Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

My boyfriend jeans held firmly to their MVP status pretty much all Summer long. But their many gaping holes and loose fit meant that as soon as it got a bit cooler I stashed them away for something with a bit more coverage. Seeing this picture means I want to pair them with thick chunky knits and velvet slippers for a Fall appropriate look. I think if I do it right (aka wear a sweater long enough to cover at least some of the holes) and mix textures (darker knits and dark velvet slippers with the lighter denim), the look can easily transition seasons. What say you?

(photo: courtesy of Atlantic Pacific)

New Jewelry Line: Anndra Neen

You know when you hear a word for the first time and then all of a sudden you hear it everywhere? Well that's what's been happening with me and this new jewelry line, Anndra Neen. It's inspired by the designer sisters Mexican City roots and has this wonderful South of the Border feel with sterling silver and great intricate details. I literally love every single piece I see, from jewelry to bags and they all are complementary so they can be worn together. Love the line and thought you should know about them, too.

(photo: courtesy of Kirna Zabete)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

HEARD: Marni for H&M

I know, you haven't even gotten over the frenzy that is their Versace line. But just today they announced the latest collaboration. They've teamed up with Marni, the endlessly cool Italian brand that is geometric, oversized and fabulous all at once. Just trust me on this. Catch this brand new video of the designer discussing the collab.

(Video: courtesy of H&M)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Inspired By: Designer Decor

Speaking of design, I have always had an affinity for a one miss Aerin Lauder. These new pics of her Hamptons home show an attention to design detail that can't be matched. Yes, it is matchy matchy but it's done in such a way that it's utterly timeless. I love that the same fabric is woven through every piece of the bedroom. The effect is nothing short of pure perfection. It's overdone to the point of being brilliant. 

(photo: courtesy of

SPOTTED: New Kelly Wearstler Boutique

If you're in LA, boy do I have a treat for you. The design doyenne, Kelly Wearstler has opened up a shop to show all of her wares under one roof. Now if you're in NY, you're prob familiar with the glam job she did with the space at Bergdorfs. The new store on Melrose is just as glam, with an expanded collection of her jewerly, clothes, handbags, home goods and just about everything else. Plus, you can take a walk inside and just get inspired right then and there. It's that good.

(photo: courtesy of

Sunday, November 27, 2011

SPOTTED: Chic New Flats

I think flats can be hard. You want them to be completely functional and comfortable but when it comes time to going out, you want something sparkly and chic, too. And often times those two don't come in the same pair. This sparkly pair is perfectly holiday in spirit. The rhinestone bows are whimsical no matter the season and the t-strap are pretty out of the ordinary--very different than the basic black Repettos that I have come to love and rely on day after day. Instead of wearing heels like everyone else come holiday fĂȘtes, go for embellished flats. It's an unexpected treat.

(photo: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

How To: Display Jewelry in a Cool, New Way

I came across this inviting image of a jewelry display and I had to bookmark it as a lovely new idea. It comes across as equal parts jewelry store and museum, and I've actually seen this bell jar method used in boutiques and even Anthropologie, letting customers get an all-angles look. I love the balance of the soft sand at the base and the rich metal textures. The branches help add height and wood bases are an excellent way to put all your rings, say, on one plane. I think this is so unique and a visually stunning way to see what you have--while inviting everyone else to take a glimpse, too.

(photo: courtesy of The Coveteur)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to Wear: Sheer Tops

So more and more I'll absolutely love a top and then I'll pull it out from the rack and realize it is entirely sheer. But maybe there's a way to wear sheer shirts and blouses while still being tasteful and I think I just realized what it is. Take this photo as an example. If you're not going to cover up with a sweater or blazer, I say go for a bra or undergarment that is almost retro in shape and structure. Her bra looks almost '50s swimsuit. It covers way more skin and reaches a bit lower on her abdomen, giving her a bit more coverage and striking a nice balance against the sheer top. Going for something a bit more conventionally covered is not what we're used to--or inclined--to do, and so I think it's actually quite striking underneath something sheer.

