Thursday, November 4, 2010

Revolve Relaunches

Just a quick reminder that just relaunched with some really inspiring editorial. Their magazines, lookbooks, and awesome videos are total eye candy! After swinging by their relaunch party last night I'm in awe. They're doing a great job, giving Shopbop a run for their money, and giving me new tips and ideas every time I visit. Make sure to visit for a quick treat or instant inspiration!

As much as I love Shopbop, I'm beginning to think it may be a bit narrow-minded of me. After all, there are so many other amazing sites that really do what they do just as well--if not better! So I am taking a harder look at Revolve Clothing, which has just relaunched and is doing a kick ass job with their style guides and editorials. Even if you're not shopping, their photographs lend some amazing ideas of how you may want to dress, what you should be pairing together, and styles you may not have ever considered. The way they mix, match, and wear is inspiring in and of itself. I for one am going to keep checking back since I love what they're doing. Plus for those that need something easy, they let you shop the look with just one click. 

(photo: courtesy of Revolve Clothing)

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