Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I've never shopped at MAJE but I've heard amazing things. I've kind of fantasized about how amazing the store must be because, well, it's in Paris. And frankly, anything based out of Paris is good in my book. They just released their latest lookbook and naturally I'm smitten. It gives me that Parisian flare without making me look too out of place. It's not even near Fall and naturally I want it all. Sigh!

(photos: courtesy of Fashionologie)

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

I went to wear my blazer this weekend and realized that I spent so much time and effort getting the right one, that I didn't realize that it's really only a Winter jacket. The lining is dark (not so cute when you roll up the sleeves) and the buttons def have to be replaced (right now they're an un-fun lacquered black). Passing by J. Crew over the weekend, I saw a navy blazer in the window but stopped myself, thinking I had everything I need. But, obviously I was wrong. This picture made me realize that a double breasted navy one may be perfect to get me through Summer and Fall until the black one comes back into rotation. The double breasted style will make it definitely different than what I already own and the navy color will be way more versatile (can go with literally anything). Plus the gold buttons are a cute whimsical touch (which can also be swapped out pronto at any time). So now I'm on the hunt for this jacket. Any ideas or leads would be greatly appreciated. K, thanks!

(photo: courtesy of Elle)

The Retro Silhouette Revisited

Maybe because I saw Bridesmaids this weekend and Jon Hamm was in it, but I've been thinking of a Mad Men-ish retro silhouette lately (and yes, my train of thought is often that illogical). But sometimes that retro fits (i.e. plenty room for an ample bosom, cinched waist and flared "skater" skirt) seem a bit outdated on me. It looks like I rummaged through my grandmother's closet, but that I'm wearing something that is just that, meant for my grandmother and not me. So I love the way that Rachel Antonoff (an uber-cool "indy" ish designer) has updated the very popular shape but with a modern print to make it new. It still has the same vintage appeal but not in an "I'm playing dress-up" kind of way. The shapes and fits look like they were meant for you because they're still modern and fresh. A perfect twist on an already favorite.

(photo: courtesy of Fashionista)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Backyard Entertaining

Even though I don't have a big backyard area to entertain in this Summer, now that it's Memorial Day, I am already daydreaming about what I would do if I did have one such space....and I'm envisioning colorful lanterns and ornate pillows--a bit of a Moroccan feel. I love the idea of bringing that outdoor sensibility into my apartment though because I don't have the backyard I wish I had. I don't mean moving the grill into the living room but taking some of the outdoor decorating tips into consideration. Maybe swapping out my coral paisley pillows for something with green and blues in it so I can pretend I'm outside. Maybe fishing through some antique stores for a cool lantern to prop on my coffee table for effect and maybe even swapping out my beloved cowhide rug for the Summer months with something Sisal. I'm bringing the outdoors in, one accessory at a time.

(photo: courtesy of Lonny Magazine)

The Art of the Cross-Body Drape

You know me, I'm all about wearing what you're comfortable in, embracing your body for what it is, and finding things that work for you. But I'm really just like. There are days when I'd prefer not to get out of my sweats and when I just want to find something that makes me feel--and look--good (and thin). What? I can't help it. That's why I love this shirt. The cross-body draping works on everyone, literally. It's not painfully tight (I have a big problem with Spanx) and it gives you the illusion of a cinched waist (which I don't really have--I have more of a rectangular shape). I love the color in that toasty brown that would be gorgeous with dark jeans in the fall and white ones through Summer and the long tunic cut, which I am very into right now. This top is just about perfect to me right now, loving it.

(photo: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

Florals from Forever21

So I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the maxi dress. I love me a maxi skirt but I haven't been able to get behind the maxi dress yet. I'm unwilling to spend as much as a lot of them cost when I'm really not sure how much I'd wear them and I'm guessing I would choose one that is so "forgiving" that it would be anything but flattering. Then I heard someone talking about the uber-inexpensive ones from Forever21. Since I've never been able to go into the store without hyperventilating, I'm relieved that I can purchase online, plus they deliver the same cutesy prints I see on the big ticket ones that I've been staring at recently. I love that I can try out the trend--for WAY less--and not feel guilty if I spill (which I am scarily prone to do). A lovely alternative at a price I can stomach for Summer.

