Sunday, December 5, 2010

SPOTTED: The perfect army jacket

You know me and my military, army-green clothes. I've acquired quite a selection, but the other day when I went to go put on my jacket (bought last Spring and still going very strong), I realized the cotton wouldn't quite cut it since the temperature turned here in sunny L.A. I was SO bummed. Yes, of course I have other jackets (an embarrassing amount), but I wanted something army green and nothing else was going to work. So I started thinking of all of the options out there that just might cut it now that the chill is in the air. I am particularly drawn to this preppy version by Barbour. I saw many of these on my east coast college campus, paired with some Vera Bradley tote bags and Polo shirts but I think this all-weather design would look amazing with some of my nautical stripes. The hard finish of the jacket would look amazing paired with softer denims and even a ballet flat for something unexpected. I love the juxtaposition of the fabric collar and the color is just so rich and vibrant (it never gets old and looks good on everyone). And since J. Crew is doing their "In Good Company" with Barbour, I figure I've got to have pretty good taste--and it'll look good with all my J. Crew, too. Something to keep an eye on and a great alternative for extending the army green trend well into winter.

(photo: courtesy of Barbour)

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