Friday, August 30, 2013

White Top + Black Bra

If like me, you're getting ready to transition to fall fashion but not quite there yet, this struck me as a seamless way to take one of the first steps in the most seamless way. This delicate white silk top is something that screams summer and everyone reading probably has something somewhat similar. It works best during the warmer months with a nude bra or sometimes even something bright to keep things light and fun. But come September why not work in a navy, dark grey or black bra. Sometimes a triangle bra without underwire under a silk top like this works best. By giving the faintest hint of lace, it's still sweet without being saucy and helps with the transition to the cooler, darker months.

(photo: courtesy of Could I Have That?)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Perfect End of Summer Look

If I could wear just one thing this Labor Day weekend--and that's a lofty decision--I actually think it'd be this. I love the way the high-neck blouse and cut-off shorts contrast eachother just so and the way the prim details of the top sweeten the frayed edges of the jean. And that turquoise belt is just perfect--and somehow made even better by wearing it here with this outfit on a sun-drenched indian summer day. 

(photo: courtesy of Sea of Shoes)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Update Your Denim: Inspired By Chanel

Now this is a high-low collab I can fully get behind. The genius behind Chanel's collectible couture jackets has collaborated with 7 For All Mankind on a capsule collection of luxury denim pieces. Yes, please. Mahlia Kent is the wonder woman who provided the luxe tweed and fashionable fabric behind most of Chanel's famed jackets and now she's given swatches to 7 to make some interesting inserts and paneling around a new set of jean pieces. If you're looking for some souped-up styles. These are it. I am particularly fond of the waxed denim and tweed combo jacket in modern cuts that are really right now.

(photo: courtesy of

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

SPOTTED: Zadig & Voltaire for Fall

On the roster of the many french brands I covet, Zadig & Voltaire always manages to make the short list. Lesser known in the states but still full of wonderful charm and addictive embellishments there's plenty of Paris infused into the small-ish brand. Their latest lookbook guarantees a Francofile-filled Fall with luxe materials, great slits and thigh-grazing hemlines and menswear inspired shapes that I always gravitate toward. The perfect combos and collection for Fall.

(photo: courtesy of Zadig & Voltaire)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Feeling Sporty

There's a definite sporty feel for fall and a lot of designers are taking the time to insert athletic touches to their looks. This street style snap captures an athletic stripe down the length of the leg and a sweatshirt that looks like it's right off a college campus. Insert a piece or two like these into your fall repetoire for a sporty yet stylish twist on the best bets for fall.

(photo: courtesy of Brit)

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Ultimate Slipper

I realize I've become that person. If I could wear TOM's everyday, I would. But then how un-chic would I look? These are a fashion-friendly alternative to my comfort conundrum, giving me some undeniable appeal even when I'd rather be wearing slippers. I saw a designer the other day wearing a great plaid button down buttoned all the way up, skinny dark denim and these babies and I wanted the air to turn crisp and the calendar to read September. I'm all in.

(photo: courtesy of Lyst)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

SPOTTED: Fall from Zara

The fall hits keep coming. The latest is from Zara, taking an in depth look at some of the season's hottest trends and interpreting them with a deft hand. The combinations of fabrics look every bit Alexander Wang and there's something so sleek to the silhouettes. I'm certainly excited to try them on and love how they all pair so well back to one another. Gone are the days of frilly, feminine dressing. Fall calls for sleek lines, tons of turtlenecks, lots of leather and yay for the return of the double-breasted blazer!

(photos: courtesy of Zara)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

White After Labor Day

If you can't quite bear the thought of parting with your favorite bright whites come Labor Day (an antiquated rule if you ask me), here's a great pic of how to transition this season's staples with just the blink of an eye. Move from lighter fabrics to thicker picks like knits, wools and my favorite, sweatshirt material. Even white leather would do the trick. Swap out your favorite sandals and go for booties or the ubiquitous slipper shoe in a darker hue for fall. Keep it light on top and you can go darker for the shoe, the pairing will be perfect for September.

(photo: courtesy of Harper's Bazaar)

Monday, August 19, 2013

A First Feel For Fall

As you're getting set for a season of cooler temps and grayer skies, there's the inevitable switch from lighter, flimsier fabrics to wools, tweeds and leathers. If the sun's still shining strong in September, take a cue from this street style star and go for Fall fabrics in those cleaner--and leaner--silhouettes. Opt for something sleeveless, or something that hugs a bit closer to the skin so you still can stay cool when you just want to be cool.

(photo: Courtesy of

Friday, August 16, 2013

Dark & Moody

I love nothing more than a dark and boothy restaurant so when a dark and moody floral story appeared on a fashion website earlier today I thought I'd met my fall match. Re-interpreting some of summer's most wearable prints in the dark, super saturated fall colors. I love that the cuts, fits and overall look still screams summer but you can transition them to next season with the faintest color update. These are the ways I'd wear them as September comes crashing in.