(photo: courtesy of Forever21)

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Summer of the Cut-Out

One of the reasons I LOVE seeing all of my girlfriends in one place is that it's a great way to get new ideas on cute clothes, new designers, and interesting trends that are still new to me. Over the weekend I got to see some girlies, and the fashion takeaway was that this is the Summer of the cut-out, open back. Not one but like five such designs smacked me right in the face, with either a hint of back or a huge exposed back. It's kind of a peekaboo trick and I like that it's the subtle touch of skin that is perfect for Summer. Mark my words, this is going to be HUGE all Summer long, so get ready to bare.

(photo: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

Miu Miu's Moment

Miu Miu seems to be having a legit moment these days. Their navy and coral polka-dot print is pretty damn adorable and everything from their belts to their shoes are statements in the making. People have gotten pics of their shoes for Fall and it's one of those "all that glitters" situations. People are going insane for these. Booties with a uniquely curved heel, bright pops of color, and a TON of glitter. So here's the thing. If you know glitter is going to be HUGE in the Fall, why not try and beat everyone to the punch and find some glittery pieces to start rocking now? I am guessing a thorough google search could turn up some adorable alternatives (and much less expensive options) that you could start wearing over the Summer--beating everyone to Miu Miu's Fall punch.

(photos: courtesy of Fashionista)

Eye Candy: Celeb Closet

This is nothing if not just a little eye candy. I for one, kind of am screwed in the closet front right now. I have one closet (count that, one) and no coat closet. I'm at the point where I am strongly considering adding a rolling rack to my bedroom. No laughing matter. So when I can coo at designer closets that I dream of some day having, it's become a favorite past time. This one was organized by this uber-organizer of Clos-ette and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't change a thing (plus, it's FAR nicer than my apartment). Just a little eye candy for the weekend.

(photo: courtesy of Clos-ette)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How To: Cute Wraparound Braid

Because my adorable friend Emily was spotted sporting a very chic braid (courtesy of L.A.'s Braid Bar) last week and ever since it's essentially all I can think of. I am already plotting the next "event" that necessitates a cool 'do, and this tutorial might just be the next best thing. Follow the steps (Thanks, Joanna Goddard) and you could replicate on your own (or call for your next appt).

1. First, part your hair into two sections. To make the look softer, I like to make a diagonal part in the front (starting sort of near the arch of my left eyebrow, going towards the middle of the crown) and then bring the part straight down the back.

2. Braid the two ponytails, and secure each with a small rubber band.

3. Make sure the tops of the braids are pretty loose (you don't want that part pulled too tight or you'll be able to see the part line going down the back).

4. Take the braid on the right and wrap it around the front. Wrap it low and loose near your front hairline (versus on the top of your head).

5. Pin the braid in place with bobby pins. I like to use 
mini ones, but if you have thick or unruly hair, bigger pins will work better.

6. Take the second braid and wrap it around the back. Again, I like to keep it low and loose so it sort of flows into the front braid.

7. Pin in place. If your hair is long enough, tuck the end of each braids behind the other braid (right where they meet) and pin to hold. Voila!

(photos: courtesy of Cup of Jo)

SPOTTED: Asos Fall '11

Oh Asos, I hate that you already have me thinking of Fall (considering I haven't even fully broken up my Summer garb). I have never actually bought something from you, but you always tease me with your super cool shoots, the awesome clothes on display, and that element of cool that I guess we all kind of want. I'm nervous your fabrics won't be high-quality but I guess with prices as inexpensive as yours, I don't really mind. xoxo, me. But really, the colors seem spot on, love the mixing of hard, textured knits with darker Fall florals, the fact that hunter green and Yves Klein blue are still big for Fall (yipee!), and the re-emergence of houndstooth, which I used to love. They continue to entice and the way they style the clothes make them so much more enticing that I'd ever consider them on their own. Well plaid, I may just have to make a go at it.

