this cool new decorating tip.

(photo: courtesy of Song of Style)

Public Service Announcement: SALE

I know this is kind of lame, but this is nothing more than a public service announcement. Check it, Zara's sale starts this weekend. That means you get their adorable color blocked collection (their sorbet colored trousers and cutaway blazers are amazing) for even less than they already are. Bottom line: get thee there, it's awesome.

(photo: courtesy of Zara)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Matchy Matchy

You can do matchy-matchy as long as you break it up somewhere, like this unconventional fuzzy pom pom necklace. I think without the necklace I would hate the way the green of the perfect Proenza top gets picked up in the skirt. I know if I were to try it on, I would make a face and say, "ugh, I look too mom-ish!" But I think if you pile on a totally clashing accessory like this fun, knit pom pom necklace in shocking pink you are so focused on the accessory that you forget what you're wearing underneath is matching. It's a great way to update some of those old outdated looks that may be really too well-matched by throwing something crazy into the mix. A necklace or even a cool broach or pin would work. Plus, you can do the same with some eye-catching heels in a crazy cool color. I'm thinking neon green.

(photos: courtesy of Canned Fashion)

New Online Shop

I know. I rely heavily on Shopbop. This weekend I even bought an entire outfit (head-to-toe) from Net-a-Porter. When you need something to wear to a wedding, you do whatever it takes. That's why I'm always slightly giddy when I come across a new site that has super cute clothes. For some reason I have grown averse to buying things in regular brick-and-mortar stores, as they call them, and prefer the thrill of clicking to purchase. This site has a nice mix of super casual pieces that I can wear to work and dress up with some high-waisted flares and heels on the weekend, PLUS they love a relaxed silhouette, which frankly is my fave shape these days. Instead of the same oversized white tee (that I seem to have about 5 of now), they update the shapes in bright colors (think "I'm Here" red) and tie-dye. And if I wore shorts (which I don't), I think I would love those scalloped mint ones. Very cute, indeed!

(photo: courtesy of Fashion Enthusiast)

MUST- WATCH Video: Versace to H&M

So I don't even know how I feel about Versace, but I do know that it's pretty major news that they're one of the next designers to do a collaboration with H&M. I mean think about it! That's about as high-low as you can go! The web went all crazy with the news this AM and I think the most exciting part is this cool video that they released. Not sure the style is right for me, but I def am curious to see what that crazy Donatella comes up with. Very excited to get inspired!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Neon + Neutral Trend

In case you needed any more reason to try out the neon/neutral trend, here you have it. Need I say more? This blogger (who btw I am offish obsessed with) does it with such ease that I obvi want to recreate her entire outfit. For me, I think the simplest way to incorporate would be a neon patent leather belt from J. Crew to cinch off my slouchy army pants or a cool ribbon to run through my cotton army jacket. Bright bangles could do the trick, I could take a cue from this pic and get a bright topper for some of my neutral basics. Wearing a khaki colored scarf over the weekend I realized how many options I really have. Even one bright piece added to my otherwise neutral look could be the perfect go-to all Summer long. I'm searching for the perfect option that works with my look--and what I already own--but in the meantime, I think I'll use this lovely lady as inspiration of what I want to look like...fingers crossed!

(photos: courtesy of Atlantic/Pacific)

Must-Have Bag? Tribal Totes

Of you look through my college pictures (filled with parties and date parties and frat parties, oh my), there is one constant that seems to always be there. I had this cool, tribal-looking bag that was more of a sac, had cool beading, and I wore it just about everywhere. At my preppy East Coast school, it definitely set me apart, so I refused to put it down. While I can't remember exactly where I got it (I am guessing a street vendor in NYC), I can tell you that I loved wearing that bag. Now I am seeing the same ethnic trend all over and I am itching to find a more grown-up version of my fave bag. These colorful totes were sourced from Africa and have that mindful and eco-element that anyone could get behind. Plus their punchy colors and neons are exactly what my army-green and black-based wardrobe could use. I love that it's super casual for Summer and is durable enough that I won't cry when I spill guacamole on it (don't laugh, it seems to be happening on the reg these days). Could this be the perfect Summer bag--and a welcome alternative to the ubiquitous beach-bound straw tote?