(photo: courtesy of The Sartorialist)

Wish List: Oversized Cuff

I just decided I am going to start a holiday wish list on this blog because I think it will be kind of fun, and if anything, will give some people out there some fun gift giving ideas in time for the holidays. This I came across from Teen Vogue and it's actually from Mango. What? Yes, Mango. I forgot that store existed since I was in Europe in 2001 but how cute is this cuff? Very Fenton/Fallon. I would actually get one and either wear two piled on one wrist or wear one on each wrist for symmetry sake. It looks cute and un-Mango, like Meaning? I like!

(photo: courtesy of Teen Vogue)

Monday, November 21, 2011

If it's Perfect for Pippa...

And I do mean that Pippa. Finally, at long last, the dress that Pippa wore to the royal wedding is available for purchase. Granted it's for some reason only available to Net-a-Porter's UK customers, but that said, it's still finally here! It's missing some of the lace detail at the sleeve, the beautiful buttons down the back and the train, but the bias cut and elegant cowl neck are all in tact. I double dog dare anyone to wear this dress, because I think it just simply cannot be done. And the white, it's just too unforgiving. But oh, what a challenge!

(photo: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

Into the Gloss...And her Style

I've become a huge fan of this blogger/stylist/overall NY fashion extraordinaire. She has an amazing beauty website that has gained a cultish following and now she's taking her connections to the next level by giving us a bit of an inside look at everything she does...and I'm hooked. I think she's super chic and she promises to let us into her world of beauty. So why wouldn't we oblige?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

How To Wear: Winter Shorts

One of the outfit choices that comes in on heavy rotation as it gets colder is winter shorts. The key is pairing a thicker/wintry material (think wools not khakis) and going for an opaque or textured tight with it. I personally love the look with ballet flats since everyone else is opting for boots. Your best bet is to go for a short that isn't too short or too long, instead choose a length that hits mid-thigh which is actually the most flattering length. This way you can wear something other than pants even though the temperature is dropping. It's a fun new option to consider as it gets cold.

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

So Maje

There were a couple of stores that last time I went to Paris I became totally enamored with. Kooples, Iro, Sandro, the list goes on. But one that set itself out from the pack was Maje. The good news for those stateside is that Bloomingdales has picked up the line and the brand has just opened its doors in Soho too. It's whimsical meets preppy, tailored yet untucked and full of peter pan collars and wonderfully vibrant hues. I simply love every piece. Particularly love this piece for a night out. It's not too dressed up, has just enough edge and isn't overly girly. Love.

(photo: courtesy of Maje)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Runway Inspiration: Letterman Jackets

One of the trends that made its way onto the runways this Fall was the use of college-inspired letterman's jackets and athletic jackets to keep things casual and structured as the temperatures dropped. I think it's hard to pull off the look without looking too juvenile and too casual--I automatically think jeans, tees and converse. So how to pull off the look? I say opt for a version with some leather or updated textures to make the silhouette new. If you're going to wear yours, wear it out at night instead of casual during the day. Pair it with tailored black paints and pointy black heels with maybe a decorative ankle strap for effect. The sleeker the the rest of your look the better.

(photo: courtesy of Hanneli)

How to Wear: Red Pants

As much as I long to wear chic dresses when I go out at night, the truth is that pants have served me well. I often end up in the same pair of tailored black trousers with an ankle length that let me showcase some of my favorite heels if my feet allow. So the more great pants I can find these days, the better. This pretty pic caught my eye for the vibrant color found straight off the streets of downtown LA (I swear). This FIDM student wears wide-legged pants in the most classic, simplistic way. Somehow they don't overwhelm here and because the rest of her look is so undone, it works. A reminder to bring some red into my look, especially as the holidays draw near, especially in the form of some totally chic pants.

(photo: courtesy of Racked LA)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Blog Roll: Street Style from Wharton

This just makes me happy as a former Penn grad, myself. Before I moved to Philadelphia, I had never seen Burberry, Longchamp or a popped collar. Penny loafers were a school uniform thing, not something you wore by choice, let alone Sperry top-siders, especially if you weren't on-deck. This fun new blog from Wharton students takes a cheeky look at the wonderful Wharton world of preppy style. I've already bookmarked it and can't wait to take a daily diversion back to Locust Walk and the chilly streets of Philadelphia...

(photo: courtesy of The Whartorialist)

SPOTTED: Club Monaco for Spring '12

Dear Club Monaco, I always say the same thing. You get me with your designs and I always say just how cute you look and then I kind of never visit your store. I am intrigued by your wearable neutral palette and the fact that everything is really work appropriate but could also double for going out without really having to change, which REALLY works for me. There are a lot of basics and simple shapes but maybe just maybe that is what Club Monaco does best. Updating the silhouettes we love--and rely on--and doing them in a modern new way each season.