(photos: courtesy of Fashionista)

New Store: Zimmermann

I hate to admit it, but I didn't know much about the line Zimmermann before getting on a conference call with their Creative Director and designer Nicky Zimmermann out of Sydney. I thought of them as swimwear and that was about it. Well, they've got more, FYI. Their new store on Robertson opened (just in time for Summer, btw), and they've got a resort and ready-to-wear dresses and designs that would prob look best of Sydey's Bondi Beach but prob wouldn't be too shabby in Malibu too. But what I was most into was the retro and corset fits of their one-piece bathing suits. All these years we all pour over bikinis, but some of these suits are downright hot. Plus, they've got this high-fashino look to them that is so cool. There are hints of lace and they really give you the most flattering shape and figure (which can often be a problem when you're laying bare in a bikini). So glad Nicky showed me what I was missing and that the store is just a few short blocks away. Summa, here I come.

(photo: courtesy of Style.com)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Must-Stop Shop: Reiss

So all the blogs are en fuego that the lovely Kate Middleton (my BFF) was wearing a dress from Reiss that cost like $300. Plus, she was tanned from her recent honeymoon so the tan color didnt wash her out but accentuated her bronzed color. This got me thinking that I have never been in their LA store. I mean not once, and it's less than a mile from my apartment. The clothes are (relatively) wallet-friendly and apparently the source of much envy, since the Reiss site crashed after some blog identified Katherine's dress as from the store. Their designs are kind of business-y with a little sexy twist, which would prob explain the reason Kate loves it so. I know I have some friends who have spotted some cute leopard prints there (but in covered-up numbers that made them super work-friendly). Now I just may have to stop in. If it's good enough for Kate, well then it's good enough for me. And don't even get me started about that Pippa.

(photo: courtesy of Reiss)

Inspired Florals

I am one of those people who finds great pleasure if sifting through photos of fashion shows and pouring over images in magazines. the only problem? I'll probably never come near most of the pieces that are eye candy. The point to me is they're just that. I love looking, but they're more like art than anything else. But Vogue (yes, Vogue of all places) came up with what I think is an uber original way to bring these runway trends into your home--even if they can't live in your closet. They've taken the color palettes used on the runways (usually a collection has a dominant color theme) and they've created floral arrangements using those colors and in some cases blooms and types of flowers that kind of just "work" for that designer. Floral and citrus prints were huge for this Spring and Summer, so I could imagine an arrangement with some beautiful cut oranges on the bottom of a glass vase with a lime green and ivory arrangement. Get the drift? I think it's super original and fun and you get to enjoy the runway right from your living room.

(photos: courtesy of Vogue.com)

One to Watch? LOFT by Ann Taylor

I don't know about you, but I feel like Ann Taylor (particularly their brand Loft) is just about everywhere these days. First, I keep hearing their radio spots featuring the "Fashion Director" who btw worked in my office at Conde Nast in NY talking about their cheap and fashionable finds. Kind of a strange fit on my rock radio station choice in the AM, but whatever, I'll let it slide. Then, I was invited to a lunch co-hosted by LOFT and Katie Holmes. I know, totally strange. Anyway I figured if there was this much commotion, I should prob take a look. Some of the pieces are definitely knock-offs, but I think it's a bit of a more work-appropriate answer to H&M. It's like if the 30 year old me felt WAY too old when going through the racks at Topshop, I could find some cheap but fashionable pieces at LOFT. Well, lookie lou, turns out I like you. 

(photos: courtesy of Stylish Curves)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Birthday Wish List: Eddie Borgo

This is nothing if not a friendly public service announcement. Since my birthday is now in less than three months (two months and 29 days to be exact), I thought I'd give everyone a head start by showing you something that's been recently added to my wish list. I've long wanted one of Eddie Borgo's cone bracelets. Considering I seem to be collecting bracelets at a rapid-fire rate lately, I figured this one would be pretty architectural next to the old bangles I have on and the perfect contrast to my clover leaf design. Now I'm not going to go all crazy for the diamond-encrusted one (some day), but I am a fan of this bracelet! Plus, the designer is an up-and-comer and I have a feeling his designs are only going to gain value and popularity in years to come. It's a total investment piece! That's my rationalization at least.