(photos: courtesy of Shopbop)

One to Watch: Bauble Bar

I used to rely exclusively on Urban Outfitters for my jewelry. No joke, I could go there during school (in college UO was my in-between class hangout) and find something new for just about every occasion. Then once I started working, Banana Republic served the same purpose with uber-inexpensive jewelry that looked work-appropriate while still being cool enough. Now I rely on more everyday pieces (less statement jewels on an everyday basis) and I always love finding a few choice pieces to mix in with the studs and bangles look I wear every day. Bauble Bar was launched by a brainy beauty from my college and I am hooked on the concept. The prices are right and it lets you shop today's coolest trends (think rose gold, chain link, and more!) in a single curated space with trends, picks, and perfect prices. It's on my "favorites" list and it looks like it's on!

(photos: courtesy of Bauble Bar)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hot Summer in the City

I wouldn't know because I wore a scarf and two sweaters sitting outside at dinner tonight, but it's getting hot in some parts of the country. Here in LA it feels like June gloom is forever going to stay, but when it comes to living in the hot hot city, I remember being absolutely perplexed at the idea of having to dress for the heat and maneuver in the humidity. That's why I love finding blogs that show me what cute clothes other young ladies are wearing so I can recreate (aka copy) what they're wearing. This body-con dress may be a bit too clingy for me, but I think where this is going. I think the neutral colors are different than all of the other brights that everyone wears all summer long and just muted enough that you can get away with wearing it all the time. Talk about chic recycling!

(photo: courtesy of Mr. Newton)

An Illustrated Approach

Now when it comes to fashion, we're so used to seeing really over-produced shoots and then even street style photography that there's very little left to the imagination. We see exactly what we're supposed to see and there's really little left to interpret on our own. This blog of fashion illustrations I think piques the imagination just enough that you can interpret each "look" and image for yourself. It gives you an allusion to what the artist had in mind and a loose sketch of what he or she sees. But from there, it's a jumping off point. Looking at an illustration of a little black dress, I'm fairly certain that me and ten of my friends would all pick something very different off the rack. This blog of fashion illustrations lets you run with the ideas (which by the way are all gorge)...kind of makes you want to frame them for wall/desk art.

(photo: courtesy of Paper Fashion)

MUST-SEE: Tim Burton at LACMA

I honestly love when Helena Bonham Carter is nominated for an Oscar. Her outfits are just that good. She almost always ends up on someone's "Worst Dressed" list, but inevitably gets people talking. And of course, she's dating Tim Burton, the godfather of quirk. I think it's beyond cool that LACMA, which by the way is really starting to step up its game, is devoting an entire exhibit to the dark, and uber-bizarre filmmaker. Working with his gf all the time, they both have that eccentricity down cold (think Edward Scissorhands meets The Nightmare Before Christmas, and just about anything in between). The exhibit that is now at LACMA includes exclusive images and more that are bound to get you thinking...and maybe even dressing in a new, different way.

(photo: courtesy of LACMA)

Friday, June 17, 2011

SPOTTED: Rag & Bone Resort

Guys, you know how I feel about Rag & Bone. During a recent trip into Intermix, no joke, every single thing that I wanted to try on was all from the brand. They just get me, they really really get me! So I was jazzed to see their designs for resort that get me pumped to have the temperature drop so I can wear all of these insane clothes. I seriously am digging every knit detail. It's full of rich leathers and thick knits that is so sophisticated chic in a way that keeps me excited. It's a bit more New York than L.A., but rest assured, I am going to do my damn best to make it my own.

(photo: courtesy of

Eddie Borgo for J. Crew

Guys, it's here! I've seriously been obsessing over Eddie Borgo's jewelry for the past few months. Like I need it. And as I wait for some welcome presents, I've been taking a closer look at the designs he did for J. Crew. Let it be said that these are far more reasonable than his rose gold designs (sigh) and use the same cone detail that have become his signature. I particularly like this belt with the studs that toughen it up in a way that isn't too over-the-top (aka tough enough to still be me). He also has some pinks and two necklaces that all take the cone rose gold metal to the next level. Seriously, get on it, the stuff looks awesome.

