Sunday, November 14, 2010

Inspired By: The Series

As promised, another week and another amazing and uber-stylish friend is lending her insight and advice to all my readers! You guys obvi loved Kat, so now let me introduce you to Dalit! Always enviously stylish, Dalit has a knack for wearing the most awe-inspiring outfits that make you jealous. But, the thing is, she really manages to pull them off. Studs, major wedges, major style, she's got it all. So read on to find out what this stylista does for a living, how she's developed her own sense of style, and what she recommends for young ladies like us when it comes to finding fashion!

Dalit making major moves on the job.

Q) What is your job?
A) I'm a corporate Photo-shoot Stylist at Forever21.

Q) How did you start styling?
A) While working retail, I was constantly inspired by the outfits pulled by the costume designers that would come in.  I loved working with them and helping them find the perfect pieces to create a character's outfit. Then one day, I had one of those "ah-ha" moments (the kind that has been right in front of your face for years) and decided I would become a stylist. On my days off, I immediatly starting doing test shoots with friends that were in photography school, or revamping closets for family members and assisting with fashion events at various boutiques. I tried everything! After a few months I had enough private clients and business to style full time.

Q) How would you describe your aesthetic?
A) Quirky, unexpected and boarder-line weird. (For the record, I couldn't love this description any more).

Q) How do you differentiate yourself from major/mainstream stylists like Rachel Zoe, Nicole Chavez, etc?
A) I look at styling the same way I look at painting--everyone has their own style and understanding of an outfit. I admire other stylists, artists, and photographers but I strive to create something unique and my own. I usually style based on my mood and always go with my gut instinct. (SO refreshing!)

Q) Do you have a "signature" style?
A) My styling signature changes week to week depending on what inspires me, the interesting people I come into contact with and things that happen in my life. But, my love for sequins will never change. (Um, amazing!)

Q) I know you're really into vintage, any tips for shopping vintage?
A) Yes I LOVE vintage, the best pieces in my closet are from Goodwill!! The key to vintage shopping is giving things a chance, don't just look at something quickly--try to image how you would wear this piece and if it would work into your wardrobe. 

Q) Favorite wardrobe item?
A) My favorite item changes literally every week--currently I'm obsessed with a giant disco-ball Noir cocktail ring I found in Phoenix on a girls weekend. 

Q) Any tips or words of advice for young women trying to develop their own personal sense of style?
A) It may sound cheesy--but, just be yourself. When you wear things that make you happy your personality and inner fashionista will shine through!  (WELL SAID!)

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