(Photo: courtesy of New York Magazine)

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

Doesn't this pic make you want to take a picnic in Tuscany? I don't have a Summer vacation on the calendar yet, but I do know that if I want to plan one, anywhere in Italy or France (or Spain for that matter) would suffice--particularly if I could wear an outfit like this. The combination of the sailor shirt (check!) with the free-flowing long skirt is a modern ode to Audrey. The pops of red give it something that my navy and white bateau shirt don't have and I'm guessing a dash of red lipstick (MAC's Ruby Woo is a new favorite) would be the ultimate compliment. Just put me on a bicycle with a basket on front, tie a scarf around my neck, and I'm set. I think in the meantime, wearing this outfit to brunch, complete with mismatched bright flats, will do the trick.

(photo: courtesy of The Sartorialist)

Anthropologie's New Blog: Etymologie

I know I sound like a broken record, but I really did used to Love anthropologie. Maybe it was because I went to school in Philly and it's owned by Urban Outfitters (which is a Philly brand), so their store was a dreamy mansion in the middle of the city. I found many a date party dress and frat party blouse, not to mention it spurred my love of antique-y and vintage-y jewelry. I'm trying to get back into it, though my interest in the store seems to be more about their books and dishes than anything else. Their new Tumblr blog seems to bring me all the images and places that inspire their to-die-for decor. If I'm so busy loading up on their ikat bowls and pink drinking glasses and vases, why not see what inspires their buyers and come up with some original ideas on my own. The pictures include all things home and design which seems to be totally my speed these days.

(photo: courtesy of Etymologie)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Epicurean Expression

I'm not really a foodie. Sure, I love good food, but I don't watch Top Chef and I couldn't even tell you what network the food channel is on. But now that all my friends are started to domesticate and get into other culinary pursuits I find myself learning way more than I ever thought I wanted or needed to know. So why not take this time I'm spending around food and cookbooks and turn it into another sartorial pursuit? Case and point, using the rich colors you see on a platter in the produce section or at the farmer's market to inspire your next look. Even better, a way to find different color combinations that aren't necessarily obvious. These eggs are a bright yellow that is just about perfect for Spring (Equipment makes a beautiful blouse in the color) and I am pretty sure DVF used the Red Velvet color palette for a color-blocked romper on sale now. See how easy it can be?

(photo: courtesy of Color Collective)

Seasonless Must-Have: The Skinny Brown Belt

If you really needed more of a reason to invest in a skinny brown leather belt, doesn't this picture just say it all? Of course, we're busy gearing up for the Summer months but just think about how much wear you'll get out of it. Summer's cutest dresses really do look adorable cinched. Plus, with a skinnier belt, it's not as uncomfortable to wear (which always seems to be a problem of mine). I love belts when I put them on the am and by the pm they always end up on my bag. I like that if I get a brown that's just dark enough I can even wear it over some wool coats come Winter and belted over some draped sweaters in the fall. Now that's an investment piece.

(photo: courtesy of Citizen Couture)

Friday, May 20, 2011

FIRST LOOK: Prabal Gurung for J. Crew

This kind of stuff is legit my bread and butter. Of course we all love J. Crew. But when they get a MAJOR designer (like a fave of MObama MAJOR), who can't help but listen--and queue up at the register just to get a piece. Prabal Gurung, who is known for his to-tie-for high-fashion designs has lent his hand to design a capsule collection for J. Crew. All I have to say is Yipee! I probably never would have been able to get my hands on his stuff before, but now it's within my reach. He's all about the bows this time around and even just one of the pieces would be the perfect mix-and-match for all of the menswear inspired pieces I have going on right now. Those big bows? Don't mind if I do. They're ironically feminine so they're not too much, they're just right...in every way. 

