Thursday, December 16, 2010

How to Wear It: All Black

Sometimes it's easy to fall into the habit of wearing black and only black all winter long. It's easy, it's flattering (or so they say), and it blends together in a way that lets you wear nearly the same thing day in and day out without anyone ever noticing. But I think there are a few traps to keep in mind so that when you're buried in black you don't look like a bag lady (which for the record, I dont necessarily think is a bad thing). If you're going go with black from head to toe I think it's important to show some skin or draw some attention to the shape of your body. Even if you're wrapped in layers up top, opt for a shorter skirt with black opaque tights that remind people you have legs. Floating around in a big, voluminous maxi skirt, cinch it with a black belt so that it draws attention to your waist. Do something to add definition and shape to what you're wearing and you'll be sure to stand out even if you were hoping to blend in.

 (photo: courtesy of Elle)

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