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall's Marvelous Mani

I love getting a dark colored mani come Fall but I still find myself staring blankly at that wall of polishes every time I walk into the nail place. I want dark and then I wuss out and think I want something a bit more inventive. And yet I still come up empty handed. This picture is a great palette of inspiration for Fall with some awesome Autumnal hues that are spot on for the season. Rich with yellows and oranges and crisp reds, they're what you wouldn't necessarily expect and what I haven't really seen anyone else wearing. I say go for it, it's unique and different--and you can take it off it you don't like it.

(photo: courtesy of The Color Collective)

A New Domino-esque Replacement

I am not the only one to lament the loss of Domino. I have the coffee table book and few old back issues that I refuse to part ways with. And their delightful editor Deborah Needleman is now the Editor-in-Chief of the totally brilliant Wall Street Journal WSJ weekend magazine. She's also just released a new book, The Perfectly Imperfect Home. Here's to hoping it brings us all the same colorful quirk, delightful texture and lovely charm that Domino once brought into our lives. Book is on sale now, coffee table here it comes.

(photo: courtesy of Amazon)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

How To: The Half Untuck

I saw this picture and I couldn't help but smile to myself because I literally just tried to wear my shirt half untucked like this last week and I looked so foolish. On her of course, flawless. I think there's a time and a place for tucked in and sometimes completely untucked can seem too weekend messy. That in between has to be pretty thought out though, as ironic as it seems. If it's a tee, it can't be too long. The shorter the better so that part easily tucks and part easily hangs without being too droopy. If it's a button down, make sure to unbutton one ore more buttons than you're used to, generally up to the exact waist, so that the shirt splits and exactly one half can be tucked in and one half can stay free. 

(photo: courtesy of Mr. Newton)

The Perfect Black Clutch

What a great envelope clutch, no? It looks deceptively expensive, even though it fits the bill for less than $25 from H&M. I have to say there are times when I am just supremely impressed by them and when I saw this design, this was one of those cases. In fast fashion the accessories can tend to fall by the wayside but I think they've done a nice job keeping them fresh, the lines angular and the cuts quite tailored leaving them insanely expensive looking and feeling. Simply put, they're all the more appealing to us.

(photo: courtesy of H&M)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

I couldn't be more enamored with a photo if I tried. There is something about this that is just about perfection. Maybe it's the way that the cut and crepe of the silhouette hits with the wind or the way the hue of the jumpsuit matches her lips just so. The deep berry red is the perfect complement to her dark hair and the way that nothing, no accessory or fussy detail complicates the bodices clean lines. There is nothing about the look that isn't flawless and I can't seem to look away. 

(photo: courtesy of Vanessa Jackman)

One Last Glimpse: Jenna Lyons' Home

So word on the street is that Jenna Lyons is selling her oft-photographed Brooklyn brownstone and so we're getting all of these fun blog posts paying homage to the beauty that was that beautiful, brilliantly decorated abode. I caught this one shot and couldn't tell what I liked more, her coral and citrus outfit (worn perfectly together) or the red outline of her duvet cover. I know so many people who have riffed on this duvet cover trend and I have never seen it done in red, which is probably why this caught my eye. As for her outfit, I love that instead of sticking with just one bold color she went for broke and did two. Why not, right? She's Jenna Lyons. That's why.

(photo: courtesy of Fashionista)

How To: Layering Necklaces + Blouses

Of course we've all heard that layering techniques are key during winter, like pairing a longer chain necklace over a turtleneck for a super effective look  come winter. But what about a great tie-neck blouse if you're going out? Doesn't that deserve some long-necklace love too? I love how The Glamourai here was able to make them both work at once. If you look closely she paired a necklace of just the right length worn just around the bow-tie of the blouse. The effect is eye-catching and somewhat brilliant...I hadn't seen it done like this before. 

(photo: courtesy of The Glamourai)

Monday, November 7, 2011

DVF Shows us her Archives

I love that after a bit of time out of the spotlight, DVF re-emerged more powerful than ever. Not only is she at the top of her design game but she is like the most powerful woman in fashion as the president of the CFDA. Her wrap dress continues to make waves (all fashion editors cite it as a must-buy) and this amazing video takes a look into her drool-worthy archives.