(photo: courtesy of SheFinds)

Street Style Inspiration for the Weekend

Once I get into something, I get really into it. My OCD kind of kicks into my overdrive and all of a sudden, it's all I can think of. My latest thing is cross-body bags. I used to think of those messenger bags we all carried in college as the only option. They were big, they were bulky, and they were filled with far too many books for all of my lit courses. Now they're shrinking in size (meaning they're WAY more comfortable) but seriously just as chic. Now I almost won't even consider a bag unless there's some cross-body options. This pic totally got me. I may not wear those short shorts (though I love the blazer with them), but the way she slung that bag over her shoulder and across her body just slays me. I am totally into the look and like how it's a bit of a more modern alternative--far less ladylike and proper, which just feels more me.

(photo: courtesy of Elle)

How to Wear an Army Vest

So I got a pretty cool vest recently and I've worn it just once and kind of didn't love the way it looked. In my mind, the dark army green color kind of screams Fall and it may have its best days when the temps drop. But, I just stumbled upon these adorable pics showing me how to wear it right now...which is so much more fun. Skinny jeans are a must, they kind of balance out the oversized vest here, and instead of the bulky knits that I'm imagining for Fall, she's got a thin knit that you can wear forever and ever. I love how she's added a skinny studded belt to hers, which is giving me incentive to do that with mine, though I'm thinking dark medium thickness for mine. A great how-to to make my dressing that much easier. Warning to all my friends: looks like you're going to be seeing me in my new vest a lot!

(photo: courtesy of Sincerely Jules)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sweet, Gay Pareeee

The first time I ever really remember being inspired--and insanely jealous--of the style of the girls around me was during my first trip to Paris. It literally came down to how effortlessly they popped their collar and wrapped their scarves about just-so that made me green with envy. For some reason, I could never pull it off. The closest I got was an outfit I wore to the bones when I was abroad there that relied heavily on colorful European sneakers, flared jeans, and this sick Vanessa Bruno coat. But I digress. This round-up of what the Frenchies are wearing this Spring and Summer is just up my alley. A few themes I noticed. They love their flats. They are the birthplace of Repetto, after all. And they keep it simple. Everything is so unfussy. No oversized drapes, things fit close to the body and all flatter the female form. It's so simple yet so hard to recreate. That perfect je ne sais quoi.

(photos: courtesy of WWD)

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

I'm still stuck with the same striped shirt conundrum. It's kind of got a fall/winter feel to it but every time I get dressed it calls out to me. What's the solution then to make it more warm-weather appropriate? I got some ideas last week about doing a bit of dip-dye to lighten up the stripes for Summer. But I also got another idea this AM. I've been coveting this tribal feather/long necklace on Net-a-Porter for a few weeks now. It's got this ethnic element to it that is very "now" and it's not too out there that I can foresee myself wearing it for a while. And I would have never considered it, but it actually works quite nicely with a striped shirt. It's the perfect blend of preppy meets pink, classic meets cool. It updates the shirt in a cool, modern, and most importantly, youthful way. I am totally down.

(photo: courtesy of Altimara)

New Blog Pick

Stumbled upon an adorable new blog that I just had to share. Of course she's gorgeous and blonde so that's not too much that I relate to, but she's adorable and trying things out at her own speed, which I dig. I think what I love most about her outfit choices are the ways she mixes and matches. It's in ways that are totally unconventional, unexpected, and probably against many a fashion rule out there. But, she does it and it looks adorable and fresh. Boucle tweed + mustard yellow + feathered fur? Just another day in the cold weather. A gingham button-down + bubblegum pink button-down + floral print skirt? An additional layer that keeps things interesting. She's clearly got her own take on what "works," and you've got to give her props for taking risks. Eager to get even more ideas from her come fall when layering will be part of my daily routine.

(photo: courtesy of Atlantic-Pacific)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Guilty Pleasure Video

Forgive me. I don't know why I like this video, but I do. And clearly, I am not one to "relate" to celebs (or their kids for that matter), but sometimes when you see innate style, you've got to give credit where credit's due. I think of all the Willis sisters, Scout seems most normal. And clearly she has access to a lot of "things," so I think what she chooses prob says a lot. I love all the rings and bracelets she's wearing in the video (I am totally stacking them on tomorrow) and since I happen to know that she's interned/worked for a designer or two, I think she's somewhat legit. This video is just plain ole fun... Take a watch!

