Wednesday, December 1, 2010

PS...I may need a new Wallet

I've never had much luck with wallets. My first real big-girl wallet ended up in the hands of a pickpocket in Paris. My next beautiful suede one? Spilled balsamic vinaigrette on that beauty. I'm onto my third grown-up version and it literally looks like a dog ate it. Except it didn't. So maybe in the next few months I'll indulge in a new wallet and just look at this stunner. The color is just bright enough that I'd be able to find it in the deep bucket bags I always manage to carry around and it will clash just perfectly with my new hot pink blackberry cover and orange filofax. In a sea of perfect black leather wallets, this is so unexpected that it's nearly flawless, with a mochilla print that is one part trend and one part classic. I'm certainly a fan--and drool every time my friend Amy whips out her turquoise and black print tote. Loving the look.

(photo: courtesy of Teen Vogue)

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