(photo: courtesy of J. Crew)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Vid from Vince

I've been partial to Vince for a long time. I get all cranky when their cashmere sweaters don't wear that well (and refuse to get rid of them until those holes are really gapingly large), but they still hold a soft spot in my heart. They're full of the standards and basics that made my high school and college looks so easy. They're stuff is expensive but I like to think that ever fall or winter you can invest in a sweater or two (or three) and you'll be good to go for at least twelve month's time. I like this video, just kind of makes you scratch your head and think and kinda making me want to take a spin to the store on Robertson. Watch the video here

(video: courtesy of New York Mag)

Re-Introducing Coach Classics

These bags totally make me think of the moms in elementary school and my younger years. I feel like most moms wore these bags. They're part of Coach's classic collection that are uber-basic shapes and leathers that are standard and un-"it" enough to make them classics. I love the fact that these are pretty much just as wearable now as they were 15 years ago (at least, I'm getting old!) and that I can imagine saving them for generations to come. Nothing is trendy in these bags which explains the name (go, figure), but the rich leather will only get better with age. It's quite cool that they've relaunched to appeal to a whole new audience and I am equally smitten with the prices. Beyond reasonable. Well done!

(photos: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

A New Glitter Guide

Stumbled upon this new tumblr and it's full of whimsical fun (aka, it's the most recent addition to my blogroll). I'm particularly smitten with this little blurb on flower arranging considering I have anything but a green thumb and I need major help (I just killed yet another orchid). Love the idea of using old mason jars or unusual cannisters to hold short stemmed blooms for something that isnt as clean and neat as a standard glass vase. This blog is filled with similarly fun and easy tips, pics, and more of just plain old fun, cute stuff. Count me in!

(photo: courtesy of The Glitter Guide)

New BFF?

This post is nothing more than a plea. I kind of want to be best friends with these girls. They just seem so cool! Plus, they design gorge jewelry which can't hurt. I'm particularly into unique jewelry these days. I spied a really cool longer necklace over the weekend that meshed a thick chain and yarn detail (kind of a hybrid friendship necklace) and now I'm on the hunt for other types of jewelry like this that mixes materials in such an unusual way. Check out their line Dannijo, and dream (with me) about hanging out with them some day. 

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

SPOTTED: Rebecca Minkoff for Fall

I've been lucky enough to talk to Rebecca Minkoff a few times now about her shoe collection and moving into her first store-in-store in LA. So every time she debuts a new collection, I feel a bit nostalgic for our time together and get all giddy, excited at what she has in store. Her Fall collection mixes tough and sweet in one of those leather-and-lace kind of ways that looks awesome. The colors are cool (greys and taupes mixed with aqua blue and a deep, rich orange) and it's super ladylike without being totally fussy. I love the ladylike look but don't want to look all mom-ish, so this is the perfect go-between for me. (I also not so secretly love that nothing is too clingy. She's using a lot of belts to cinch oversized styles and super long wide leg pants.) The best news? All of it is super flattering. 

(photos: courtesy of Fashionista)

Monday, June 13, 2011

How to Update My Fave Piece

I think it goes without saying--especially for anyone who has seen me lately--that last Summer's closet MVP is making it into heavy rotation this Summer too. It's army green jacket that is decidedly fading from sun exposure but seems to go with just about everything. I couldn't love it more. But, I also couldn't wear it more. And sometimes--just sometimes--I get embarrassed that it's the only thing I manage to put on. So I saw this cute picture of an editor from Lucky magazine and loved how she updated her army green clothes with pops of neon (which btw, are very "Summer"). I love the yellowy neon for an army green, it actually goes together in the strangest way. I'm thinking I could try out a bright, citrus-y clutch for when I wear the jacket or belt my low-slung boyfriend jeans with a neon patent belt from J. Crew. Anything to give this boring, overused look of mine a cute little update.

