Thursday, December 23, 2010

A New Take on a Classic

So far this week I've worn by clunky biker boots every single day. Sure they're functional, but I kind of wish the had a little bit of pizazz (and yes, I really did just use that word). And of course, I'm not the only one with these exact boots. I've seen versions from Barneys and Easy Spirit and god knows how many in between. That's why I got slightly jealous when I saw these bejeweled updates. They have an amazingly worn in look to them and a some sweet jewels that look uber cool paired up against the rough boot. They have just the right amount of sparkle and would definitely set my look apart from the rest. I LOVE that these are so different than what everyone else is wearing. See, it just takes a little looking...

(photo: courtesy of Shoe Box)

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