(photo: courtesy of David Jones)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Unexpected Color Combo: Peach + Rusty Red

Perusing the lookbook of this new local L.A. line Jackson, I found myself most fond of the unexpected color pairings that they used throughout. The one that I found most striking was the peach and near rusted red color that the model wore against a totally worn-in denim cut-offs. Refreshing for summer but still with that saturated deep red, it's bold enough for fall. It becomes the perfect combo to take you right into September and to wear as you transition your look out of summer.

(photo: courtesy of HonestlyWTF)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Case For the Fluffy Shoe

Something about these shoes make me think of 1950s-esque house slippers and how no one in their right mind would wear them now. But when juxtaposed with a tough-chic rocker tee and body-con pencil skirt, the sweetness isn't overbearing. I love the way Jane of Sea of Shoes here knew exactly the right style to pair with her already hardened look. Boots would have been too much and heels a tough choice. Finding a feminine complement that worked perfectly in tandem with the top and bottom was key--and perhaps the only real way to wear them together.

(photo: courtesy of Sea of Shoes)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Late Summer Leopard

As I browse my wish list of fall buys, I've realized that at least 30% constitutes some different form of a leopard print. Not sure what it is--or what I'm going through--but I'm quite into the print. But what to do when you get something so great but want to wear it now? Here's how to wear a late summer leopard, pairing a darker print with lighter colors, more free-flowing fabrics and the clincher--open-toed shoes. Makes the transition just a little bit smoother.

(photo: courtesy of The Tory Blog)

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Multi-dimensional Jacket

Every time it comes near Fall, I'm always most drawn to a jacket that has various textures, layers, and materials. This one from Tibi looks near futuristic in its design with a contrast of army green (the most functional and versatile color ever) paired with black for a design that you could probably wear with everything. Not to mention, it's still appealing volume means when worn with all of your favorite skinny jeans you'll strike just the right proportion.

(photo: courtesy of Tibi Blog)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

NEW: Fall '13 From Madewell

Madewell is one of those brands that I love, but don't shop enough. I always see friends in clothes from there that I regret not getting myself, but I never seem to score great "gets" there when I'm on my own. Their latest from Fall entices me yet again with a collection that's heavy on sport, neutral on color and classic on material. Think tons of tweeds, heavy knits and great, rich navy, cherry red and army green. I can't wait to pop into stores once it hits racks and hopefully style it just as well myself.

(photos: courtesy of HonestlyWTF)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tee + Accessories In One

I stumbled upon these embellished tees the other day and realized that they may have just effectively taken the guesswork out of getting dressed. Pairing a luxe t-shirt with a colorfully embellished collar, the likes of which could easily be mistaken for a bib necklace or Tom Binns design is endlessly cool. I love how this type of tee is what you'd think you'd wear with something dressier, but I'd love it with dark skinny jeans and flats, or even edgier biker boots for the ultimate in contradiction.

(photo: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Fall Dressing: The Latest from ASOS

One look at the Fall lookbook from ASOS and it's no wonder I'm counting down until the onset of September. I already hate Summer's flimsy fabrics but this collection seems to have it all. Full of what looks like utilitarian designs punctuated by pops of color and an entire range of designs informed by a gradient of the red color story, this is a rich rich selection. I'm particularly fond of the way they take on houndstooth and plaid.

(photos: courtesy of Fashionista)

Friday, August 2, 2013

How To: Stack Jewelry

Ah, stacked jewelry. It looks so fresh for summer on tan skin. Though I don't have tan skin I can still get in on the game. Sterling is making a major play right now but since I'm more pale, I'm still opting for yellow and rose gold hues. If i'm choosing to stack, I'm going to wear bigger rings on my index finger and if I'm wearing two on one finger I'll start with a bigger one at the base and work my way up to a daintier style up top. If I'm stacking bracelets it's a free for all because they flop around all day anyway. As for the necklaces, the shorter necklaces should be worn closer to the neck--these can be delicate or bolder chokers. The longer ones are where you can bring in pendants, charms or other identifying elements.

(photo: courtesy of Sous Style)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Ultimate Transition Piece From Acne

Wow, I forgot how much I love hunter green. Just one look at this amazing street style shot of blogger Trop Rouge, and this is all I want to get me through September, October and November. Worn over some darling sundresses, the softest whites and even chambray, a moto jacket in the softest suede and this saturated hue is exactly what you're not expecting but it's softer, subtler and somehow insanely more stylish.

(photos: courtesy of Trop Rouge)