(video courtesy of DVF)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

SPOTTED: To-die-for Shoes from Carven

How amazing are these shoes. The platforms have convinced me that they'd actually be comfortable to walk in and the accent around the strap make me think everyone would know when you're in the room. They're the perfect addition to all those holiday dresses you can't seem to get out of your mind and I have a feeling you're going to be yearning to wear these well past December. I actually like that they're open toe and the prospect of wearing these with tights right now. I like the contrast, it's just more fun. They're designed by the geniuses at Carven, who everyone can't stop obsessing over. They're French, obviously.

(photo: courtesy of Fashionista)

Resurrecting Gingham

Just last week I pulled out a slightly dusty Steven Alan shirt out of my closet that has this lovely, slightly nostalgic gingham print to it. I always thought the fit was kind of awkward, but tucked into my high-waist jeans I know think the fit is kind of genius. It's a bit of a picnic plaid but reimagined in a neutral black and white and will be a great layering piece now that it's freezing in L.A. I then stumbled upon this photo and realize I may not be the only one crushing on gingham. I love the look and love how it's looking. With piles of layered necklaces (of varying lengths) and a cinched waist, somehow it's fresh once again.

(photo: courtesy of New York Magazine)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Leather for Day

Would you wear a leather skirt during the day? I'm not sure either, kind of conflicted. I do know though that pairing it with a pair of leopard sneakers, canvas supergas, or some of the ankle booties that everyone is wearing right now would be the ideal way to go. Tuck in a chambray shirt, wear a slouchy, undone crewneck white tee, or throw on a chunky cableknit sweater in great, classic colors like camel and heather grey to offset the harsh black leather. Going with these classic and somewhat unconventional pairings are the perfect way to soften the leather for day and all of a sudden make it all the more wearable.

(photo: courtesy of Because I'm Addicted)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New DIY Necklace Idea

When you think of big baubles and oversized statement necklaces, you're thinking sterling silver or mixed metals for the ultimate effect. I bet you're not thinking neon. But, since everyone is wearing the same layered chains from J. Crew (I am just as guilty), why not go for something that no one else is wearing. Just get something large and oversized---easy enough. Then with a can of spray paint from your local hardware store, change that shade to something completely new and unique. The pics here show neon yellow which I think would pop quite nicely against all of the navy in my closet. What would work best with your Fall colors? Hot pink with heather grays? Iridescent purple with all black? The most unlikely pairing is most likely to work best.

(photo: courtesy of A Pair and a Spare)

New from Loeffler Randall

How Dirty Dancing is her outfit? Maybe it's the long chiffon skirt or the sweetly-tied tee, but something about it screams early-80s dance flick. But this post is actually not even about her outfit, though that's what I can't stop staring at. It's her shoes! Just released images of the latest from Loeffler Randall show a fascination with all things straw for Spring. If you look closely her booties are all rough and tumble Winter leather and top and straw on the bottom, making them quite possibly the perfect Springtime transition. They really do scream Spring and I love the way the light straw color lightens up the dark leather. All of a sudden, dark becomes light.

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So I have been lucky enough to see this up close and personal and I have to say that if you're obsessed with fashion, this is a MUST BUY. It's an uber-cool collectible magazine that is one of those things you'll want to keep on your shelf for ages. The images are completely intoxicating and it's a recap of all this past Fall's fashion shows, which some of us weren't lucky enough to attend (cough, cough). It's big enough that I feel SO important lugging mine around (have oversized magazine, will travel), and there is promise of more issues to come. What's not to be obsessed about?
(photo: courtesy of

Quilted Alternatives

For all of us who weren't lucky enough to get that jazzy chevron printed Missoni for Target quilt, here comes another lower-priced alternative that will have us keeping comfy cozy all Winter longer regardless. APC has teamed up with Anthropologie (both of which have admittedly fallen off of my radar), and I love their spirited prints. I am into collecting quilts these days (though my collection stands at 1) and layering them on for Winter instead of thicker than thick duvets. Paired with my neutral couch and pretty paisleys in my living room, these should be a pretty perfect addition.

(photo: courtesy of Vogue)