How to Wear It: 10 WAYS

I know, my obsession with Shopbop is borderline crazytown. That's why I love when my attention gets drawn elsewhere. Today's destination: Revolve. I've been made aware of a cool new promo they're doing where they've given 10 totally chic girls (some of whom I know...Hello, Annie!) the same shirt and they let them all style that one shirt ten different ways. It's always crazy cool how we all interpret things so differently and how are different fields dictate the way we dress. If you got a similar shirt to the leopard one featured here, you could conceivably come up with 10 new outfits based off of all their ideas. Even use your trusted white button-down and get new ideas on how to wear it 10 different ways. Frankly, I love these kind of features. It does all the work for you!

(photos: courtesy of Revolve Clothing)

SPOTTED: Fall Merch from Madewell

Just this past weekend I was looking at this adorable friend of mine and I wanted everything she was wearing. I mean everything. Not sure her uber-cool jewels which she made herself (more on that later), but her head-to-toe look was entirely from Madewell. And the best part? You couldn't even tell. Her long cami dress had this great muted brown and black print that just seemed perfect for casual Summer days and subtle enough to wear right through fall. She had it cinched with a beautifully worn-in brown leather belt and was wearing some black booties that screamed perfection. Anyway, point being, Madewell seems to consistently get it right. Their fall lookbook has just arrived and I'm totally intrigued by their layering. I look more homeless than chic when I layer, but this is giving me ideas on what textures and fabrics (and colors) work best together. Take a look and get some ideas for yourself.

(photo: courtesy of FabSugar)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Must-See Flick: L'Amour Fou

I know everyone is all giddy about seeing Bridesmaids (Don't tell me what happens!), but there's another one to put on your to-do list. Apparently, L'Amour Fou is where it's at. Just like The Last Emporer was less about Valentino as a designer and more about the real relationship he has with his partner of decades, L'Amour Fou is less about Yves Saint Laurent as a designer and more about his real relationships that touched and shaped his life. But, the clothes designs are an obvious extra perk. I loved watching the Italian seamstresses hand-piecing those Valentino haute couture gowns together and I'm pretty sure this flick guarantees some similar fashion fulfillment. Check your local listings for a good time.

(photo: courtesy of Fashionista)

Getting SASSY

I've already told you about my obsession with Tavi, and so when I found out she was collaborating with former Sassy Editor-in-Chief and later lady behind Jane magazine, I couldn't wait because I knew the end result would be something totally original. Sometimes the magazines I read every day are just regurgitating the same information over and over. But this was bound to be different. Now, long after I dreamt of what this very special collab would look like, it's finally out! Called xoJane, it's yet another to add to my blogroll, full of original content with a whimsical spin that is pretty damn refreshing. Very into what they're doing here. Excited to see what's next.

(photo: courtesy of Styleite)

YAY for new nail colors

As I sit here looking at my totally boring Limo-Seen clad nails, I'm realizing I really really do like Fall colors. I'm pretty into Essie's new neo-whimsical, which is, as a coworker put it, totally whimsical. And Geranium will always be "very Alexis" as another friend once said. But I do tend to wimp out with colors and stick to the predictable Limo-Seen since I tend to chip on well, day 2. But these metallic hues that were just released as Chanel's Fall '11 colors are just another reason to look forward to Fall. The shimmery metallics look like Minx and I actually think if you get your hands on them before September they'd look rad with white dresses in July and August. The contrast is what works best....

(photo: courtesy of Fashionista)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

SPOTTED: Elizabeth and James for Fall

A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to talk to Mary-Kate and Ashley. And let me say, aside from the entire world being enamored with their fashion sense (if you don't believe me, just read the Newsweek article), they really have managed to corner the high-end and contemporary/Intermix-y market. Their latest designs for fall clearly hit it out of the park with unfussy layering (go figure, those girls love a layer), and mixes of textures that creates an outfit that looks and feels far more expensive than it really is. I love that everything they design gives you a sort of New York feel, which is perfect for this ex-Manhattanite, who always seems to need her fix. Well done, ladies. I'm totally sold.