(photo: courtesy of Lucky Magazine)

The Great Outdoors

Scenes from this weekend's backyard barbecue? Not quite. I actually found this fun pic taken from the shenanigans at the resort shows going on right now. This pinata parade is at Stella McCartney's resort show which just looks like a helluva good time. The image looks equal parts South of the Border vacation and Americana just in time for the 4th of July. I love the haphazard mix of prints and stripes that come in the predictable red, white, and blue (on her) and sherbet neons (on the pinata). It looks like an ordinary scene but I bet it makes you think what you'd wear to all of this Summer's upcoming barbecues. I'd say challenge yourself to a cute skirt or dress every time. For me, I like to think they're something to aspire to. Work around that first piece and figure out what shoes work (gots to be comfy) and if it's going to get cool (a denim jacket is a failsafe).

(photo: courtesy of @RoopalPatel)

SPOTTED: New from Club Monaco

As much as I hate this "in between" period because there's really nothing to buy (it's all quite picked over), I do love it if only because we get all these fun pics and previews of what's to come in the coming months. This latest is from Club Monaco, which continues to subtly entice me. They're calling it rock'n'roll Hollywood but I think the color is what's most catching. A combination of purples, berry hues, rust and neutrals is striking, especially considering I've been so into Kelly Green and Yves Klein blue as of late. Plus I don't know if I'd be able to do it, but I love the idea of cute, heather grey socks with flats. It's so fresh instead of my boring black tights every day of Fall. Take a look and see what you like.

(photos: courtesy of Fashionista)

Hot Summer Look

Now that it's Summer, everyone is going to be wearing shorts and t-shirts. So set yourself apart. Love that this lovely lady wore an uber-long vest over her shorts and tee look. It's not a winter vest, as it seems super light and sheer but the play on the long vest over the super short shorts plays with proportions in a way that keeps this fresh. Even a long cardigan in a sheer open weave would look adorable as the temps drop at night and you're forced to cover up. Find light alternatives like these and make sure they come down far over the hem of your shorts or skirts to play with the lengths in a fun new way. Keep things interesting this Summer and work with what you've already got.

(photo: courtesy of Elle)

Cute New Blog From San Fran

Sometimes it's as simple as looking at someone cute for inspiration. That's why I look at so many blogs every morning, I can get outfit ideas or ideas on how to look the part--and look cute at the same time. She's totally gorge but not in a cutesy way. She's sophisticated in the type of way that I think works a bit better on me than all those boho flirty silhouettes. I love the peek of shoulder, the pop of leather, and the button-down turned young. She's got some great outfit ideas that may just become what I wear in the coming days and weeks. Loving the new inspiration.

(photo: courtesy of 9 to 5 Chic)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Street Style Inspiration for the Weekend

I like the idea that if you're going to wear a sweater during Summer (hell, sometimes it can get cool), you've got to do it while showing some skin. I like the way this sweater has kind of a wider neck that lets the straps of the tank or bra or whatever. This is particularly important in LA right now where June gloom is in full effect and I can't quite wrap my head around wearing sweaters again to work. It's a perfect solution that will get me through June and hopefully into July's sunny skies.

(photo: courtesy of The Sartorialist)

How To: Organizing Your Jewelry

Bestill my OCD heart, but this picture makes me incredibly happy. After complaining that my own jewelry organization sucks (I just don't have enough room!), this image gives me inspiration yet again. Of course one day I'll have a real, live breathing built-in with a special velvet drawer to house all of my jewels. But in the meantime, hyper-organization is going to have to suffice. Someone suggested I get one of those hanging bags with clear containers (at least I would be able to actually see what I have), and I'm actually considering devoting an entire dresser drawer to my cause (a major deal considering I have next to no closet space already). Any suggestions would be much appreciated, as I am currently at a loss. In the meantime I'll just stare off at these pictures looking in a fit of jealousy instead.

(photo: courtesy of The Coveteur)