Monday, December 27, 2010

Are Polkadots the new Leopard?

This fall I kind of went crazy for leopard. I got a leopard purse, lusted after a leopard scarf, wear a leopard I really have to go on? I even love wearing it together, pairing different colored prints together. Mismatched=cool. But as much as I love my leopard, which clearly I do, I am starting to think that polkadots may be the new leopard. Like I've said before I love taking a peek at the outfit pics that Vogue posts of their fashionable editors. Of course I'm not saying that any of what they're wearing is accessible. But just because she's wearing Dolce & Gabbana head to toe doesn't mean that I can't get a spotted idea from her that I can interpret in my own way. Forget her big name designer label, I am going to see what vintage steals I can find that have a retro, polka-dotted feel to them. Maybe a chiffon button-down tucked into my high-waisted jeans or a polka dot scarf would be a great way to get myself accustomed to the trend. You heard it here first, i'm seeing spots.

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