Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Find: Rue Mag

Oh hey, have I got a treat for you. Now that I've turned you onto Lonny (I know, you're totally welcome), let me introduce you to my new bestie, Rue Magazine. Even though I love flipping through the pages of my favorite mags, sometimes an online version can be even more fun than you think. This particular find just has a really cool look and feel to it that is sure to give you a ton of new style ideas. It's home related in the best Domino kind of way, but I think just like Lonny Mag, you can take their stories and ideas about interior style and translate them into your own look. A pic of a textured table cloth can give you a great idea for a textured or full patterned skirt (with dark opaque tights for winter, obvi), or a beautifully tufted headboard can even make you rethink wearing velvet (frankly, I'm still on the fence). Just because it isn't directly about fashion doesn't mean you can't get some cool new ideas that can help you develop your own sense of style and signature aesthetic. Home design is a great resource that is so easy to overlook but SO inspiring if you look in the right places!

(photo: courtesy of Rue Mag)

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