Monday, November 15, 2010

Easy Gift Giving Ideas

Now that the holidays are upon us, I'm trying to figure out some ways to kill a few birds with one stone. The easier the errand running, the quicker the trip, the better. I think this year's foolproof gift choice will be a coffee table book. I mean are you really that surprised? I just think they're so chic and flipping through them gives me so many ideas on a regular basis. I can flip through that same Sartorialist book day after day and find news ideas each time. So Amazon aside, there are some cute places where you can get some chic books and other miscellany. I happened into Anthropologie over the weekend, a store I used to LOVE but hadn't been into in years. They've scattered some of their favorite books around the store and each one is more stylish than the next. (Plus I got a gorge ikat porcelain bowl that I'm storing my bracelets in!) Topped with a beautiful bow and it makes the perfect gift for the girl who has everything. I got some books for my birthday this year and they're proudly displayed on my bookshelf. A great idea for an easy holiday--and inspired--holiday season.

(photo: courtesy of Apartment Therapy)

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