(photo: Courtesy of FabSugar)

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

There are always going to be those certain pictures that just stick out at you. You can't quite explain what it is, but something about them just resonates with you. This is one of those pictures for me. I can't quite tell you what it is--and I know I would probably never wear this outfit--but I do love it. Maybe it's the way she's paired my beloved chambray button down with a pair of print pants in a way that's kooky cool, or the way that hat seems so dressed-up but she manages to make it all casual. The strands of beads layered around her neck add a nice texture to the whole look and the doubly whammy is that the bright red matches her lipstick. I love the little details that probably no one else would notice but bring the wearer simple pleasures...

(photo: courtesy of New York Magazine)

It's B-A-N-A-N-A-S

When one of my style gurus was in Los Angeles, she couldn't wait to tell me all about her new banana skirt. What the hell is a banana skirt is what you're probably asking yourself. Well, this season a bunch of designers made Summer-y pieces with fruit prints on them, one of the most iconic being the Prada banana skirt. Now it seems like a fleeting trend though and we really should be buying more of investment pieces, things that will last the test of time. Paying big bucks for a skirt with bananas? It may not be for you. But that doesn't mean you can't get in on the fun too. Try fast fashion stores like H&M, Zara, and even Asos. They're all knocking off the trend with cute designs that are affordable and let you in on the fun, too. 

(photo: courtesy of Jak & Jil)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Next Season's Must-Have

A lot of bloggers and editors got sneak peeks of a certain designer collection and have been musing on what's poised to be next season's "must-have." While looking at glittery booties and capes, etc from Miu Miu (which everyone else zeroed in on), I was more concerned with these framed bags. Not because they're cool (which they are) but because they reminded me SO much of old bags that you can find in antique stores just about anywhere. I actually think the Miu Miu fabric isn't as interesting as what you could find from a vintage store of flea market. Apparently that "framed" handbag is back, it is alluringly feminine, and I like that you could so easily interpret this trend in your own very cool--and unique--way just by scouring a few antique stores. Not only will it be far less than the Miu Miu, but no one else will be rocking your individual find!

(photo: courtesy of Stylecaster)

Must-Watch Vid: The Nowness

I know that I spend a whole lot of time looking at lookbooks, folders full of photos of clothes. Granted it can be total eye candy but after a while it can also all begin to look the same. That's why video lookbooks are totally cool. The music is always so cool (total bonus to using video) and they always have this weird interpretive dance element that brings me back to my better days of advanced dance in high school. Take a look and see how you can get inspired.

(photo: courtesy of The Nowness)

SPOTTED: New from Lauren Moffatt

I remember my first design from Lauren Moffatt vividly. I was a lowly college student slumming it in West Philadelphia (well, kind of) and I discovered this amazing boutique called Petulia's Folly. I found myself a beautiful black gauzy skirt that hit below the knee (strangely the only hemline I wore) and it had this ring right at the waist band that gave everyone a peek of skin. Not quite sure what I was thinking but it was new and different and I had to have it. Granted I wouldn't be caught dead in that skirt now but as much as I have changed, so has Lauren Moffatt--in all the good ways. She's still got that layered look and works with beautiful burgundies and navies that I just love. It's preppy with a cute feminine twist...not wonder it caught my eye all those years ago!

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Girl Crush: Caroline Issa

I've been seeing this gal's picture everywhere (from magazines to street style photos-you name it) so I decided to do a little due diligence. Turns out, I have a major style crush on her. Every time she's captured she seems to look just about perfect with one eye-catching detail that makes you want to scour the internet to recreate her EXACT look. From her floral print skirts and mirrored sunglasses (both captured in a magazine) to her totally awesome (and all buttoned-up) vest, I pretty much want to be her. Turns out, she's naturally an uber-cool editor of an underground fashion magazine, which makes me love her even more. The hits just keep on coming! Google away, the evidence is endless.

(photo: courtesy of Vanessa Jackman)