Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SPOTTED: Decades Denim

I'm not exactly at the point in my life where I can spend hours browsing the racks at Decades. They're known for selling massive amounts of Chanel and Hermes, after all. But when a major designer or store launches a lower-budg alternative, count me in. I'd heard rumblings about the new denim line for Decades and when I got to see it first hand, I realized I may be a convert too. Seated next to one of the designers at the launch dinner, I grilled her on everything denim, and most importantly, why my jeggings look like sweatpants by the end of the day. Apparently it's all about the seams, and how much the denim "recovers" after you wear it. I'm kind of tired of pulling my pants up every time I try and sit down and I really hate being that girl who asks if her ass looks fat in these jeans. SO, I've been told (and promised) that these jeans are going to be my new jam. They don't have back pockets (which kinds of scares me), but the seams run on the bias which gives the illusion of slimmer legs. Plus, they're supposed to keep their shape, aka, I don't have to wash them every time I wear them. Check 'em, I have a feeling they may just be the next new thing.

 (photo: courtesy of Decades Denim)

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